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Billy Talent - Devil On My Shoulder

Симпатичная канадская команда исполняющая задорный панк рок !!!

Released: Aug 25, 2009
℗ 2009 Warner Music Canada Co. for Canada and WEA International Inc. for rest of world.
Billy TalentHD6903٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶
Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Billy Talent Devil On My Shoulder(Official Video)
группа вк:

Billy Talent III
Music video(2009)
Billy TalentHD6903٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶
Hope you like my bass arrangement of "Devil On My Shoulder" by Billy Talent :) It was very hard to do it so sorry for the mistakes I've made ;)

Thanks to Debbie Becker for suggesting this song! :)

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Композиция на высшем уровне...
Дьявол за моим плечом
Billy Talent - Devil On My Shoulder (guitar cover by AntoXa_LP)

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Tuning: Drop D

Guitar: Schecter Hellraiser Extreme C-1
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Music Recording Software: Sequel 3
Video Software: Sony Vegas 12
Camera: Sony HDR-CX405

From the album "Billy Talent III".

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Вновь открыл для себя группу Billy Talent!
Замечательный Devil on My Shoulder с альбома Billy Talent III. Впервые песня появилась как сингл в 2009 году.

По моим ощущениям - это одна из лучших песен как в плане музыки так и в плане гитарных партий. Несомненно, есть что поиграть как на ритмику так и на технику, а учитывая что подача дорлжна быть не кислая - нужно вкладываться в звукоизвлечение!

Billy Talent — канадская рок-группа. Была сформирована под названием Pezz в Онтарио в 1993 году. Состав группы:
I really wish this was band that came to mind when people think "canadian music." Fucking Nickelback...
Me playing Devil On My Shoulder by Billy Talent, off of the album Billy Talent III.

Yeah, yeah, I screwed up the solo. Sorry.

Comments, Ratings and Criticisms welcome. =]
День молодёжи 2012 Николаев
New AMV made mostly by my younger brother.

Billy Talent - Devil on my shoulder by Crazy Band

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Alle Lieder von dem neuen Billy Talent Album.
Devil on my shoulder by Billy Talent from their album Billy Talent III.
It's just another video with lyrics on screen ;)
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Here it is w/o that MTV LOGO!!! Enjoy!<br/><br/>
Me covering Devil On My Shoulder by Billy Talent from the album Billy Talent III. Hope You like it :)
Guitar - ESP LTD EC-1000 VB Deluxe.
Amp - Guitar Rig 5
Thanks for watching!

festival Osisko en lumière 2015 | Full ver:
Весьма и весьма крутой трек с соляком посредине и монологом Бена "об жизни" :)

Francis living the dream up on stage. A beer from Ben and a serenade from the boys \m/
Place George V, Québec, Canada
This was a request. I'm gunna try to do more requests from now on. Got some Nirvana coming soon, and...well, other requests. :P If you've already requested something, don't be afraid to request again, unless you're requesting Social Ghost; I get it, and if I get to it, I get to it XD

If you throw something at me again - i will fucking kill you. Oh, no, it's fine. (с) Ben
Billy Talent live bei Rock am Ring 2012.
25/11/2012 Billy Talent rocks in Kiev. I'm near the scene
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Billy Talent - Devil on my Shoulder (live at Rock am Ring 2009)
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Rock am Ring 7 June 2009
30.05.16, Saint-Petersburg
Billy Talent - Devil on my Shoulder
live at rock am ring 2012
recorded at einsplus

30.05.2016, Live in St Petersburg, Kosmonavt Club
Billy Talent - Devil on my Shoulder (live at Rock am Ring 2009)
See the whole Concert

Billy Talent performing their Song " Devil on my Shoulder " live at Rock am Ring 2012.
All Rights belong to Billy Talent and Rock am Ring.

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Here a cover of the Solo that you can take a closer look, how Ian plays it.
Tabs are all correct, i´ve got the original ones.
Enjoy ;)
Playing: Devil On My Shoulder-Billy Talent
As Requested by: Sexuallobster134679
Difficulty: Mono Pro
Feel free to request any song you would like to see played.

