Bikini Snowboarding: Зимние развлечения - Bikini Snowboarding, Bikini Snowboarding!, Bikini Snowboarding , Dasha Dance Bikini Snowboarding/ Georgia-Gudauri, ⛄

Bikini Snowboarding

Кто сказал, что сезон для бикини прошел? Купальники мы носим ВЕСЬ год!
Очень жаркий день в Шерегеше... ))) хочу туда...
Bikini Snowboarding
Dasha Dance snowboarding in her bikini in Georgia ski resort Gudauri
Very Hot Bikini Girl Snowboarding. Hot Bikini Girl Ski Very Well on Snow,

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2011 Sheregesh Russia Resort/Mountain - Bikini Snowboarding [Самый жаркий день в Шерегеше. что то между +25 и +30 Спонтанно сняли ролик тем чем было под рукой. получилось весело]

The climate of Sheregesh is continental: winters are usually cold and snowy, summers are short and chilly. The snow mantle reaches four meters.Sheregesh (Russian: Шерегеш) is a urban locality (an urban-type settlement in Tashtagolsky District of Kemerovo Oblast, Russia. Population: 10,177 (2010 Census preliminary results) Po
one hot day
few girls go to mountains in bikini

original video by kamerzanov:

cold but beauties in bikini :d

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Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia. April, 2015.

With the help such great sporty Siberian girls, we can melt the ice and change the world! Siberia – is a place of beautiful souls that are open to each other and to the whole world wide open spaces, endless winter, taiga, frosty inspiration, unexplored exotics – all is our way of life and source of energy! Welcome!
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by Анастасия Любимова
Sweetheart Sailor Moon in a bikini snowboarding
in the mountains.
Милая Сейлор Мун в бикини катается на сноуборде в Красной Поляне (Роза Хутор, Сочи).


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16 апреля 2011 г. Самый жаркий день в Шерегеше, что то между +25 и +30. В 2013 году показали в новостях как снятое британскими журналистами, да ещё судя по новостям катание происходило в -30.

Awesome fail Stuff !!


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Aria Haspopu
descente en surf en soutif et slip sans tomber!!aurelia l'a fait

Just watch it. It's awesome. More info available on the site.

video thumbnail: Alex De Guzman
...было жарко...
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NOVÁ KOLEKCIA 69 SLAM DO KAŽDÉHO EXTRÉMU JE UŽ TU!!! Plavky, ktoré budete chcieť ukázať predvádzajú dievčatá na snowboardoch.

Produced by WTF Factory

Copywriting & Screenplay: Dušan Tatranský
Director: Viktor Hvižďák
Editor: Tomáš Hromada
Camera 1: Tomáš Hromada
Camera 2: Roman Siro
Photo: Adam Mitro
Models: Katka S., Janka S.

Song: James Brown - Good Good Lovin
Winter Bikini Snowboarding in Russia.
Hot sexy Russian girl
Location: Sheregesh, Siberia

Hot chick crashes into water at Les Arcs

Watch the video «Bikini Snowboarding» uploaded by Deystarr TV on Dailymotion.
Bikini Girls Skiing and Snowboarding
Девушки, вы - прекрасны!

Все походы Турклуба My Way
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Thank you!An impromptu bikini snowboarding session in Meribel April 2013 ends with an epic fail!

A group of friends and I went to Asessippi, Manitoba snowboarding one weekend, hit up the bars.. and the hills. This was the outcome..

snowboarding... and junk... and THEN BIKINIboarding fun! Oh and Ps. Sorry they freaking took out the sound. I had to audioswa
Sweet Sailor Moon in a bikini snowboarding after the car. And than go to pool
Милая Сейлор Мун в бикини катается на сноуборде за машиной и затем ныряет в аквапарк.

Snowboard & Ski hot bikini girls after riding dancing on the snow.
Girls contacts:
Over 1800 scantily clad skiers and snowboarders descended from Mount Zelyonaya's Sheregesh resort in Siberia on Saturday, setting a new Guiness record for the world's largest downhill ride in swim suits.



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Wonderfull spring day in Val-d'Isere, France.
Shot on GoPro Hero3+ Black.

Had the chance to head up to Mammoth, CA to spend a couple weekends with the UCLA Ski & Snowboard Team. The first weekend happened to be the Annual Bikini run, there also was a crew from The Travel Channel there to film to film the shenanigans. We had so much fun with the first bikini run and the weather was so beautiful, that the next weekend we did a repeat of the Annual Bikini Run, which turned it into the Bi-Annual Bikini Run. All in all it was a fun experience and I filmed a bit of the action.

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Epic - Hot Girls in Bikini Skiing & Bikini Snowboarding!
На высокогорном горнолыжном курорте Гудаури такое ласковое слонце что можно катать без верха ;)
Подробнее о трассах, отелях и развлечениях в Гудаури по ссылке

Следи за зимними тур новостями из Грузии

An impromptu bikini snowboarding session in Meribel April 2013 ends with an epic fail!