Birthday WHAT!?: What a character 😄 Happy Birthday #Zlatan, “I was waiting for the right time for this jewel to resurface on the Internet and what better time

Birthday WHAT!? Футбольные голосования на любой вкус: Лучший клуб, лучший игрок, лучший гол, лучшая комбинация и многое другое! Отдай свой голос, поддержи свою команду вместе с другими подписчиками паблика "Твой футбольный голос"
“I was waiting for the right time for this jewel to resurface on the Internet and what better time than your birthday @morgannimal! Until our next prank…”
“This is what I'm doing for my 24th birthday..... #BeJealous”
“What a 23 hours for a special 23rd birthday. #CD23 @caradelevingne @clarapaget @sukiwaterhouse #toronto”
“It's @jacksonwang852g7's Birthday today! 생일 축하합니다 (saeng-il chukha-hamnida)! What would you like to tell #GOT7Jackson? Tell us in the comments below! He…”
“What a great year! Having a great birthday with David and my babies x vb”
“This is what she wanted to do with her birthday pie. We fully support this 🎂 YAS QUEEN @thequeenpaloma”
“What an incredible 48 hours! Laksa for breakfast and more birthday cake for dinner! 🎂🎂🎉🎊 And then someone passes you their phone with @djchuckie on it!…”
“What the fuck⁉️ That's was so close.
This dude got a second birthday❗️car just broke his board 🚦🚗”
“Hey guys, today it's my birthday! And guess what?! I have to study! 😂 I'm not kidding you! Anyway, @natebuzz, to receive your wish would totally made my…”
“It's #October3rd & you know what that means...
Happy birthday @kevinscottrichardson! Let's celebrate! #HappyBirthdayKevin”

“This is what happens when we take @itsandyhawk to TGI Fridays! ..And no, it was not his birthday, haha sorry bro 😁 #suite16life #prank”
“What a year, T! Love you, so proud and grateful to call you my friend. You are beyond. Happy Birthday - can't wait to celebrate soooon 💙 @taylorswift”
This is what happens to all British peoples teeth when we blow out our Birthday cake candles!
#bts #bangtanboys #bangtan #jin #seokjin #suga #yoongi #jhope #hoseok #rapmonster #namjoon #jimin #taehyung #jungkook ----- Свежие вайны от лучших вайнеров мира! ;D - группа, где собранны лучшие вайны с Джастином Бибером.

#JustinBieber #Bizzle #ДжастинБибер #Kidrauhl #MyIdol #SirBizzle #Belieber, #vine #JustinBieberEdits #belieber #believetour #justinbieber
Новости компании СЕГА -
This is what happens to all British peoples teeth when we blow out our Birthday cake candles

This is what happens to all British peoples teeth when we blow out our Birthday cake candles!

Fandom: Harry Potter
Couple: Draco & Hermione (My OTP for life yeahs)
Song: What My Heart says by Monica

Happy Birthday too you , Happy Birthday to you, happy happy happy birthday :)))

Jennifer hun your so swet and always comment on my videos so i wanted too make you something for being my amzing friend. And you make the best
Selena Gomez not only celebrated her 20th birthday on stage at the Teen Choice Awards...

The singer was spotted last night after the surfboard show having a B-day dinner with boyfriend Justin Bieber and small group of friends and family at Beverly Hills restaurant Il Cielo.
The two arrived on the "Boyfriend" hitmaker's customized Mercedes minibus.

Hosted by Gomez's mom, Mandy, the dinner for 12 took place in the private back patio with the floor covered in rose petals to match the sing
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(Video from instagram :
Music video by Tony Ferrari performing What We Got (Mickey's Birthday Song). (C) 2016 Walt Disney Records

What Did Gong Yoo Give 'Goblin' Co-Star Park Shin Hye Kyung For Her Birthday ?

Actress Park Shin Hye Kyung talked abo...
My mother-in-law wanted me to do something special for her on her birthday. So I recorded a song and put it to a video just for her. Went through all the hassle of playing and recording every instrument, singing my guts out, even finding the perfect photos for the video. Nice right? Well there's no pleasing some people. I mean, I don't get it. See what you think.

Hey, if it's not your birthday, watch it anyway. It's all about winning friends and influencing people. Then pass it on. Yeah.

Disclaimer: No on
Sub the birthday girl!

