BlackBerry Action Couple: BlackBerry Action Couple -The Act of Love Continues

BlackBerry Action Couple

When a connection is made and two people fall in love, what happens next? Their lives may be busy with one event after another, but our BlackBerry Action Couple has stayed closer than ever. BlackBerry Pilipinas follows the iconic heir and heartthrob and the girl-next-door, Borgy Manotoc and Georgina Wilson, as their love story continues to blossom. Watch this video and get ready to fall in love once more.
Experience love and connect deeper with your significant other using your BlackBerry smartphones. In this second act, BlackBerry tells a story as old as time that began with a pull of attraction and the push to take action. Inspired by their romantic tale, we introduce the Philippines' iconic heir and gorgeous girl next door, Borgy Manotoc and Georgina Wilson.

Watch their story unfold in the behind-the-scenes shots of our recent print ad shoot and fall in love with our #BlackBerryActionCouple.