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Страна: #USA
Жанр : #Street_punk #Hardcore_punk #punk #oi #punk_rock

Нью-Йоркская хардкор-панк команда The Casualties существует с 1991-го года, когда вышел первый сингл группы, "40 Ounce Casualty". На раннем этапе состав группы часто менялся: многие музыканты приходили в группу лишь для того, чтобы просто поразвлечься и побухать (это нашло отражение в мини-альбоме с честным названием "Drinking Is Our Way Of Life", и долго в ней не задерживались. Позже, когда из первого состава остался только вокалист Йорг, к которому присоединились басист Рик, барабанщик Меггерс и гитарист Джейк, отношение к музыке стало более серьезным, и у группы появилась своя идеологическая позиция.
Band: The Casualties
Song: Unknown Soldier
Date: 07-17-15
Venue: The Observatory
City: Santa Ana, CA

Video: /
#thecasualties #chaossound #hardcorepunk #punk
Multiple casualties were seen lying on the street outside the city administration building in Lugansk on Monday, following an attack by a Kiev jet-fighter. Fire and smoke billowed from the building, where some reportedly remain trapped.
The attack was reportedly followed by gunfire on the streets around the administration building.

Страна: #USA
Жанр : #Street_punk #Hardcore_punk #punk #oi #punk_rock

Нью-Йоркская хардкор-панк команда The Casualties существует с 1991-го года, когда вышел первый сингл группы, "40 Ounce Casualty". На раннем этапе состав группы часто менялся: многие музыканты приходили в группу лишь для того, чтобы просто поразвлечься и побухать (это нашло отражение в мини-альбоме с честным названием "Drinking Is Our Way Of Life", и долго в ней не задерживались. Позже, когда из первого состава остался только вокалист Йорг, к которому присоединились басист Рик, барабанщик Меггерс и гитарист Джейк, отношение к музыке стало более серьезным, и у группы появилась своя идеологическая позиция.
Всех С Новым Годом!!!
Facebook: brings you The Casualties- Modern Day Slaves live at Fitzgerald's in Houston.Texas


The Casualties perform @ Ace Of Spades~Sacramento, California 6/16/2012
Cameras by The Almighty Z
Capital Chaos has been promoting live music in the Sacramento area since 1998 and is the work of many angry midgets.
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Презентация альбома "CHAOS SOUND"
СПб, MOD_01/12/2016

M/S Burned-out BTR-60 still smoking

M/S The road to Litugino cratered by shells

Chaos Sound десятый студийный альбом американской стрит-панк-группы The Casualties, вышедший в январе 2016 года на Season Of Mist Records. Группа представила видео на песню "Running Through The Night".
Worlds biggest Punk band?
"Running Through the Night" from Chaos Sound on Season of Mist
11.11.16 GRE- Athen, An Club
12.11.16 BUL-Sofia, Party Center
13.11.16 GER-Göttingen, Exil
14.11.16 GER-Essen, Turock +EXPLOITED
15.11.16 GER-Strasskirchen, Plutonium + EXPLOITED
16.11.16 CZE-Ostrava, + EXPLOITED
17.11.16 GER-Berlin, SO 36 + EXPLOITED
18.11.16 GER-Leipzig, Hellraiser +EXPLOITED
19.11.16 PLN- Krakau, Kwadrat + EXPLOITED + GBH
20.11.16 CZE-Prag, Storm Club +EXPLOITED
23.11.16 ITA-Rom, Init
24.11.16 ITA-Mailand, Circolo Svolta
25.11.16 AUT-Innsbruck, PMK
26.11.16 ITA- Bozen, Bunker
27.11.16 SUI-Luzern, Sedel Matinee Show!
28.11.16 GER-Stuttgart, Kellerklub
29.11.16 FIN- Helsinki, Elmun Baari
30.11.16 EST-Tallin, Club Tapper
01.12.16 RUS-St. Petersburg, Mod
02.12.16 RUS-Moscow , Mona Club
This video clearly shows the steps taken by the IDF to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza being undermined by Hamas.

IDF aircraft targets a building with a loud but non-lethal bomb that warns civilians that they are in the vicinity of a weapons cache or other target. This method is used to allow all residents to leave the area before the IDF targets the site with live ammunition.

