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Body Crash

"Body language"

Dancers: Di, Chusov, Crash, Temnikov
Filmed and edited by Nasakin spock Ilya
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Ruptly will be LIVE from Zeinhom morgue in Cairo on Saturday, October 31, as the bodies of the victims of crashed Russian Airbus A321 passenger arrive.
The plane of Kogalymavia airlines (who also operate under the name Metrojet) and operating under the flight number 7K9268 has crashed in Sinai, Egypt, less than 30 minutes after taking off. There were a total of 224 people on board, of which 214 Russian and 3 Ukrainian.
Authorities have set up a centre near to Pulkovo International Airport in St. Petersburg,
UFO 2013: Military recovering of alien body crashed? | Ufo sightings | Aliens 2013 caught on tape.Ufo 2013 and aliens on tape.

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UFO 2013 Military recovering of alien body crashed REAL or FAKE Ufo sightings 2013

UFO 2013 Military recovering of alien body crashed REAL or FAKE Ufo sightings 2013

The Orange Is the New Black star opened up about her past weight struggles and how she overcame them for good.
May god be with them.

LIVE Malaysia plane crashes on Ukraine-Russia border
7Agence France Press, AFP
Agencia EFE, EFE
Agencia Estado
Agencia Lusa
Agency Telegraphique Belge De Press, AGNECE
Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata, ANSA
Agenzia Giornalistica Italia, AGI
Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau, ANP
Albanian Telegraphic Agency, ATA
Alternativna Informativna Mreza, AIM
Anadolu News Agency
Armanian News Agency, NOYAN TAPAN
Meet Graham with the body built to survive a car crash
How the human body would have to be built to survive a catastrophic car crash: Sculptor creates 'super human' with massive head, extra nipples and no neck to launch road safety campaign
Graham is new road safety ambassador who is built to survive car crash
He has a huge chest to protect rib cage and no neck to avoid whiplash
The mock-up body was created by Melbourne sculptor Patricia Piccinini
She was helped by leading trauma surgeon and road safety eng
Chilling video 'shows woman's soul leaving her body after fatal motorbike crash'
Chilling video 'shows woman's soul leaving her body after fatal motorbike crash'Creepy video shows 'woman's soul leaving her body and staying at the scene of fatal motorbike accident'

The video of a horrendous road accident in Thailand shows an unusual presence in the aftermath which appears and hangs in the air around body

A motorcyclist and passenger knocked off a bike in a fatal road accident have gone viral after a video

"Body language"

Dancers: Crash Di
Music: Anastaсia - One Day in Your Life
Filmed and edited by Nasakin spock Ilya

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"Lay Back" MaxiGnom arts "BODY LANGUAGE" "SUPER MIHA" Hip-hop dance spock spocktv turf poppin lockin dancin BMT Crew "break dance" break breaking Chusov Di Model357 "Jacks Garret" Nurulla Octai hip hop hiphop new style music poison bell biv devoe jack`s garret jacks dyn
Never seen this photo before..........

The D3O powered flexible protective gear of XION PG is tested with a human dummy in this new promo video.
Взрывной ремиксек
Mourners attended the burial ceremony of the unidentified remains of the victims of the A321 plane, which crashed over the Sinai Peninsula in 2015,...
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Video runs at the highest level of the accident, showing the bodies of the alleged Roswell aliens.

Obviously, there is no way to prove the veracity of this video, but anyway, posted here for your enjoyment and heated debate:
RAW UPDATE VIDEO -- RIP Ladies Code EunB Dies In Car Accident Moment Last Video Crash Crashes Funeral Body Bodies New Footage '레이디스 코드' 은비, 교통사고로 숨져 레이디스 코드 키스 키스 Crashed i'm fine thank you 140904 EunB (은비) Ladies' Code (레이디스 코드) Memorial Message (추모 메시지) @ M! Countdown ladies code pretty pretty code#2 Dead Died Muere Murio Muerto Muerte Fallecio Cuerpo Death Ladies’ Code’s EunB Passes Ladies Code Ashley RiSe Sojung EunB Zuny Away from Car Accident, Other Members Injured 레이디스코드 고은비, 3일 교통사고 사망 '충격' Tribute
Buy Now - Body Crash (Radio Edit)

The Netherlands observes a national day of mourning as bodies from the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 crash are flown to the country today. WSJ's Matina Stevis is in Amsterdam and joins Simon Constable on the News Hub with the latest details. Photo: Getty
Australian artist Emma Hack created this amazing car crash scene entitled "Body Crash" for a recent NSW road safety campaign.

