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Caller ID
Directed by Jay Diaz @jdiazfilm
Cinematography by Tony Joun @filmmanian
Produced by
Brian Thomas Smith @btscali
Daniel Marcha @dmarcha
Tony Joun
Jay Diaz
What if people saw the nicknames you had for them on your phone?
Directed By Jay Diaz @TheJayDiaz
Cinematography by Tony Joun @filmmanian
Produced by Brian Thomas Smith @btscali
Daniel Marcha
Tony Joun
Jay Diaz

Довольно часто, пользователи формируют список контактов не по имени/фамилии, а по прозвищам и псевдонимам. Многим просто не хочется запоминать фамилию каждого знакомого. Если Вы один из тех, кому проще поставить цифру после имени очередного Васи в контакт-листе (Вася 2, Вася 3... знакомая ситуация?), то вы обязательно узнаете себя в этом видео.

Реклама и маркетинг в России и мире

Comedy on how people View you as a contact in their phone
What Nicknames Name's Do You Have On Your Phone?
chose the caller IDs carefully.

Hey Guys,
I proudly present my new project "CALLER ID". I made an app clip to Dynamic Arts because imo they are the best moviemaking team, and I want to be a part of this family. I worked for more than 1 month on this project and I tried to do my best. Hope this clip is enough for Dynamic Arts. I appreciate your comments, haters gonna hate :).

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Dat animations! wow!
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This was an Counter Strike: Source Frag Clip called "CALLER ID" by Eels


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by Eels #DA Trial

Here is my 9th movie. Caller ID is re-edit by me on Cs 1.6. As my computer is very slow and uncomfortable i can`t make "very very cool" videos. But I decided to try my skills on 3D cyber-animating programs. And finally.... my HDD has broken :DDD. But I know that such a slow computer is not a reason for not trying do smth and to use your creativity to make such kind of movies. I hope I'll buy a new one.

Caller ID based on CSS by Eels -
Snap one of these over your peephole: Peeple will show you who's knocking and alert you whenever the door opens.

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Видео съемка: Александр Ёж
Видео монтаж и видео дизайн: Дмитрий Вензенко
All Teeth performing "Caller ID" and "It's Just a Smokers Cough" during Cali Uber Alles Fest at Global Cafe in Studio City, CA on March 6, 2010.

Будьте аккуратны, когда записываете новые контакты в телефон)))

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Taken from the "Mat Zo" debut artist album "Damage Control"

Стильный браслет для леди, который вибрирует от звонков вашего мобильного телефона, который находится на расстоянии, а также отображает время и номер звонящего.
Модный браслет, высокого качества
Этот комфортабельный чёрно-белый модный аксессуар, работает как Bluetooth устройство и вибрирует при поступлении звонка. Браслет сделан из прочного, гладкого пластика
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Meg and USWNT/Thorns teammate, Lindsey Horan, make awesomely hilarious lock/caller ID screens for one another that make it look like they are trapped in each others phones when they call. Try it out with your friends and family and tweet your best at @meghankling ! She'll be retweeting her favorites.
Bluetooth Bracelet w/ Mic + Speaker- Time Display, Caller ID, Distance Vibration