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Caro Emerald & Brook Benton ~ You're All I Want For Christmas
I want my arms around you for Christmas
I need no presents under the tree
You're all I want, my darling
And that will be the world to me.

I only want your lovin' for Christmas
No other kind of present will do
You're all I want, my darling
And that will be the world to me.

As far as I'm concerned
Santa doesn't have to load his sleigh
He can mark my other gifts 'returned'
Or give them all away.

I only want your
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Brook Benton - Mother Nature, Father Time (1965)
Brook Benton sings a sad song

Brook Benton - Do your own thing -
70s Deep Soul

You don't know how much you hurt me
When you broke our precious vows
But I can't stop loving you
I know it's too late to turn back now

Though I said "Go-o on, be happy, bless you child"
I thought you could guess somehow
My secret heart was sayin'
"Man, it's too late to turn back now"

Was I a fool from the start
Building castles in the skies?
Or did I just dream I saw heaven
Shining in your eyes?

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Brook Benton - Life Has It's Little Ups And Downs (Today, 1970). Sampled by DJ Premier for M.O.P - Stick To Ya Gunz

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1 It's Just a Matter of Time 00:00
2 Hurtin' Inside 02:32
3 Endlessly 04:46
4 So Many Ways 07:10
5 Baby (You've Got What It Takes) 09:46
6 A...
Mother Nature, Father Time was both the name of a single and an album from Brook Benton in 1965. Neither of them did very well on the charts but that's neither here nor there today. No, for today you'll see the video which is ranked #1 on my weirdo chart. Enjoy!
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Brook Benton. If You Are But A Dream.
Taken from the Album,
Brook Benton. 70 + Classic Songs,
Released 2011.

This song makes me think of rainy nights:)

Brook Benton - Fools Rush In
Someday, some way, you'll realize that you've been blind
Yes, darling, you're going to need me again
It's just a matter of time

Go on, go on, until you reach the end of the line
But I know you'll pass my way again
It's just a matter of time

After I gave you everything I had
You laughed and called me a clown
Remember, in your search for fortune and fame
What goes up must come down

I know, I know that one day you'll wake up and find
That my love was a true love
It's just a matter of time
Hear Dinah W, bitch to poor Brook B. while duetting...LOL.
According to contemporary publications, these two ultra-talented singers could not stand each other. But, they sure could lay down a fine duet. Listen closely at the two-minute mark and you'll hear Dinah chide Brook for starting to sing in her "spot."
Потрясающая Импровизация и сочинение на ходу!!!
Brook Benton sings a silky smooth version of Goffin and King's "Will You Love Me Tomorrow." From 1962.

Brook Benton, Benjamin Franklin Peay, was born on September 19, 1931 in Lugoff, South Carolina. When Peay was young he enjoyed gospel music and wrote songs. So in 1948 he went to New York to pursue his music career. He went in and out of gospel groups such as The Langfordaires, The Jerusalem Stars, and The Golden Gate Quartet. Returning to his home state, he joined a R&B singing group, The Sandmen, and went back to New York to get a big break with his group. The Sandmen had limited success, and their label,