The body art sculpture is made of 17 people - each were hand painted and photographed by Hack and her team in a process that took over 18 hours. Bodybuilders and athletes formed the body of the car while the smashed front section was played by acrobats.
What a terrible big one, spectators were injured
funny video of girl being towed behind a car and a dog knocks her off the sled.
OPEN ME, I GOT THE ANSWERS - Can we reach 80 likes?

Link for the Tatra Kolos -
Crash bash jump days
Sound by Deathalizer
Created with MAGIX Video deluxe 17

Последний ремикс известного австралийского ди-джея!
A special Crash montage of the BMW E36. There is no download/Beta/alpha, I need to finish it yet. The text at the start of the video ISN'T motion tracking, it's a prop :)
Inb4 Where's Download? HurrDurr.

People that have contributed to the BMW E36
Gabester (The base car is based on the Fullsize)
Dkutch and Mythbuster (For the great Jbeam/Model work, and epic suspension, and their tips)
Me, just for the 3d model

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Game/Sim - BeamN
MOSCOW — A top pro-Russia rebel commander in eastern Ukraine has given a bizarre version of events surrounding the Malaysian jetliner crash — suggesting many of the victims may have died days before the plane took off.The pro-rebel website Russkaya Vesna on Friday quoted Igor Girkin as saying he was told by people at the crash site that "a significant number of the bodies weren't fresh," adding that he was told they were drained of blood and reeked of decomposition.

Read more: http://www.washingtonti
| Helicopter Crash While Rescuing a Woman's Body |

A woman got lost doing hiking last Sunday. Today the rescue team found her dead. During the...
Third Montage. I really enjoy doing these. You will never see stuff like that in GTA, NEED FOR SPEED or whatever you use. It's worth a try, get this simulator and crash some stuff (link under)
OpenSource Game/Sim - Rigs of Rods You can download it at (IT'S FREE)
Softwares used:
-Sony Vegas
Music - Stephen Swartz - Bullet Train (feat. Joni Fatora)
A passenger plane belonging to a small Russian airline, which was flying over 220 people from an Egyptian resort, Sharm El-Sheikh to Saint Petersburg, has crashed over Sinai. Rescue operation is underway.
SHOCKING new footage has emerged showing the instant devastation caused when flight MH17 crashed into a Ukrainian field.

The Malaysia Airlines plane was shot down with 298 people on board last July.

A short muffled video – titled 'It's raining bodies' – shows a shocked couple drive past the smoke-filled scene moments after the crash.
A Malaysian Airlines plane en route from Amsterdam to Malaysia has crashed in eastern Ukraine. There were 285 people and 15 crew members on board the Boeing-777 aircraft.



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The remains of the Russian victims of the Kogalymavia (Metrojet) 7K9268 plane crash in Egypt were brought by ambulance to the Zeinhom morgue in Cairo on Saturday, RT reported.

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Le band fiorentine come non le avete mai sentite: non solo le loro canzoni, ma le loro storie e i loro aneddoti, per un concerto acustico molto particolare. Una chiacchierata e qualche canzone, nella calda atmosfera del Soul Kitchen. Un appuntamento mensile dove proveremo, insieme a voi, a scovare i lati più curiosi, meno conosciuti e più genuini della musica e soprattutto dei musicisti che in questi anni hanno dato nuova vita alla scena fiorentina, lasciando che siano loro stessi a raccontarli e a racconta
This video is very sad and upsetting to watch as it contains footage of the burned dead bodies if paul walker and roger rodas so please do not continue if you are upset easily.
At 1 minute into the clip is when the bodies come into view and later in the video you slightly see Paul's body on a stretcher as it is being covered up and taken away<br/><br/>
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►Edited and recorded by Tim Morvan
"All of the debris, the plane, the bodies, the people inside -- their things are scattered," says reporter Noah Sneider. - LoneWolf & The Three Muskadoggies
Final Breaking : Crash vs Airmax
Winner: Crash
Judges: ICAN
The first plane from Russia's Ministry of Emergency Situations (EMERCOM) carrying the remains of crash victims from Kogalymavia flight 7K9268, landed at 05:52 local time (02:52 GMT) at Pulkovo airport in Saint Petersburg, Monday, after arriving from Cairo.

