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Сейшельские острова
Visiting my girlfriend, who has made a medical internship on the Seychelles.... *** Music done by myself (c) 2012 Use BIG speakers or headphones ;) GoPro underwater shots by Thomas Zwetti. Some photos:

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A short Trailer with selected clips from the Little Big World series.
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It’s Little Lungs’ birthday, and the party is on fire!

Watch Little Lungs try to get some big air on the slopes.

Промо-ролик Сейшельские острова
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The Big Bear Sitter - Uncle Rusty is put through the “first time baby-sitter” antics of Little Bear and friends.

The Top of the World - Father Bear, Uncle Rusty and Little Bear go on a hiking expedition to the “top of the world”.

The Campfire Tale - Little Bear, Father Bear and Uncle Rusty are camping out in the woods, when Little Bear becomes homesick for Mother Bear. To comfort Little Bear, Uncle Rusty tells a special campfire tale.

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Uncle Rusty is put through the “first time baby-sitter” antics of Little Bear and friends.

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Music done by Paul Wex
GoPro underwater shots by Thomas Zwetti.
Visiting my girlfriend, who has made a medical internship on the seychelles.

Several small planted aquariums, displayed at the exhibition "Little Big World of Aquarium" organized on 17-25.09.2011 by members of Upper Silesia Association of Aquarists. In this video I show first three tanks :)

00:14 - Aquarium with interesting configuration of driftwood, which looks like a "gate" from the front part to the back part. Aquarium is stocked with beautiful small fish, an excellent choice for the tank of this size - Boraras merah. Plants used in this layout are: Cladophora sp. (green
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See what happens when Little Lungs goes on a biking adventure with his friends. Hint: It didn’t go so well

Uh oh -- it’s rope climb day in P.E. class! Watch Little Lungs try to make it to the top.

Earlier this year, Matt and Amy Roloff, stars of TLC's Little People, Big World, announced that they had separated. On tonight's season premiere of the show, they divulge the current status of their relationship, and ETonline has an exclusive clip.
Прага, мини путешествие
Realy nice level, I enjoyed it. Wish it was a bit longer though. - Туризм в теории и на практике! Присоединяйтесь!
Holmdel, New Jersey: May 21, 2011.

In celebration of the alleged Rapture, Sugarland, Matt Nathanson, and Little Big Town closed that night's Incredible Machine Tour date with a cover of R.E.M.'s "It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)."

Luckily, the world lived to see another day.

[Video directed by Valarie Allyn Bienas]
Rihanna Only Girl "In The World" Little Big Planet Version

Little Big Life - FIFA world cup 2014
Автор: Никита Король.
Пиар блин.)
Очень круто.
Почти 80 минут лучшей атмосферной музыки за несколько прошедших месяцев в компиляции "Little Big World".

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'Little Day Out' from the DVD 'Great Big World'

- Justine Clarke

Little Big World by Sebastiano Toma, music Mark Chaet.
Premiere: 15.02.2013
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"Children find everything in nothing; adults find nothing in everything."
(Giacomo Leopardi)
I look inside my little fish tank and see a shark dancing with a woman, I open a drawer and the scissors are marching. My books on the shelf turn into skyscrapers and my mobile phone is one of the windows.

A pencil stroke is a street, two strokes the railway tracks, and my old sewing machine i
My first attempt at rendering a 3D fractal animation.
This was made entirely with Mandelbulb 3D software and took a solid 48 hours to render in HD at 25fps.
Credit to "LXH" for posting fractal parameters at :
Amazing footage live with GoPro in spinning on Float Tube. Big catfish attack Duck lure (SuicideDuck by Savagegear) from the submerged tree: Specta...

Молодец Сонька.Хорошо позировала.Спасибо за чудесную фото сессию.

Небольшой этюд (малобюджетная картина Леси Бондарчука=)))
Здесь не все и не всё))), но те,кем я жила, те, кем я живу и буду жить!!!... Виз Ми))))
Песня: Илья Орлов и Аня Бася - До свидания!!!
П.С. Кому- то до свидания, а кому-то ни за что!!! Почему? Да хренушки по кочану!!!;)))
When dinosaurs roamed the earth, they also enjoyed sports and games. Unfortunately, the short arms of the T-rex made it difficult for her to play with the other dinosaurs. That is, until the day she discovered how to kick!
· Directed and animated by Kevin Ulrich
· Story by Celina Frenn
· Music by Trevor Gomes
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Small aquarium exhibition, made by Upper Silesian Association of Aquarists ( on 17-25.09.2011. Very interesting exhibition, with numerous nice aquariums :) In the first part I show a quick (VERY quick ;) ) tour around the exhibition hall :)

Enjoy! :)
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Howdy ya'll. I spent several weeks on this project. I wanted to do something that no other has done. I wanted to do original 2d, hand-drawn animation, and so I did. Each fram
One of aquariums displayed at "Little Big World of Aquarium" exhibition, organized by Upper Silesia Association of Aquarists. Very interesting and original tank. The illumination was made of normal halogen fixture, equipped with plate containing several dozens white LEDs. Very nice idea! :) The filtration was provided by hang-on-back filter, which was also used as a hydroponic filter - several stems of Ficus pumila were planted in the filtration media :) Few stems of Cyperus sp. and few bamboo sticks added
HD + headset for best quality

Hey guys! :)
So, it's the first time I'm actually doing this kind of AU. I've always wanted to try it but I felt like it would turn out awful since I hadn't done it before. But I'm quite pleased with the result :D To be honest, I was planning on making a normal Catherine x Narcisse video but then I didn't have inspira
Second side of the exhibition hall of the Little Big World of Aquarium exhibition, organized by Upper Silesia Association of Aquarists on 17-29.09.2011. On this side several larger tanks were displayed.

00:21 - aquarium displayed by the crew of the shop Unusual proportions - very high and quite narrow, very good for high Echinodorus and Anubias plants, with which it was planted. The stones were also interesting - round and with ornamental texture. Aquarium was stocked with ru
Since I'm temporarily living in Jakarta,I decided to make a short and silly film about Jakarta.Love this city.Hope you will enjoy this video :)
Another set of bigger aquariums displayed at the exhibition Little Big World of Aquarium, organized by Upper Silesia Association of Aquarists on 17-25.09.2011.

00:21 - biotope aquarium, imitating freshwater habitat of temperate climate zone. In this case - Poland :) It is planted mostly with waterweed Elodea sp., which occurs widely in Polish waters, and also with some aquatic mosses, collected in the wild. Aquarium is stocked with crayfish also occurring in Poland, however I don't know what species
Little Big Adventure 2 / Twinsen's Odyssey (New World Studio / Cyberware Programmers Group) Русская версия
The King of the Dinosaurs faces his greatest challenge yet: a game of catch.

Directed and Animated by Kevin Ulrich
Story by Celina Frenn
Music by Trevor Gomes
Special Thanks, Greg Ludovici

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Another set of planted nanoaquariums displayed at the exhibition Little Big World of Aquarium, organized by members of Upper Silesia Association of Aquarists in 2011.

00:16 - nanoaquarium stocked with Paracheirodon simulans - green neon tetras. Plants used in this layout are Rotala sp. and Eleocharis parvula. Very good example of a simple, yet very attractive layout :)

00:56 - Guppies, guppies everywhere! ;) This tank is stocked with one of ornamental varietes of Poecilia wingei, or Endler's g
Осенью 2015 года удалось побывать в Кабардино-Балкарии. Удивительное место, красивейшие места. Навсегда останется в моей памяти.
I visited Kabardino-Balkaria In autumn 2015. Amazing location, beautiful place. Will forever remain in my memory.
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