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Bruno Bozzetto - Yes & No

Правила дорожного движения
После сдачи экзаменов в ГАИ - забудьте то, чему вас учили в автошколе) В жизни всё по другому)
How not to Drive Yes and No - Bruno Bozzetto
Respecting road rules sometimes can be more dangerous than breaking them.

Un corto diseducativo, in cui si evidenzia come, nella circolazione stradale, talvolta il rispetto del codice stradale possa rivelarsi più pericoloso che l'ignorarlo.


©Bruno Bozzetto.


Bruno Bozzetto's Animated Shorts are on Youtube for you to
this is a first class driving lesson
maybe you can learn a thing or two

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Прикольные правила дорожного движения.
Bruno Bozzetto - Yes and No.
A Yes & No funny and diseducational road movie clip! Just watch and let the fun begin!
Created 2001 by Bruno Bozzetto
Правила дорожного движения! Да или Нет!