Two trucks carrying the bodies of 144 of the crash victims left Pulkovo for the St. Petersburg crematorium, where identification of the victims is reported to begin at 12:00 local time (10:00 GMT).

Video ID: 20151102-002
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A new montage is out! BeamNG is almost near to a release, so I wanted to make a new Rigs of Rods montage before leaving it (not forever!) :p
The Ford Crown Victoria (in the scene where the blue car get side-hit from a burnside police)
and the Fiat Abarth (the scene where the red car goes big air and lands smashing itself) are WIP of mine, not released.

The Buddy Barrel (Crushable Barrel) -!
I wanted to try something different, as most people also like to watch pure-crashing without any flashing effects. So, I'm going to separate this series from the Crash Montage, infact this is called Crash Testing (Pretty much based on Insanegaz style, but with a bit of personal touch). Just background music and crash testing of newest mods, and etc. Plus the link to get what you see under.
Also, I hope you like the renders thumbnails I made :)

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EMERCOM briefings on Russian passenger plane crash in Egypt's Sinai
LIVE following ambulances as bodies of 7K9268 victims leave Cairo morgue
Egypt: Russian delegation visits plane crash site in the Sinai
Why did Ukraine SU-25 fly same path as MH17, simultaneously.. Obamanation's MH17 crash speech
'Why did Ukraine SU-25 fly same path as MH17, simultaneously at same altitude?' - Russian Mili
Final MIXED DUEL 2x2: K-Di&Inda vs Airmax&Crash
Winner: K-Di&Inda
I was evading getting yelled at up until about :23 seconds, so I'm sorry! But it clears up at the perfect time!
Osric is a walking billboard.

Misha Panel, 3/15/14, VegasCon
(If it's shaky, it's because I was literally in the last row of the ballroom, so, my apologies!)

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The fastest you go, the bigger the mess.
Some things never stop / That's the problem

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Russia's Emergencies Ministry [EMERCOM] rushed to the site of the crash of the Russian military Tu-154 aircraft carrying the official army choir of...
Even with the best protection, you're still vulnerable.
Foxes performing her new single 'Body Talk' at MTV Crashes Plymouth on 22/7/15.
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Footage Of Hungarian Wingsuit Flyer Victor Kovacs Final Flight
Hungarian Wingsuit Flyer's Fatal Flight CCTV Footage Of Hungarian Wingsuit Flyer Victor Kovats' Fatal Flight in Central China Wingsuit... Wingsuit flyer's final flight Wingsuit flier Victor Kovats dies after cliff crash horror Victor Kovats: Hungarian wingsuit flyer dies in ac
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from pictures avail all over the web we have zoomed in to see bodies
I present to you my first Beamng crash compilation. Hope you like it.


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The bodies of 144 victims of the Kogalymavia Airbus A321 that crashed on Sinai Peninsula were delivered to St. Petersburg. The bodies were taken to a morgue, where relatives will come for identification procedures.

This is the first plane that brought the bodies of the victims of the air crash to Russia. Another one will land in the city on Monday night.

Psychologists of the Russian EMERCOM and ER doctors are constantly on duty near those who lost their loved ones in the air crash in Egypt.
The cause o
"Body language"

Dancers: Di, Chusov, Crash, Temnikov
Filmed and edited by Nasakin spock Ilya
Music by DJ Mitsu The Beats - Yeah Y'all (ft. Kev Brown & Roddy Rod)


© SpockTV 2010
SEMI-Final MIXED DUEL 2x2: Airmax&Crash vs Anatom&Dimka
Winner: Airmax&Crash
Конечно-элементный анализ краш-теста кузова автомобиля
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►Feint & Boyinaband feat. Veela - Time Bomb

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MIXED DUEL 2x2: El_genka&Drone vs AirMax&Crash
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Ruptly will be LIVE from Zeinhom morgue in Cairo on Sunday, November 1, as the bodies of the victims of crashed Russian Airbus A321 passenger leave.
The plane of Kogalymavia airlines (who also operate under the name Metrojet) and operating under the flight number 7K9268 has crashed in Sinai, Egypt, less than 30 minutes after taking off. There were a total of 224 people on board, of which 214 Russian and 3 Ukrainian.

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