Beyond Her Garden: «Вуден тостер глейз (я)» под музыку WoodenToaster - Beyond Her Garden. Picrolla, Beyond Her garden Rus Sub, «Cherry Bloom» под музыку Glaze

Beyond Her Garden

Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

Создано Picrolla
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla


Beyond Her Smooth Criminal:
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
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Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Original by WoodenToaster -
WoodenToaster - Beyond Her Garden.
Glaze - Beyond Her Garden



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I guess this was kind of expected, I think :D


Vector by SirLeandrea:

Пилотная работа, в целом, результатом удовлетворен, но есть ошибки, буду исправлять. Прошу оценки и критику.
Оригинал -
Base MIDI for Bones Project provided by Wooden Toaster.

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In this video I show you Beyond Her Garden played on floppy drives.

Original song and MIDI file by WoodenToaster:

Art by ASTROtheH:

Happy Halloween!
I felt that the original wasn't as good as it could be, so I gave a few parts a new look. Hopefully I can finally put this one to rest and call it "good enough". Hope everyone enjoys.
Again, I'm not the only Brony laserist to do this!
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I prefer dubstep and trance.

Old version (unlisted):
This time I left the lands of electronic music, to venture into the lands of orchestral music, which has never before been explored by me :3
In non-stupid talk, this is my first orchestral piece, so sorry if it sucks xD

Thanks to Glaze, for letting me remix his awesome song :D I really hope he likes it xD
Thanks to Nathan (an IRL friend) for suggestions and advice, and special Thanks to Makkon as well, for replying to my post in MLR and giving some tips :D

Hey guys! ^.^ Remixed this amazing song because it was simply an old favourites of mine and still remains to be one of my favourites! Hope you guys enjoy my remix I know I enjoyed making it ^.^

Picture -
Download -

Leave comments on what you liked and give criticism! /)<br/><br/>
My redub of Glaze's song, "Beyond Her Garden", his channel is here:

If you're interested:
Tis' a Remix of one of my favorite songs ever invented through the use of the magical instrument we call "The Computer."
Made with FamiTracker.

DL link:

Got featured on Equestria Daily again!
The Living Tombstone's Facebook Page:
Soundcloud: http://soundcl
4 Floppy drives play "WoodenToaster - Beyond her Garden (Living Tombstone's Remix)"

Original song By WoodenToaster

Remix by The Living Tombstone

Floppy MIDI player Tutorial By Sammy1Am!

4ch midi file for your pleasure
320kbs mp3 mix

Tis so annoying making a 4 track floppy compatible midi!

VFX Videos are still in the works, Im not giving up! Expect an awesome update video within a few weeks! I have 4-5 Projects currently in the works.
If you want more songs on floppy drives, Comment down below The song and if possible, give me a MIDI! this was redone by ear and the timing is way off.

Thanks to all those subscribed!
PS: don

a remix that i spent more then 2 months on ..... IT FINALLY DONE

I hope you enjoy this as much i as i enjoyed making it



Read description!!!

MP3 320 kbps download:
WAV 1536 kbps download:
Album Artwork download:

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Here is a remix of WoodenToaster's
Оригинал (Original) -

Made a video comparing the original Beyond Her Garden to the remix/VIP because I keep getting people trying to shame me for wanting a higher quality version of the song available, please watch before complaining that I didnt change enough
♫ Free High Quality Download (Press "more" beside "share") (Seriously, youtube butchers audio quality) ♫ The goal of this was mainly just to recreate it with my own vision in terms of mixing and sound design; the original hasn't aged as well audio quality wise, so I remade the song with all original sound design as sound design and mixing practice, and so that we'd all have a higher quality version available! This was the first song I heard when discovering the community, and I'd been meaning to remix this back before Glaze signed under his label. Remake vs remix is semantics, by the way; theyre the same thing
Because you can never be too late to the party. My remix of the amazing song by WoodenToaster!

ok , i think now its ok AND im ok with this :D!

Original song by WoodenToaster AKA47 Glaze (?)
Cover by GatoPaint

Lyrics =

You try your best but it's not quite there
You kick a hoof and say it's just not fair
A simple mare living simple dreams
A rumour that's not quite as it seems

Carrot top, go beyond us
You're a late star, time to fool us
Keep your friends close, they're what drive you
To the cosmos that describes you

Brighter than tonights sunset
Carrot Top goes way beyond her garden in my remix of "Beyond Her Garden" originally made by WoodenToaster (A.K.A. Glaze).
WoodenToaster's channel:
this was just an idea i had and since i was bored i finished it. as always love to jedward 3

Thanks to JoshLohMusic for the idea and motivation!

10'000 views!? WHY DO YOU EVEN WATCH MY CRAP!?!?!

Am I late to the party?!? No but I've always wanted to do something involving this song so why not remixagine! (or whatever you'd call this) and I did! So take a listen, drop a like? Whichever you feel is neccesary! I had fun making it.
[The download is free but I'm trying to get to BronyCon so if you'd like to donate I would appreciate it very much! -Ember]
Stuff in description as per usual.

A fairly spontaneous remix of WoodenToaster's "Beyond Her Garden", it's been remixed a couple billion times so why not make it a couple-billion-and-one?