However, in this video,the residents flee the home but then many others come and ascend to the roof and act as hum
UnREAL 2x06 "Casualty" - Rachel deals with a trauma, and Chet is there for her. Meanwhile, Quinn pursues a new relationship; Rachel learns something surprising on a hometown date; and an angry Darius makes a startling decision. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more UnREAL season 2 promos in HD!
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UnREAL 2x06 Promo/Preview "C
A landslide occurred Friday in Anhua County of central China's Hunan Province, with no casualty reported as yet.

Footages shot by a driver with his mobile device show that the landslide took place at around 09:10 on the G536 Expressway in Anhua, which blocked the traffic and several vehicles had to line up on the highway.

Since drivers had parked their vehicles in time, no casualty or damages to vehicles were reported, according to the county government.

The highway was shut off for clearing up the ru
by Igor Gladkoborodov
Уроки стейдж-дайвинга от Колючки - CORECLUB | Metalcore | Deathcore | Post-Hardcore | Hardcore | Mathcore | Screamo | Experimental - самый большой архив CORE музыки в контакте и интересные турниры между группами! Вступаем!
The amazing power trio Casualties of Jazz features Matt Rodhe on the Hammond organ burning up some tasty renditions of Black Sabbath tunes at the B...
'When Love Hurts' Out Now -
Counter / Stream / Download:

Taken from 'When Love Hurts' released 30th September 2016 on ...
From the album "Chaos Sound" January 2016 / Season of Mist

Director - Angel Zaragoza
DP/Editor - Oscar Chavez
Producer/CameraOp - Aaron Garcia
CameraOP - Robby Wallace
AerialCameraOP - Jose Meza
Thank you to everyone who came to the shoot, Angela Boatwright, Nacho Rodriguera, Efrem Schulz, Raider Dave, Nick Siracho, Anthony Alcazar, David Medina, Tony Argueta, Jon Rieser, Beto Zaragoza, Marlo Pino.

Civilian casualties are mounting as the relentless blitz of Grozny shows no sign of abating.

Several people were killed Sunday when Russian planes bombed villages on the outskirts of Grozny.

This woman was killed in a bombardment on the village of Bilgatoi, ten kilometres south- east of Grozny.

Her distraught friends and neighbours arrived at her farm, to take her body away and to look after the farm animals that had survived.

For the residents in the capital itself, the last
A hospital in the rebel stronghold of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine was hit by artillery shelling, local authorities said. At least 15 people have been reported killed. FULL STORY:


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Презентация альбома "CHAOS SOUND"
СПб, MOD_01/12/2016
Athens, Greece (anclub) - 11 Nov. 2016
Нереально \ UnREAL 2x06 Promo Casualty (HD)

Дата выхода: 6 серии 2 сезона – 11.07.2016

Сериал дает нам возможность взглянуть на абсурд и ужас закулисья реалити-шоу. На съемочной площадке вымышленного шоу Everlasting, сериальной версии реального шоу «Холостяк», участницы в попытке устранить конкуренток предлагают секс, молодую женщину фактически держат заложницей на съемочной площадке, пока у нее дома разворачивается семейная трагедия, а афроамериканкам сообщают, что они останутся в шоу только при условии следования расистским стереотипам…
Si vis pacem, PARA BELLUM-«хочешь мира — готовься к войне» - группа от том как выжить во время боевых действий
From their 12/5/13 show at the church in Boston

увидено в группе [club208344|Психоделические Мультики]
[club131555255|Конвейер фильмов] - №1 по обновлению новинок, подпишись!
Заходи! Всегда есть, что посмотреть.

Перевод: Профессиональный двухголосый
Страна: США
Жанр: драма, военный

Режиссер: Брайан Де Пальма / Brian De Palma
Композитор: Эннио Морриконе / Ennio Morricone

В ролях: Майкл Дж. Фокс / Michael J. Fox, Шон Пенн / Sean Penn, Дон Харви / Don Harvey,
Джон Си. Райли / John C. Reilly, Джон Легуизамо / John Leguizamo, Тхюи Тхю Ле / Thuy Thu Le и другие.

