Bullet For My Valentine - Hearts Burst Into Fire: bullet for my valentine-hearts burst into fire, Bullet For My Valentine - Hearts Burst Into Fire - Lesson 2,

Bullet For My Valentine - Hearts Burst Into Fire

Music video by Bullet For My Valentine performing Hearts Burst Into Fire. (C) 2008 20-20 Entertainment, LLC.
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Bullet For My Valentine - Hearts Burst Into Fire (Guitar Cover)
Клип на одну из моих любимых песен Буллитов
Bullet For My Valentine's official music video for 'Hearts Burst Into Fire'. Click to listen to Bullet For My Valentine on Spotify: http://smarturl...
текст песни - http://www.amalgama-lab.com/songs/b/bullet_for_my_valentine/hearts_burst_into_fire.html
Bullet For My Valentine - Heart's Bursts Into Fire
Гитара - Gibson SG

All music is property of BUllet For My Valentine and bulletvalentineVEVO


I'm coming home
I been gone for far too long
Do you remember me at all?

I'm leaving
Have I fucked things up again?
I'm dreaming
too much time without you spent

It hurts!
Wound's so sore!
Now I'm torn
Now I'm torn
I've been far away

When I see your face
My hearts burst into fire
Hearts burst into fire
Клип- МеГоОО))) кто невидел-много потерял))
"Сердце воспламеняется"

Я вернулся домой…
Я был вдали и слишком долго…
Я надеюсь, ты еще помнишь меня?

Я уезжаю…
Я опять все испортил?
Я мечтаю…
Слишком много времени прожито без тебя…

Мне больно!
Мне очень больно…
Я разрываюсь на части!
Я рвусь на части!
Я был очень далеко от тебя…

Когда я вижу твое лицо,
Мое сердце пылает!
Сердце воспламеняется!

Ты не одна - я всегда с тобой…
Я знаю, что я вдали от дома…
Ты еще помнишь меня?
Мое сердце обливается кровью!
Ты снова ждешь моего возвращения?
Я кричу!
Мы больше не сможем быть вместе!

Мне больно!
Мне очень больно…
Я разрываюсь на части!
Я рвусь на части!
Я был очень далеко от тебя…

Когда я вижу твое лицо,
Мое сердце пылает!
Сердце воспламеняется!

Моя кровать такая холодная и одинокая…
Никто меня не греет, никто не обнимает…
Что, Земля перестала вращаться?
А мы всегда должы быдь вдали друг от друга? Навсегда в разлуке…

Как же это больно!
Мне очень больно!
Я разрываюсь на части!
Я рвусь на части!
Я был очень далеко от тебя…

А вот когда я вижу твое лицо,
Мое сердце пылает!
Сердце воспламеняется…

Я еду домой…
Я был далеко… Слишком долго меня не было…
Ты все еще помнишь обо мне?
Ты помнишь о том, что я существую?

Я уезжаю…
Я кричу….
Я мечтаю…

Bullet For My Valentine - Hearts Burst Into Fire [Official HD Video]

This is an easy song overall, but I love all the Nicko McBrain-style double hits on the bass drum. Moose is obviously influenced heavily by Nicko, who is one of my favorite drummers too. The video for this song is great as well for anyone who has kids.

Even with my mixer, I play all songs through my headphones from an iPod, then mix the video on iMovie with the song from iTunes. Unfortunately, my iPod plays the songs slightly faster, about 1/2 a second over 6 minutes. Therefore, I must fudge the mix a little at the end and beginning to make it match for the majority of the song.

