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Brush the Heat

By Yusuke Nagano
Edited by Olga Nikoulina

"Brush the Heat" from Little Dragon's new album Ritual Union, out now! Buy from iTunes at

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A scene from the 1959 film "Orfeu Negro" (Black Orpheus). Fan-Made Video
Who will the judges choose to go through to #TheBrushContest grand final on 18th June? Watch Spain, China, Australia and Canada compete in heat 2 to become the next L'Oréal Paris Make Up Designer.
With a 100,000€ contract to be L'Oréal Paris' newest Make Up Designer at stake, tensions are high as France, USA and our very own UK finalist Emma Farrell compete in Heat 3 of #TheBrushContest. Who will make it through to the grand final on 18th June? #TeamEmma
Welcome to Heat 1 of #TheBrushContest final. Tune in as Thailand, Malaysia, Germany and Italy compete for a place in the grand final on 18th June. Who will be crowned the next L'Oréal Paris Make Up Designer?