Фильм основан на реальных событиях, произошедших в 1966-ом году во время войны во Вьетнаме.
Фильм тяжёлый, но заслуживает внимания, как любой фильм о войне.

NB!! Полная версия фильма отличается от сокращённой наличием двух сцен:
1) допрос рядового Макса Эрикссона агентами военной полиции и 2) показания Эрикссона в суде.
Продолжительность каждой из сцен около 3-х минут.

ИНТЕРЕСНЫЕ ФАКТЫ О ФИЛЬМЕ - в комментариях к данному видео.
BREAKING׃ انفجار هائل في منطقة تيانجين الصين!
Breaking׃ massiva explosió a la regió de Tianjin de la Xina!
Chinese Simplified:
BREAKING׃ 在中国的天津地区的大爆炸!
Chinese Traditional:
BREAKING׃ 在中國的天津地區的大爆炸!
Breaking׃ enorme explosie in China van Tianjin regio!
Breaking׃ Explosion Massive dans la région de Tianjin de la Chine !
Breaking׃ μαζική έκρηξη στην περιοχή Tianjin της Κίνας!
BREAKING׃ 中国の天津地域で大規模な爆発!
BREAKING׃ 중국의 톈진 지역에서 대규모 폭발!
Massive explosion rocks China – casualties reported -

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The Casualties - Politicians. Zagreb,Croatia,Vintage Industrial Bar 22.09.2015
Уроки стейдж-дайвинга от Иглы
Filmed in HD using Samsung HMX-H200. Turned out pretty good but the audio is kind of shot because it was obviously really loud.
The Casualties perform @ Oakland Metro - Oakland, California
Produced & edited by Capital Chaos TV
Cameras by Zoran Theodorovic, Gianluigi Pizzuti
This is from the new Youtube channel for Capital Chaos, Sacramento, California's longest running music television show, established 1998 and created by Zoran Theodorovic

For more CAPITAL CHAOS check out the following links and be sure to "Like" us on Facebook to stay inf brings you brings you The Casualties - My Blood. My Life. Always Forward, Tomorrow Belongs To Us, Constant Struggle. Live at Fitzgerald's. This is street punk the way it was meant to be! The Casualties rules..

The Casualties - Chaos Sound / Tomorrow Belongs To Us / Unknown Soldier @ Three Links, Dallas 9/29/16
Tom Hiddleston dans la série "Casualty"
Truck plows into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin, reports of multiple casualties

Unfall Breitscheidplatz

Attentat de type Nice à #Berlin : ...
THE CASUALTIES Santa Ana, CA. 4-3-2013

Casualties at Rebellion Punk Festival in Blackpool on 10.8.07.
Devin Townsend and Ché Aimee Dorval for a Casualties of Cool Dunlop Sessions at Fantasy Recording Studios
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"Constant struggle". The Casualties live @ Zikenstock festival, Le Cateau/France (02/05/2014)
I do not own this video, no copyright infringement intended.

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Product of You - Formal Casualty off of Foundation!

The Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station Center for Robot-Assisted Search and Rescue conducted an exercise on Sept 24, 2016, with the Italian Coast Guard Genoa, led by Commander Massimo Kothmeir, exploring the use of an EMILY lifeguard assistant unmanned surface vehicle, a Fotokite tethered unmanned aerial vehicle, and LTE cellular communications to prevent refugee drownings in Lampudesa. The work was in partnership with by Prof. Gianluca Antonelli, University of Cassino, and Prof. Pino Casalino, throu
New York City Punks The Casualties Finally Perform in Australia at the Northcote Social Club 30 Nov 2011

Как открыть пейнтбольный клуб, блог помощи всем
The Casualties playing "Constant Struggle" at Presidents Rock Club in Quincy, MA.