It is critical that every drummer develop their own unique style and interpretation. Therefore, I do not memorize any song exactly. I have spent 30 years playing drums and have developed my own style, which I prefer. I keep my playing within the framework of the song and will play a part exact if that part is either iconic (like Phil Collins In The Air Tonight) or critical to the success of the song.
Новогодние выходные подходят к концу, и вот я показываю над чем заморачивался практически все эти выходные)) Это мой первый опыт записи гитары через компьютер. Писалось и снималось это все дома у моего друга Виктора Воронова http://vk.com/id3302476. За что ему кстати большое спасибище! Дисторшн писался через моего нового электронного друга, примочку AMT E-2. Надеюсь понравится, а за репост буду благодарен всем, и каждому в отдельности))
Получилось корява и лажова так как первый раз играли
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Начал ее разбирать еще когда только делал первые шаги в драмминге. Песня тогда казалась дико сложной и космически быстрой, а из музыкальных инструментов у меня было только пара резиновых пэдов, палок за 150р., да свёрнутое в рулон одеяло)
Так, играя на скорости 70%, песня была разобрана полностью "на одеяле", но отложена до лучших времен, ибо опыта у меня было недостаточно, а техника... желала мне удачи и улетала в теплые края.
Так, спустя уже несколько лет и рукава, я всё-таки решил достать ее с пыльной полки и сыграть, опираясь уже на весь свой накопленный рукожопский опыт)
Хочу всё-таки оставить светлую память о той, что сподвигла меня учиться играть на ударных.
Hi guys!
So this is my first cover of BFMV, and I really love this song, it makes me happier :)
I hope you'll like it, and if you did, please give me a Thumbs Up! :)
Have a nice day!

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Just a quick note to say that the purpose of these videos is to show how I play and interoperate these songs/ covers. That means that I might play a few riffs differently, or change around solo's/ lead- any changes to the original are intentional

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So, I wasn't feeling to good today, so this one might have a few little errors in it, as the screen was making me feel
Фильм: Джон Картер
Музыка: Bullet For My Valentine - Hearts Burst Into Fire
Hey dudes!!

This is me playing Hearts Burst Into Fire by Bullet For My Valentine =)
Im 11 years old =)
I learned whole song by ear ;)
This is my second video this day !!
Im feeling good XD
Me and my dad are working on the sound ;)
I think the sound is okay but the balance is better !!
The sound will be better on the next video ;)

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This song is beatiful and cool so I also like this song :P

Pleas comment,rate and subscribe if you like it =)
Hope you enjoy it :]

Bullet for my Valentine's Hearts burst into fire, backwards =P
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Bullet for my valentine owns every part of the music in this video.
I'm using music only for entertaining. I don't gain any money, or anything
for uploading this video. Song is Hearts Burst Into Fire.
Это мое первое AMV сделанное в Sony Vegas Pro 11.0.
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This is my first AMV made ​​in Sony Vegas Pro 11.0.
Do not judge strictly, but be sure to leave your comments and information regarding errors.
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Anime: Toradora
Music: Hearts Burst into Fire [Bullet for My Valentin
I'm playing along with Hearts Burst Into Fire from BFMV's new album Scream Aim Fire.

I've been meaning to do this one for ages I just got round to it, enjoy!

Comment on the tone and rate!

I've posted the tab for this song on my website, it also has info on how I record, how long I've played for, my equipment ect.


Not very complicated but loads of fun as you can see by hpow i play. one o my buddies suggested i put in a camera for my double bass parts. Instead of buying a new camera i just recorded the song twice at different angles and edited them together which took forever. In the end the final product is probably my best video ever. Please give me feedback/requests/suggestions
немного правда накасячил,но все ж мы не без греха)))
Чтобы небыло лишних вопрососв, драмм кавер с ютоба, то бишь барабаны и я 2 гитары играю полностью)
Probably the most requested song. I had already recorded it and I was about to edit it and then upload it but I decided to get rid of it and cover it again and upload this one. This is classic Bullet. Hope you enjoy!
Bullet For My Valentine - Hearts Burst Into Fire Guitar Cover HD

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I do not own anything. All rights to Bullet For My Valentine.
Acoustic Cover of Hearts Burst I

Bullet For My Valentine hearts burst into fire live

на медленной скорости играть не получится)
NOTE : Made By Me!!!
Story of Bullet for my valentine :

