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Bikini Posing Practice

More practice, practice, practice to prepare for my first ever bikini competition!
Men's physique champion turning bikini pro.......... Ok just kidding obviously. Funny parody of amateur bikini posing.

I am competing this Saturday, Nov. 19th in a natural bikini competition. It is two days out and I am doing a little practicing with my posing to get ready for the show.

Posing practice from 04/10/2013. I am 3 days out here. I compete in Buffalo NY - NPC Bikini Short division on 04/13/2013. Follow me on Instagram to see pics from the show. Instagram @ klcorey Sorry I was pressed for time so there is no commentary. Please wish me luck on Saturday.

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IFBB Bikini Pro Paige Habermehl Posing Practice
Winnie bikini - только лучшие бикиняши.
I'm about 6 and 1/2 weeks out from my next bikini competition. The posing is so important because it shows all the hard work I do in my workouts and diet. I've gotta lot of work to do!
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