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Авто перевода: Роман Вацура [Elzo]
Автор видео: Bring Me The Horizon.

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Hope you'll like it. =)

Guitar: Gibson SG Special
Strings: 12-56
Equipment: Line 6 TonePort GX -- Guitar Rig 5 Pro
Tuning: Drop C
Recorded with: Cubase 5
Camera: Canon PowerShot SX220 HS
Video montage: Sony Vegas 10 Pro

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А2, Saint-P
by Sashenyka_Origami
Hey guys, just a quick cover, nothing serious I was bored so why not do a BMTH cover, good song, fun, easy there you go, I like the breakdowns in this song.

Tuning: Drop C

Tab: Figured out by ear, but there's probably heaps on ultimate guitar

COPYRIGHT STATEMENT: All content in this video is solely the property of Bring Me The Horizon and is NOT intended to surpass any copyright law. It is being used for leisure only. Therefore, a dispute claimed by YouTube on this video should no
не любитель "деаде кори", но это мне нравиться!!!
Bring Me The Horizon performing It Never Ends for Huw Stephens in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge August 2011
Exactly What The Title Says..

All Rights Reserved To "Bring Me The Horizon" & BBC

Bring Me The Horizon - It Never Ends (Lee Malia - Matt Kean - Jona Weinhofen)
Guitar Cover

video by

check my tumblr :
Grigorii Sinyakov, 20 years old, from Murmansk, Russia.
Special thanks to: my friend Andrej Krupenko ( - for filming and making videos and rehearsal base"JukeBox" ( - for providing the space.

Happy viewing. Thank you for your watching.

This is me playing "It Never Ends" by Bring Me The Horizon.

Sorry for some mistakes. I hope you enjoy it.
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EPIPHONE Prophecy Les Paul Custom Plus EX
Tuning : Drop C
I do not claim any of the background music in this video. All credit goes to the respective owners.
From BMTH's latest album "There is a hell, believe me I've seen it" released in 2010.

If you're interested to hear some of my originals with my band 'The Broadside' head over to

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неочень сыграл мог бы лучше))

не судите строго)
Vocal Cover "It Never Ends" by "Bring Me The Horizon" Covered By 11 Year Old Will facebook:
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Hello guys, this is our second double vocal cover, we hope you enjoy it! Watch in HD!

Right Vocal: Ilya Timofeev

Left Vocal: Ilya Pushmin
Check his band:

Rec/mix/master: Igor Bocharov

Video Montage: Ilya Timofeev

Просто крутой ковер и всё.
текст песни -
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Check out my band:
Tom van Ekerschot, from the Netherlands! My cover of It Never Ends by Bring Me The Horizon. Audio edited and recorded by myself. Using a PDP Platinum drumkit. For any requests just send me a message. Audio and video recorded separately. Recorded with triggers and mics.

The song used in video,is the copyrighted property of it's owner(s)-
This video cover is purely for recreation and educational purposes only. No Copyright infringement intended."
'It Never Ends' is the first single to be taken from Bring Me The Horizon's brand new album 'There Is A Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is A H...
лучшая музыка, клипы и видео здесь

Bring Me The Horizon live with full orchestra
Teenage Cancer Trust
Royal Albert Hall, London
April 22, 2016
"It Never Ends" - There is a Hell, Believe Me, I've Seen It.
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Bring Me The Horizon - Royal Albert Hall Full Orchestra - It Never Ends
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OCTOBER 13 в студии EgoMotion
It Never Ends, recorded live at the Royal Albert Hall. DVD and audio copies available here all proceeds go to the Te...
It Never Ends, Recorded live at the Royal Albert Hall. DVD and audio copies available here all proceeds go to the Te...
Новый кавер на Джексоне стреле:3
Every second,every minute,every hour,every day...
Hi there!
We are The Secret Of Ocean and this is our new cover!
Contains lot of post-processing.
My band -
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Кавер "Без купюр". Все как есть!
Feder Stratocaster by Jim Root
Marshall Mg15CF
Metal Muff Top Boost Electro-Harmonix
Bring Me The Horizon performing ‘It Never Ends’ live at Wembley Arena (05/12/14) [Blu-ray]

Full Concert:

Full Audio:

Стань частью семьи, подпишись -
There was a powercut before Parkway Drive and BMTH came out on stage and the gig had to be cancelled.
Oli, Jona Lee climbed on top of a skip outside the venue and played four songs for us.
They played It Never Ends, Suicide Season, The Sadness Will Never End Chelsea Smile.
Sam Carter from Architects joined them for the last two songs.

