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Birth of the Blues

Enregistre le 20 juin 1965 au Kiel Opera house de St-Louis. Johnny Carson, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr Frank Sinatra chante Birth of The Blues

A few months ago, Tommy asked Reddit to suggest songs for him to arrange on guitar. The response was huge and very friendly!

So here is the second arrangement which is a medley of Dave Brubeck's Blue Rondo A La Turk and Take Five, ending with Birth of the Blues.

(these were made for fun, sort of as a gesture of appreciation to all music lovers out there!)

link to reddit post:
Rick Allred playing a medley of Chet tunes at CAAS 2011 in Nashville, TN.
A nice little trio consisting of Bing Crosby, Mary Martin, and Jack Teagarden perform Johnny Mercer's "The Waiter and the Porter and the Upstairs Maid" in Birth of the Blues (1941).
When these two guitar monsters get together, brother hold the phone!

Chet Atkins, Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglas, Mark O'Connor, Rob Wasserman perform on Nashville Now.

1965 год
1. Sammy Davis Jr
2. Frank Sinatra
3. Johnny Carson
4. Dean Martin
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Серия 01: Моё поколение. Рождение рока.
В начале 1960-х годов британские тинэйджеры, которые выросли на американском блюзе, стали придумывать и сочинять свой собственный стиль. Такие группы как The Rolling Stones и The Who способствовали зарождению нового звука, новых идей и нового движения музыки - Рока.
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Режиссёр: Виктор Шерцингер
Жанр: комедия, музыка
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"Birth Of The Blues" (Live) by The Rat Pack
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Bing Crosby sings a very lovely "My Melancholy Baby" to a sleepy child in Birth of the Blues (1941).
Фрэнк Синатра и Луи Армстронг - Birth of the Blues - винтажные фото и видео.
Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong in 1957 performing the song together live on television.....

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Birth of the Blues -Johnny Carson & Rat Pack
Sam Malseed- MJ Dance studio
Choreography - Maria Slape
Here's me playing "Birth of the blues" on my mini Maton guitar! Hope you like it!
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(Sammy Davis, Jr.) 08.12.1925 -16.05.1990, Нью-Йорк. Вокалист, танцовщик, киноартист.
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Being hungover has given me an entirely new meaning in life. I am now looking forward to it every time, because when I am hungover, I can make cool stuff!!!

This is what I managed to make after a hard night of partying! Enjoy!

Oh and I almost forgot... Due to recent complaints, I've kept this video completely unedited. No pitch correction whatsoever has taken palce.

Also, check out the full quality version at
ביג-באנד קונסרבטוריון באר-שבע, ישראל
מנהל מוזיקלי: חיים גפטר
קונצרט סוף שנה 07.06.2012
The Birth of the Blues

The Big Band of Beer-Sheva conservatorium, Israel
Bandleader: Chaim Gafter
End of the year concert 07.06.2012
The Birth of the Blues
2011.06. Jazz-club UFA.

Vocalion 15412 - 10-23-1926 Harry's Version Reached #4 On The US Music Charts In 1926.
"The Birth of the Blues" is a popular song. The music was written by Ray Henderson, the lyrics by Buddy G. DeSylva and Lew Brown. The song was published in 1926, and recorded by Cab Calloway in 1943 or 1944. The song was later a hit for Frank Sinatra and was frequently performed by popular singers such as Bing Crosby, Sammy Davis, Jr., Shirley Bassey, Keely Smith, Jack Teagarden and Pearl Bailey. An Oscar nominated (M
テナー&尺八 世界のブルースを奏う
テナー 尾田悟 尺八 村岡実
演奏 大映レコーディング•オーケストラ
Bing Crosby sings the title song at the close of Birth of the Blues (1941). Seems the blues have now been born and will continue to evolve as depicted by the montage.
Bing Crosby and his jazz band play "Memphis Blues" outside a jail in Birth of the Blues (1941). They need a hot cornet player to complete the group, but he's unavailable at the moment.
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The Rat Pack live at the "Kiel Opera House", St. Louis - June 20, 1965. Only known filmed "The Rat Pack" concert from the 1960s.
Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Johnny Carson (subbing for Joey Bishop who was out with a bad back). With the Count Basie and Quincy Jones bands.<br/><br/>
Михаил Ксида - Флейта
Евгений Мартьянов - Гитара
Игорь Чеботарёв - Ударные
Георгий Матвиив - Бандура

Из программы 2008 года.
Bing Crosby and Mary Martin perform a very bouncy "Wait Till the Sun Shines Nellie" in Birth of the Blues (1941).
загружено для группы Бинга Кросби -
The Rat Pack - Birth Of The Blues full comedy act and song. Really funny and amazing! 1965 in St. Louis
Genius + Soul = Jazz is a 1961 album by Ray Charles.
This is part two of a lesson I called "Tiptoe through The Blues" because it uses the same basic progression as "Tiptoe through the Tulips" and "The Birth of the Blues", a couple of great old classics ... the melody line is mine.

Unless you picked up the guitar yesterday, you should be able to handle this one. It's another example of how a bass lines and melody can weave together and become 'the piece'. Even though there are no chords ringing out until the very end, the ear can take these two elements and s

Jazz-club Birdland 25.11.2010 Hamburg.
Igor Trekusov-guit.
Lorenz Hagasner-alt.sax
Dan Gottshall-trb.
Benny Brown-tp.
Igor Timofeev-t.sax
Jakob Dreyer-b.
Conrad Ulrich-dr.
Видео группы • • • САМЫЕ ВЕСЁЛЫЕ И ПОЗИТИВНЫЕ ПЕСНИ! • • •
Keely Smith - Birth of the Blues (audio only sorry). Keelys wonderful vocal capacity is shown here good as anywhere. Enjoy.