DISCLAIMER: the following is purely for entertainment, criticism, sarcastic comments, fun, and otherwise non-applicable things for the general term of 'profit' or gaining thereof. ergo, i make none, and this is purely for entertainment. good day sir.<br/><br/>
A piece from a cool songs Billy Talent.

Кусок из крутейшей песни группы Billy Talent.
Друг хочет знать его ошибки
играть недавно начал
This is half of the original of that song. Billy talent had nice show here in estonia 2013/06/25.

Billy talent - Devil on my shoulder

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Billy Talent Opra House Toronto 2011 Devilon my Shoulders

Billy Talent performing Devil On My Shoulder live in Melbourne at Billboard the Venue 12/8/2012

Ian D'sa, one of my biggest personal heroes, shredding that live solo of DOMS, with the view from the front row. Probably one of the greatest days ...
2015-11-08 - Rock Jam Halloween

ЭТО было легендарно!
Over and over!
June 6th 2012, at Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Billy Talent performs 'Try Honesty' followed by 'Devil on my Shoulder' live in concert at Rock the Shores 2014 held on the fields of the Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre in Colwood, BC on Saturday, July 12, 2014. Event presented by Atomique Productions.

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Парк Горького. Зеленый театр
Billy Talent - Devil On My Shoulder - Live Montréal 2017-03-01
Почему сегодня вспомнился этот концерт.
Снял только небольшой видосик)
Танцпол качает =D

Benjamin was on fire! Hope you liked this video of Billy Talent's song Devil On My Shoulder live from the ACC. He gave a big speech about acceptanc...
Ben Kowalewicz of Billy Talent discusses Toronto's sports teams during their set @ the Sheraton Hotel in Toronto May 2015
Here is my cover on "Devil On My Shoulder" by Billy Talent from the album "Billy Talent III". Hope You like it.
For recording i use:
- Carvin C66;
- Marshall JСM2000;
- Fulltone OCD 4;
- Shure sm57.
Billy Talent are giving the first show of their tour on Anabuk festival in Moscow
This Song is from the Bunus CD Billy Talent 3.
This Song is without the guitar parts.
Good for guitarists to play while the song.
advice is always appreciated :)

if you guys like my videos keep on subscribing and don't forget to rate with a thumbs up :) it helps more than you think :)
keep on telling me which songs you would like to hear next :)
Billy Talent live @ Calgary Stampede July.13th 2014 - Coca Cola Stage
Billy Talent Devil on my Shoulder Live Heavy Montreal 2011<br/><br/>
Billy Talent - Devil On My Shoulder Live (HD)

I come back for a new cover!!! Devil On My Shoulder - Billy Talent!
One of my favourite band :)
I recorded all the guitar, I used a backing track with drum, bass and vocal and I found it on guitarbackingtrack :)

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If you're interested, you can watch my band's new music video here :
All Atlas Drowning - Chessmaster

Gear used: Chapman Guitars with D'addario Strings - Laney Ironheart 60 - Zoom G5 - Cubase.

Billy Talent performing Devil on my Shoulder live at Rapids Theatre in Niagara Falls. Enjoy! :)

Devil On My Shoulder
Billy Talent
Air Canada Centre
Toronto, ON
April 5th 2013

Мой Айфон со звуком никогда не дружил

Концерт Billy Talent в "Космонавте", 22.11.2012
This is me havin fun with the Talents into my home studio. I've just received my new VOX Tonelab ST and I wanted to experiment the Wah-Wah and then share with peoples how hot is this tube pedal effect...
Kids, you don't need drug to do that, only this:
-Ibanez OMR1 Omar Rodriguez-Lopez signature series
-Tonelab ST
-Presonus FireBox Sound Card
-Crate Amp Black Heart BH5H Little Giant and BH110 cab
-Cubase SX3, T-Racks
-Superior drummer

:) Any Questi