(and yep, I _was_ scaring skype people with the "dead yandere gays that i ship so much".)
(it's also one of the laziest projects I've done in a while... I was making it with a 95% dead computer mouse. don't repeat my mistakes. please.)
(don't ask what kind of a transition i tried to do at 0:33-0:34 and 0:36-0:37. i don't even.)

I need to hire someone to writ

I got the two white dresses and the creamy one from this italian website:
They are really fast and with good prices. If you want you can also choose to have a dress made just for you (you can choose which one from the website and then they customize it). If you decide to buy a dress "ready to be shipped" it will take you two weeks to get your dress, but the service is amazing and once you will revice your dress you will love it. This website is focused on spec
Hayden Christensen | Хайден Кристенсен
- 예스24 라이브홀
- 니가 대체 뭘 알어? 우리에 대해서

121222 "What Time Is It" 2PM Live Tour in Macau - Happy Birthday Taecyeon ^^

2PM & Hottest sang "Happy Birthday" to Taecyeon ^^
Who wants to celebrate a normal birthday? Why not celebrate a mathematical birthday instead? They're much more fun!

When you are 20 years old you will celebrate your 250th month birthday. You'll be 41 when you turn 500 and when you're 62 you'll pass 750 months and when you're 83 you'll have your 1000 month birthday.

When you're 19 you'll pass 1000 weeks old, when you're 38 you'll pass 2000 week old, when you're 57 you'll pass 3000 weeks and 4000 weeks when you're 76, and 5000 weeks when you're
Alright, so, this video was constructed over the past four days. I know for a fact that it isn't the greatest video on the planet and that it could be so much better but some thing happened and it just turned out this way. So, about a month ago I lost internet and havent had it since then so I've been using my boyfriends grandma's net and well that had to stop cause he started a new job and all. Anyway, around the 21st of march I had this video completed and ready to be rendered and I made the mistake of no
Лёля,родная моя, ты у меня самая красивая, добрая, милая, классная,сногсшибательная,весёлая, просто самая
охуенная=* оставайся всегда такой)пусть все будет в шоколаде)))я очень рада, что у меня есть такая сестёна,
люблю тебя до безумия=* зай, это твой день..happy birthday

what to do for your birthday party bored party plan funny cake how to bake a cake
Sneijder dropping Andain - What It's Like (Sneijder Remix) @ Digital Society's 6th Birthday O2 Academy, Leeds<br/><br/>
Share this - So cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..
Birthday present for my dear Hiba-chan :D. You're such awesome guy and please don't bite us to the death :). I love you so much my dear and I think that everyone have same opinion (however some people are afraid of you). And thanks everyone for joining this MEP which turns out so awesome.

Intro: MewChi2
Part 1: XxsweetcheesxX
Part 2: MewChi2
Part 3: MewChi2
Part 4: xYumiharu1
Part 5: Kiashya Meiko
Part 6: MewChi2
Part 7: IzayaSmex
Part 8: XxsweetcheesxX
Part 9: MewChi2
Part 10: MewChi2
Part 11: Kiashya Meiko
Part 12: XHitajumo
Part 13: xYumiharu1
Part 14: Kiashya Meiko
Part 15: MewChi2

Song: What the hell
Artist: Avril Lavigne

Wim's Birthday - Wim den Herder Lars de Rijck - What a Groove 20-12-2012
Животрепещущий вопрос, который беспокоит всех парней, которые собираются подарить подарок. И знать ответ на этот вопрос они желают не из интернета, не из книг и подобных разных текстов. Эти парни желают посмотреть видео и услышать лично ответ девушки на этот щекотливый вопрос. В видео максимально точно и просто я рассказала все как есть. Я получала разные подарки, и определенно могу сказать какие мне нравились, а какие не особо. Вы узнаете что подарить, почему, что не стоит, и немного женского мнения про
Залито для официальной фан группы Hanji Zoé|Shingeki no Kyojin:
Приятного просмотра :З
день рождение
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I have been hearing this song for a while now and I just had to make this.I love Misha, he is so darn beautiful! makes me smile when I see him smile. Thank you Misha for being you.
Enjoy. And..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!<br/><br/>
Chris Trondsen talked to Step Up Revolution star Ryan Guzman after the So You Think You Can Dance Finale. Ryan talks about plans for his birthday, the success of Step Up Revolution, his feelings about the finale including Dragon House, the Lion King routine, and his movie plans, and his personal life, Go to and for more SYTYCD coverage
♡ Let's get this video to 20,000 likes!!!