Bullet for My Valentine is a four-piece metalcore band from Bridgend, Wales. Originally known as "Jeff Killed John", the band formed in 1998 and covered songs by Metallica and Nirvana. Financial difficulties marked a change in music direction and name for the band and so the band went through numerous name changes, such as "12 Pints of My Girlfriend's Blood" (which was changed a
Intro(Not Found)
Scream Aim Fire(Not Found)
Take It Out On Me(Not Found)
The Poison
All These Things I Hate
4 Words (To Choke Upon)
Hand of Blood
Say Goodnight
Eye of the Storm
Tears Don't Fall
Spit You Out
Hearts Burst Into Fire
Waking the Demon
Forever and Always(Coming Soon)


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hearts burst into fire LIVE in Adelaide, thebarton theater 8th May 2008
я извиняюсь за то ,что видио опаздывает за звуком )
Bullet for my valentine - Scream Aim Fire (Whole Album) Go to the link below to request a song

Did the whole album because its amazing.
Bullet For My Valentine - Hearts Burst Into Fire (Guitar Cover)
Hearts Burst into fire live in Newport 24/11/16
Here's my cover for the acoustic of this song :D

Brazil loves BFMV

Meu cover da versão acústica da música :D
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Bullet for my Valentine playing Hearts Burst Into Fire live at the Alexandra Palace on the 15th of November 2008.
Jesse Hunter covering "Hearts Burst into Fire" by BFMV acoustic


Warning - proceeding to read this description may induce gagging and nausea due to sappiness =) You've been warned.

For my sweet little angel - Merry Christmas!
This song really made me think of you a lot while we were separated, especially after I got together with Bridgett. I'm sorry for any pain that came of any of that time and I just want to show you I love you more than I could ever describe with words. You're absolutely amazing for sticking by me through those other two. I love your smile;
Hearts Burst Into Fire Cover Guitar Cover - Bullet For My Valentine

Bullet For My Valentine playing Hearts Burst Into Fire at Alexandra Palace for their second live DVD!

Haven't done a cover in a few weeks, so i thought I'd cover this, its a pretty easy song but its coool :) my strings are quite rusty so my slides are a very dodgy :P Hope you like it :) comment, like and subscribe :)

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i messed up at some parts...but whose perfect..........
Bullet For My Valentine in MILO Concert Hall. Nizhny Novgorod. 13.03.14
Band:Bullet for my valentine
Album:Scream aim Fire
Song:hearts burst into fire
i covered this song , i made the tabs by ear.
gear used:
Line 6 (uber metal)
Vox Vt 100 watts amp

I'm coming home,
I've been gone for far too long,
Do you remember me at all?
I'm leaving,
Hell I've fucked things up again,
I'm dreaming,
Too much time without you spent,

It hurts, whoww so sore,
I'm Torn, Now I'm Torn,
I've been far away,
When I see your face my,
Hearts Burst into Fire,
Hearts Burst Into Fire,

Verse 2
Your not alone,
I know I'm far from home,
Do You Remember Me At All?
I'm Leaving,
Do you wait for me again?
I'm Screaming,
No more days without you spent,

It hurts, whoww so sore,
I'm Torn, Now I'm Torn,
I've been far away,
When I see your face my,
Hearts Burst Into

Bullet for my valentine in Arena Moscow 6.03.2014
Hand of blood, room 409, hearts burst into fire , Dignity, riot
Bullet For My Valentine - Heart Burst Into Fire (acoustic)


Im coming home
Ive been gone for far too long

How ro play Heart Bursts into Fire by Bullet for My Valentine.
Tabs: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/b/bullet_for_my_valentine/hearts_burst_into_fire_ver3_guitar_pro.htm
записал кавер на офигенную песню,самый сок с 28 секунды.
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ЭлиоС - Hearts Burst Into Fire (Bullet For My Valentine) Су-27 ( Не полная)
my cover

много накосячил, признаю=))
Bullet For My Valentine – Hearts Burst Into Fire (FGH, X, G, FC)

It's my solo cover on song BFMV - Hearts burst into fire. I like this song very much, especially solo at the beggining. Hope you'll like this video
I am NOT AN OWNER and I DO NOT OWN this song, this video is just how I'm playing this song
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Tuning: Drop C
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