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Black Veil Brides - Perfect Weapon


Awake at night you focus,
On everyone whose hurt you.
Then write a list of targets,
Your violent lack of virtue.

Leave us alone!
You're on your own!

We are breathing while your sleeping,
Now leave us alone.
The liars cheating,
Our hearts beating,
And now you're on your own.

Here's to your perfect weapon.
Crack bones with blind agression.
Like birds whose wings are broken,
You live without direction.

Leave us alone!
You're on your own!

We are breathing while your sleeping
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Here's to your perfect weapon,
Crack bones with blind aggression,
Like birds whose wings are broken,
You live without direction.

Здесь твоё идеальное оружие,
Круши кости со слепой агрессией,
Как птица, у которой сломаны крылья,
Ты живёшь без направления.

©Black Veil Brides – Perfect Weapon
серьезные ребята =)
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Black Veil Brides' official music video for 'Perfect Weapon'. Click to listen to Black Veil Brides on Spotify:
Black Veil Brides video for "Perfect Weapon" from their debut album We Stitch These Wounds! Available now every where music is sold!

Black Veil Brides' official music video for 'Perfect Weapon'. Click to listen to Black Veil Brides on Spotify:

As featured on We Stitch These Wounds. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes:
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, Black Veil Brides - Perfect Weapon,

Black Veil Brides- Perfect Weapon
black veil brides perfect weapon
Строй С#
Гитара Fernandes vortex x
простите за косяки(
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Немного лажанул в конце, я думаю будет не сильно заметно.
Кавер старый, но хотел бы услышать ваше мнение) Подписывайтесь на канал)

Всем привет, я извиняюсь что так долго не записывал видео, так-как у меня были проблемы с блоком питания (он сгорел), пришлось покупать новый. Ну вообщем смотрим видео, ставим лайки и подписываемся кому не в лом)

Я так же извиняюсь за небольшую лажу на соло, так как для меня оно сложное.
Hey! It's been a while! :) Here's my new cover! Hope you like it!
P.S.(My guitar is a bit out of tune)
Black Veil Brides performing Perfect Weapon, live at The Great Hall, Exeter.
11th October 2014

Мой первый , не судите строго
The Official Instrumental of "Perfect Weapon" by Black Veil Brides.


Ripped by:

Music video by Black Veil Brides performing Perfect Weapon (Lyric). © 2013 Standby Records

DISCLAIMER: This song is NOT Mine it is the property of the Black Veil Brides.

This is my favorite BVB song atm :)

Okay then. you people are gunna start posting BOLLOCKS about the dislike bar. e.g. "1 Dislike ? NICE TRY BIEBER!" then i WILL disable comments. just a heads up. peace out.
Hello! It's my 4th cover.
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Photos can be found here
Great BVB site
Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
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Black Veil Brides guitarists Jake and Jinxx talk about their influ
(095) 740 61 57 (093) 524 27 50
Black Veil Brides performing Perfect Weapon at the Kerrang! Tour 2013.
Birmingham Academy.
14th February.

Muhammad Dasa Zebta is 10 years old from Jakarta, Indonesia<br/><br/>
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Black Veil Brides♥ – Perfect Weapon (Moscow/ 03.04.2015)
this is the full music video of black veil brides song perfect weapon.
i don't own this song or music video
well my gf wanted me to play this song cause she loves bvb and i liked playing this song! so if you enjoyed this video sub to my channel :)

Black Veil Brides International Exclusive. Jinxx and Jake Pitts from Black Veil Brides playing Perfect Weapon at the West La Music store to advertise their amazing Fuchs Amps.
Каверим с 12летним братаном, обучаем молодое поколение металлу.
Nightcored by meeeeeeeeee! :D
Black Veil Brides perfect weapon
Black Veil Brides ftw!
for more of these nightcore remix's iv been making check out the other video's i have been uploading

I don't own anything in the video, including the audio and picture. The credits go to the respective owners. This video is purely fan-made, and will not be used for profit or illegal sharing. подпишись!
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Записал с первого дубля. Примерно так я осваиваю свою гитарку которую купил полтора месяца назад ;D
Люблю тебя, Yamaha ©
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Black Veil Brides - Perfect Weapon (cover by Slauke)
This is my take of Perfect Weapon track #5 off the album We Stitch These Wounds by Black Veil Brides.

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Tuning - Drop C#

Everyone I Understand That You Guys Are Saying
That "Andy Biersack's" Voice Is Different But
It's Because I Had To Change It A Little Because
I Didn't Want To Get Anything From Youtube Not
Letting Me Let People See The Video or Them Giving
Me A "Copy Right Notice" & The Big Reason Why I Edited
His Voice Is Because It Would Let You Guys Actually See
The Video On Your Mobile Devices!

Make Sure To Go & Like My Band "

Black Veil Brides - Perfect Weapon (Live Guitar Solo Cover) Feat. Jack Bauer :D

My Page for contact:

My cover of BVB's perfect weapon. The way they intended it to be :D enjoy and happy shredding!

COPYRIGHT STATEMENT: All content in this video is solely the property of Black Veil Brides, and is not intended to surpass any copyright law. It is being used for leisure only. Therefor
Alright here's the first part of the perfect weapon lesson, a few mistakes but bear with me :) I hope this helps and doesn't make it harder =P Enjoy!
Black Veil Brides live in Sweden Gothenburg. On stage are also Robin and Filip.
First time ever this happens! maybe last too!

drum cover of BVB's epic song Perfect Weapon. Expect more BVB covers in the very near future. **external drums by me**
Black Veil Brides - Perfect Weapon Live San Francisco 3-8-2013 HD
Regency Ballroom, March 8, 2013

не удержался и выложил, конечно не идеально, но посмотреть можно.
I haven't uploaded any videos in about 4 months and I thought it was about time I broke that chain, my throat isn't in the best condition due to band performances but I've done what I can.

Here's my take on an acoustic version of Perfect Weapon, hope you enjoy.
Hey guys. So here's my attempt at covering Perfect Weapon from the album We Stitch These Wounds

Again no microphone and just simple chords and I look shitty. Whatever.

I dun claim nuffin'. Just my voice and my silly easyass piano playing.

просто потрясающий концерт был)
Не судите строго, только учусь
Первый концерт Black Veil Brides в Москве 03/04/15, Stadium Live
Почти не разучился играть после армии)
Лучший рок тут:
hey guys, check out my new cover for Black Veil Brides and tell me what you think)
check out my band:
Black Veil Brides performing "Perfect Weapon" live on February 15th in Toronto, Canada. Here is the setlist:
1- Heart Of Fire
2- I Am Bulletproof
3- Coffin
4- Faithless
5- Wretched And Divine
6- Knives And Pens
7- Shadows Die
8- Kick Start My Heart (Motley Crue)
9- Last Rites
10- Goodbye Agony
11- Rebel Love Song
12- CC's Drum Solo
13- The Legacy
14- Sweet Blasphemy
15- Perfect Weapon x
16- Fallen Angels
17- In The End

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Black Veil Brides♥ – Perfect Weapon (Moscow/ 03.04.2015)