Since it was superrrrr requested, here is what I got for my birthday!! Hope you guys like it! Be sure to stay til the verrryyyy end of this video! hehe

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My favorite actress in the whole world turns 30 today and so I've been working on this all week. I wanted to make a tribute to all the awesome things about her....but there's no way to put it all into one video!!

It's a little short but this weekend was my dad and brothers birthday as well O_O my brother the lucky bastard gets to share his birthday with Cassidy haha so yeah I wanted to make sure I'd have enough time to finish it s
Song: "What I've done" by Linkin Park (dubstep remix)
We only own the editing!
Armin van Buuren – This is What it Feels Like (W&W @KISS FM Birthday 14, Stereo Plazа)
Roman Holiday (1953) - Gregory Peck and Audrey Heburn
Musical composer: Michel Legrand
Harmonica:Toots Thielemans
Video compiled: Zsolt Réti ( Hungary )
Партнерская программа как у меня
Многие родители #ломаютголову перед каждым Днем рождения ребенка, что именно подарить. #Виктория расскажет о каком подарке мечтают дети в свой #ДеньРождения
Many parents scratching their #headsbefore each birthday child that is present. #Victoria tells about a gift of dreaming #children in his #birthday
Спасибо, что смотрите нас!
Happy 24th birthday Sonic the Hedgehog!!! We all love you. Don't forget to subscribe and leave a like!

Shahrukh Khan is a busy man. He has many films lined up and his next is Raes which he will start shooting for on November 1st -- a day prior to his birthday. Just moments after the shooting date of Raees been declared which starts a day before SRK's birthday, King Khan requested his birthday gift. Watch this video to know what it is.

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Armin van Buuren feat Trevor Guthrie - This Is What It Feels Like.

So, I actually edited something. This is the first edit I've uploaded in almost 3 months and it's only 20 seconds, I'm so sorry.
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Красная Поляна дружна и уютна.
Все вместе отметили день рождение Алексея Красно ...
Спасибо всем, кто меня поздравил! Мне очень приятно!!!
Я в ВК:
Моя гр ...
The artists performing on this track are:
Ledisi, James Morrison, Rahsaan Patterson, Tobias Preisig, Patrice Rushen & Toots Thielemans

When an artist of the stature of Quincy Jones celebrates his 75th birthday you can be sure its going to be quite a party. The show took place on July 14th 2008 at the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival, an event with which Quincy Jones has a long and rich history, and the cream of musical talent turned up to serenade Q on this very special occasion. The main concert
Happy birthday to my favourite guy in KHR, Squalooo~:3
I dont think everyone thought I'll pair him with a girl :3 But I did x3

Song: What hurts the most.
Artist: Cascada
Couple: Squalo Superbia x Lal Mirch
Manga: Katekyo Hitman Reborn

I dont own anything used in this vidoe~:3

Performing artists: Ledisi, James Morrison, Rahsaan Patterson, Tobias Preisig, Patrice Rushen & Toots Thielemans
Roman Reigns leads the WWE locker room in a surprise birthday celebration for R-Truth.

Follow WWE on YouTube:
What I Got For My Birthday!
There's still some tickets left for the #TanyaBakes book tour! Get yours here:
Adam Lambert will be spending his next birthday here in Australia. He told Dan & Maz what he wants for his birthday.
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July 31t
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We got to hang out at Ryan Ochoa's SWAGGED OUT 18th birthday party! We had to ask Ryan and his guests like Olivia Holt, Kelli Berglund, Austin North, Alli Simpson, Madison Pettis and more what exactly swag is...

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Russian President Vladimir Putin celebrated his 62nd birthday yesterday. He may be under heavy international pressure for his actions in Ukraine including the outright annexation Crimea but as Steve Rosenberg repor
HD + small screen as always!
Hey, guys! This is my second Birthday collab on Youtube and I want to thank EVERYONE who took part in it! that was incredible! I really liked the collab, you guys made me a real birthday present! I love you all!!!! Thanks you ALL!!!! ♥
♥ Chuck/Blair (Miss Valerie /
♥ Jasper/Eleanor (NatalieSweet /
♥ Toby/
The lovely presents I received for my birthday - headphones, perfume, bikini!
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new video of Liam's birthday of OneDirection=)
Liam Payne's Birthday
music: OneDirection-What Makes You Beautiful

