Brigham Young: Бригхэм Янг / Brigham Young (1940), "Бригхэм Янг"("Brigham Young")(1940), Бригам Янг / Brigham Young (1940), NCAA March Madness. 17.03.2011.

Brigham Young

Дикий Запад
Этот исторический фильм рассказывает историю нескольких лет жизни Бригхэма Янга – американского религиозного деятеля, второго президента Церкви Иисуса Христа Святых последних дней (широкой публике известной как секта мормонов) и основателя города Солт-Лейк-Сити. Повествование начинается с 1844 года. После убийства Джозефа Смита - основателя религии мормонов и движения Святых последних дней, Бригхэм решает взять на себя руководство церковью и не дать, только что организ
Second Round - (14) Wofford Terriers vs (3) Brigham Young Cougars - (17.03.2011) _YoBurg.Net_
Second Round - (14) Wofford Terriers vs (3) Brigham Young Cougars (17.03.2011) _YoBurg.Net_
To discuss this topic, the International Media Studies Program of the Department of Communications at Brigham Young University assembled a panel of experts. They were: Barbara Crossette, chief of the UN bureau, The New York Times; Shashi Tharoor, Special Assistant to the Under-Secretary for Peace-keeping Operations at the UN; and John Hughes, former Editor of The Christian Science Monitor, who has served as Assistant Secretary-General at the UN.
Provo, UT : Brigham Young University, 1996. is a video describing how to learn more about the Mormon Church.

This clip portrays Brigham Young describing how early Mormon missionaries touched his heart by the power of a simple testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. Brigham Young later joined the LDS Church and became the second president and prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Once converted to Mormonism, Brigham proclaimed and defended the Book of Mormon. On his firs
Gorgeous campus, and had a great tour via friend Lanny Lyn, PhD student in the Computer Science Department at BYU.
Third Round - (11) Gonzaga Bulldogs vs (3) Brigham Young Cougars (19.03-20.03) _YoBurg.Net_
Highlights of the 2012 BYU football Team.
Слайдшоу университета...
In English.
Genres: Biography | History | Romance
Director: Henry Hathaway
Tyrone Power ... Jonathan Kent
Linda Darnell ... Zina Webb - The Outsider
Dean Jagger ... Brigham Young
Brian Donlevy ... Angus Duncan
Jane Darwell ... Eliza Kent
John Carradine ... Porter Rockwell
Mary Astor ... Mary Ann Young
Vincent Price ... Joseph Smith
Jean Rogers ... Clara Young
Ann E. Todd ... Mary Kent
Regional Semifinals (Sweet 16) - (3) Connecticut Huskies vs (2) San Diego State Aztecs - (3) Brigham Young Cougars vs (2) Florida Gators (24.03.2011) _YoBurg.Net_