My first try in covering vocals, please rate and comment, also you can subscribe, it would be very nice of you:)

I use Shure C607N mic, Samsung vp-mx20 camera and Line 6 Spider III amp.
Also I use instrumental version of this track, which was found by me on the VK.

My profile on the VK:
GUITAR: ESP LTD EC-401 Olympic white

made by ear. drop C cover. some mistakes-sync problems in the clean part :D. i should give this this cover more attention because this song means a lot to me. but dunno when i have the time to do it again.

A live acoustic cover of the BMTH song It Never Ends performed by acoustic Perth duo, Tyto Kings. Like and subscribe for more acoustic cover videos.

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Hello, :)

Here's my cover of the brand new BMTH song.
I learned it by ear, so I don't have any tab for this one.

I hope you will like this video.

Don't forget to watch my other videos if it's not already done, :)

Thanks for all your comments, et for all your messages.

love you all

My band :

We will release our debut EP called Existence on the 1rst of September !!!
joa :D ist schon nice geworden find ich ^^ bei fragen einfach fragen :D
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All recorded (video and audio), mixed and edited by myself.


All rights to the song belong to Bring Me The Horizon.

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Here's a list of my specs:
DrumCraft Series 8
Bassdrum: 22 x 20 inch
Tom: 12 x 9 inch
Floor Tom: 14 x 12 inch
Floor Tom: 16 x 14 inch
Snare: 14 x 6.5 inch

21" Sabian AA Raw Bell Ride
19" Vault Holy China
18" HHX Studio Crash

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Full Concert:

Full Audio:

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#Bring_Me_The_Horizon #It_Never_Ends #Royal_Albert_Hall
Drum Cover of "Bring Me The Horizon - It Never Ends"
Original Song

Performed By Simone Vezzoli

Recorded by IndeBox Music Hall

Video by Martin Jakubik (White Noise Studios)
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(Recording, mixing, videomaking, graphic design)

Sponsored By BMC - Music & Fashion
(Music accessories)
'It Never Ends' is the first single to be taken from Bring Me The Horizon's brand new album 'There Is A Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is A Heaven, Let's Keep It A Secret', OUT NOW!

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клуб "Улитка на склоне", Saint-P
by Sashenyka_Origami
Bring Me The Horizon performing It Never Ends at Rockaway Showcase, KL Live, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. All rights belong to Bring Me The Horizon.

Bring Me The Horizon Preforming It Never Ends Live At Reading 2011 1/3
Copyright to Bring me the horizon for creating the song It Never Ends.
This is live vocal cover. Recorded for 1 double.
'It Never Ends' is the first single to be taken from Bring Me The Horizon's brand new album 'There Is A Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is A Heaven, Let's Keep It A Secret', OUT NOW!

For worldwide pre-order links visit

Or get your hands on one of these 3 bundles (FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE):

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One of my favorites from There Is A Hell :) ...Didn't really plan on making this video but I got inspired to learn it the other night and just felt like making a video so here it is :) Leave some comments telling me what songs you guys want me to do next, maybe I'll choose yours ;)

►Facebook Page:

I played this song in Drop C tuning.

All rights on the original song are reserved by Bring me the horizon
В ролике присутствует музыка Henry Mancini
Картинка на відео відстає , а іноді спішить(((
з цим не зміг нічого зробити(
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Цюрих, Швейцария
на 50 секунді чується "Давай!"
Hello! This is my cover of Bring me the horizon's song It never ends. Love the band and all their songs, and this one is really fun to play ^^! Hope you like it, and if you do please leave a comment, like this video and go check out my other videos :D.

Filmed this video in one try than my camera decided to stop working so the video is not perfect xD. But hope you like it anyway c:
Bring me the Horizon LIVE 2011 Rock am ring - It never ends

Alternastage - 6/4/2011 - Saturday - Nurburgring
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Date : 15 Novembre 2013
Salle / Événement : Le Bataclan - Paris<br/><br/>
Special thanks for

Guitar : Cort X3
AMP: Line6 Spider IV 15W (insane tone)
Strings:Dean Markley "Blue Steel" 11-52"
Camera: Canon 1100D
Цюрих, Швейцария
мне ноорм
для нетерпеливых: сразу на 0:55
Friday 22nd April 2016, Royal Albert Hall, Kensington, London, UK.

Song 5/15

First time they have played this awesome song since their show at Wembley in December 2014.

The evening was in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust.
Bring Me The Horizon and full orchestra.