Привет, наша прекрасная Королева :)
С днем рождения!
От всей души поздравляю тебя! Желаю тебе здоровья и счастья! Чтобы в жизни и в работе тебе сопутствовала удача!
Всегда оставайся такой, какая ты есть. Замечательным наставником и прекрасной♥ красивой♥ великолепной♥ королевой пиратов:))))))))))))))
Спасибо тебе за все с:
и еще раз С ДНЕМ РОЖДЕНИЯ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))))))))))))))
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Actor Shah Rukh Khan said that on his daughter Suhana's birthday, he gifted her with a bracelet because that's what she wanted. When asked about his elder son Aryan, he said: "Aryan loves to wear my clothes and shoes."

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虽然杨总的生日已经过了一段日子,但发现到这个很棒的剪辑,还是和大家分享一下。后半段的歌曲是羊毛填词翻唱的!Although Yang Yang's birthday is over, I thought I should still share this well-edited video with you all. The lyrics and singing of the song in the second part are done by Yang Yang's fans!
cr: 阿昭昭KAYE
"What You Give To Me" by Birthday out April 18th on WeDidIt/Tombstone Recordings.

Directed by Felix Aaron

Добро пожаловать всем любителям королевских гонок F1!
Does the month you were born in determine whether you’re right handed, or a smoker, or short-sighted? No, we’re not talking astrology, but something called the seasonal birth effect. But can even that be trusted? Subscribe:

The seasonal birth effect is the idea that the development of certain characteristics is linked to the time of year a person is born. Various studies have linked time of birth to a gaggle of characteristics, from handedness to disease susceptibility.

The theo
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Как дыхание ветра гроз...
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It may have been Ellen's birthday, but her audience members were the ones getting the presents! Check out what they got, right here.
Чувак, это репчик! :)
Максим, знай, ты лучший! И твои друзья очень-очень любят тебя!
H2O: just add water | Просто добавь воды

Please, watch in HD!
Coloring - xSweetyProdx -
watermark - April -
Happy Birthday to me! :D
Guys! This is Amazing collab! I'm absolutely delighted! Thank you all for your participation in my birthday collab! you have created a miracle !!!! I am very happy that familiar with all of you, you are incredibly talented! LOVE YOU all so much! thank you!!! ♥♥♥
Невероятно красивый колл
the Hardkiss
style & make-up - Slava Чайка(by CINECITTA)
Hair Vitalik Datsyuk
Это было незабываемо!! как Susana прорекламировала публику Украины: - "We so Amazing!" и это правда!!! Дружелюбный народ создают свою собственную атмосферу, а хэдлайнеры дополняют ещё больше положительной энергией!
Happy Birthday Ryan! Have an amazing birthday!

Avery (@LochteLove803)

Footage from: E! Entertainment & Universal Sports
Music: Birthday - Selena Gomez
Anime: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Free!
Song: It is What it Is
Artist: Lifehouse

It's a little late but here you go Bio 8D I knew from the start I wanted to edit you something with Rinharu in it but couldn't think of a song to use till recently. Hopefully next year I'll get to visit you. It's been great knowing you over these years. I hope you enjoy 8DD

I've wanted to edit this song for so long but for some reason never did it.

Everything belongs to rightful owne
Kim Yoo Jung 김유정 : September 22, 1999 - September 22, 2015.

Birthday video for Korean Actress Kim Yoo Jung.
#HappyYoojungDay #Yoojung17thBirthday

Music : Be Alright - BEAST Yoseob, BtoB Changsub, 4minute Gayoon, G.Na


Do not edit! Do not re-upload!

Credit : MainNews, Sidus HQ, uooz, tv report, 배우 김유정 공식 팬카페 Genuine, KBSEntertain, EBS, Mr.Pizza, MBC, Daebak Subs, honghonghong37, ystarnews, AikaDQ, mamang987, EBS, tintin interview, BNT, Skinfood

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Song :What makes you beautiful
Artist : One Direction
Editor : ShinigamiX791
Dedicated to : Ellimausilein

Happy Birthday Ellimausilein !
I know you like this pairing very much so I decided to make an amv of this couple.
Well, it didn´t turn out like I want it to because in the end I have to say I prefer Gerza much more so it was a little bit hard for me to make this and as you see I couldn´t be