Hundreds reportedly injured by blasts as meteor falls in Russia
Fox News ‎- há 3 minutos
A spokesman for the Russian Interior Ministry, Vadim Kolesnikov, said the Friday morning fall caused a blast that broke windows.
Meteor falls in Russia's Chelyabinsk region; 400 injured by explosions
Washington Post‎ - há 7 horas
Meteorite falls in Russia's Chelyabinsk region; damage and casualties unclear
Fox News‎ - há 7 horas
Imagens de Meteorite Falls in Russia - Denunciar imagens

há 7 ho
una buena rola lo malo es ke estaba grabada en VHS
de todos modos disfrutenla
Тур-апрель 2017 от Biker Booking Agency: группа с простым названием THE DEVIL WANTS HER SWAGGER BACK (groove metal, Ирландия) в первом туре по России. Прямиком из Дублина. Неистово. В период с 7/04 по 16/04. Вливайтесь!

07/04 — Архангельск; 08/04 — Сыктывкар; 09/04 — Чебоксары; 11/04 — Глазов; 12/04 — Ижевск; 13/04 — Уфа; 14/04 — Самара; 15/04 — Сызрань; 16/04 — Москва.

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Группа ВКонтакте
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About the treatment and recovery of a soldier wounded during World War II.

00:00 Interview #1
02:15 "Mountaintop"
10:05 "Bones"
13:42 Interview #2
15:52 "Forgive Me"

This episode of Dunlop Sessions features Devin Townsend & Ché Aimee Dorval performing some choice tracks from the Casualties Of Cool project and talking about their inspirations to create, dealing with personal darkness and doing things differently despite label and management pressures.

Devin - Sonic Research Tuner, Clyde McCoy Cry Baby Wah, MXR Carbon Copy Delay, Echoplex Delay, MXR Reverb, Way
THE CASUALTIES -- Show Your Scars Presents "Dia De Los Metaleros" @ The Regent Theater Los Angeles, CA. 1-7-2017
Перевод фансаб-группы "Bears"
The Casualties
"Brothers & Sisters"
From the album Chaos Sound
on Season of Mist records.

Produced by: G3 RECORDS
Director/Producer: Juan Fco Ga...
Advanced Combat Casualty Care (ACCC) is a new course of instruction from Talon Defense & Ditch Medicine. It's a combination of injured shooter tech...
The Casualties
"Corazones Intoxicados Corregido"

Shot at their live show in Quito, Ecuador.
August 14, 2014

Producido por: VM+FILMS/G3 RECORDS
Dirigido por: Felipe Cordero
Producción: Juan Francisco Garcia
Edición y Post Producción: Atomica Estudio
Dir. Fotografia: Juan Diego Cardona
Foto fija: Wuantan Frito

South American booking contact:
Прихуевшая охрана получила свое
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HITS 2 11b

The Casualties were formed in 1990, with original members Jorge Herrera (vocals) Hank (guitar), Colin Wolf (vo...
Band: The Casualties
Song: Unknown Soldier
Date: 01-07-15
Venue: Programme Skate & Sound
City: Fullerton, CA

Video: /
At least two explosions struck a funeral in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa, Saturday, killing at least 45 people and injuring hundreds more, according to reports citing local officials and medics.

The bombardment was allegedly carried out by the Saudi-led coalition, which targeted a building hosting a Houthi funeral ceremony. However, other sources say the attack was carried out by suicide bombers.

Video ID: 20161008-049
Video on Demand:

Twitter: http://twitter.c
TCCC Tactical Combat Casualty Care - Тактична медицина

Відео знято в реальності, з методами допомоги та технікою важко у всьому погодитись, але це досить відоме відео для навчання пара-медиків.
остальные серии - Megamozg Team - концертные видеозаписи

00:00:00 - Intro
00:01:30 - Tomorrow Belongs to Us
00:04:35 - My Blood My Life
00:06:50 - Constant Struggle
00:08:46 - Unknown Soldier
00:13:26 - Chaos Punx
00:15:21 - Life on the Line
00:17:18 - Punk Rock Love
00:19:49 - System Failed Us... Again
00:23:04 - Made In NYC
00:24:49 - Rockaway Beach (Ramones cover)
00:26:43 - Clase Criminal
00:30:17 - Enemies of Society
00:33:11 - Behind Barbed Wire
00:35:59 - Under Attack
00:38:32 - Ugly Bastar
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With the Rebellion Festival celebrating it's 20th anniversary,here's a vid of the very first one at the Winter Gardens Blackpool way back in 96.
The Casualties - Live @ the Lion's Den in N.Y.C. 7/8/96