WoodenToaster's channel:

Obligatory links dump:

TWITTER -!/generalmumble
SOUNDCLOUD - - (Mostly WIPs)
ok so heres a track that i worked on through out the weekend. i have a download link for the track and pic, its a zip. file....
track and pic download link:
Another WIP... Mind as well and jump on the frudging bandwagon and remix the crap out of this song... Sometimes I really do hate myself for raping good artists. D:
I am a huge fan of WoodenToaster's work, so I thought (after a LONG time of planning it out) that I would try to do a minecraft noteblock version.


Link to the original (go support the author!):
Download Below as usual

Please watch in HD if you can it really means a lot.

This is a remix I put together over the last week, of WoodenToaster's Beyond Her Garden
It's one of my favourite songs right now so I felt it was needed.
Took me ages to master correctly due to there being quite a bit going on at once in some parts but I feel I tamed them pretty well.
I hope I didn't butcher the song for anypony.
Also sorry for the cut off at the end that was a little glitch in Vegas, The actual song doesn't cut
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*Ranked #35 of Everfree Radio's Top 100 Songs of 2011!* Thanks! :D

Toastbeard Submission #2

Okay. So some of you may not see this as all that special, but this was a song I refused to do because I didn't like it at all. However, seeing how many of you are following me, I think it's fair that I give you this, I may not like the beat of this song, or it's tune, but a lot of you do, so I figure I'll let you all listen to it INSANE. GlockenZero Style! I do hope the lot of you enjoy this, no, I'm not dead even though it's been a month since my last upload, and I will admit. I have been rather lazy. Pro
Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
This time i fixed some of the errors i had last time and made it better then my first one. Needs more General Mumble.


Original Song:

Remixed Song:
General Mumble:

Hoy les traigo una de mis canciones favoritas pero con algunos cambios hechos por su servidor.
Y Si, Soy Brony.
Dale Like

Cancion Original hecha por el Asombroso Glaze : WoodenToaster
Original Song Made by The Awesome Glaze: WoodenToaster:

Remix Hecho por el Genial Living TombStone:
Remis Made by the Great Living TombsStone:

Animacion Hecho por el Increib
Hey guys! Today I show you how to masterfully play "Beyond Her Garden" by the amazing Wooden Toaster! Follow these easy steps and you will be a pro in no time!
God forgive me! I have sinned


I decided to Jump on the bandwagon and remix this track which has more remixes already than std's in a narcomanic orgy.

Song tittle: Beyond Her Garden (TeiThePony Remix)
Remixer: TeiThePony
Original Artist: Glaze

Link to the Original one:

Glaze's Youtube page:

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Or you will make Carrot Top
Made in 2012

Thank you WoondenToaster for letting me make this:


Edit: Due to the many questions people have been sending me on here and soundcloud, about how I made the main bass in this song, I'm just going to give out the patch! The patch is for NI Massive, and should work as long as you have a more recent version of it. Everything was made in massive, so no other plugins are needed.

Download the patch here:

Glaze is my waifu.
Please Read Description and Enjoy- (Credits in Description)

Equestrian Entertainment Presents:
A Call of Duty Gun Sync of Beyond Her Garden by WoodenToaster. This video will be one of many in a series to be provided for us by both CrystalEmpireSniping and Lunar VFX, if you guys enjoyed it.

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Crystal Empire Sniping-
Lunar VFX-
It's Pretty Tough Being A Background Pony. You Have To Break The Laws Of Physics Many Times A Day.



Original song written by WoodenToaster
Production, Vocals — Lenich
Arragement, Guitar, Backing Vocals — Kirya
Artwork - LocksTo (

original song:
Hi, everypony! Tired of waiting? There was a small break in the forced upgrade of musical setting and shifts to a higher quality microphone.

Sound now writes Samson Go Mic, and not an old and cheap Philips.
In a musical installation was modified floppy drive on channel 3.

P.S. Sorry for the loud noise, I do not know what to do with dinning hard drives.

Used MIDI: http:/

A track from "GaugeN vs. The Bronies EP" *Free Download*

My Facebook Page:
Download #1 [REACHED LIMIT]:
Download #2:
Credits once again to WoodenToaster for the original. He's a true artist.

I just new that this song would be perfect for Nightcoring when I heard it, so, here you go. WoodenToaster will either be proud, or disgusted. Either way, I hope you all enjoy.

► Download on Soundcloud:

Amazing remix from LutariFan!

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I think this is the best piece of noise I've ever made. Seriously. Download coming soon.
My remix on Beyond Her Garden by WoodenToaster (Glaze).
I totally changed an original melody and added trance elements.
Links for download mp3 (320kbps):
This on soundcloud:
Original song and vocal by WoodenToaster.
Remix by Dj Gestap (aka GestapWarmHunter/GWH).<br/><br/>
Traducción y Adaptación:

Ray Scratch:
Te esfuerzas, pero aún no podrá ser
Das una coz, tan injusto es de ver
Vives tus sueños en simplicidad
El rumor ni se acerca a la verdad

Carrot top
Ve, supéranos
Brilla en alto
Como un astro
Tus amigos
Tan cercanos
Hasta el Cosmos
Te han llevado
This is the song from that flash animation......
Song Download:
Beyond Her Garden (Remix)
This song is pretty good.
Думаю пора бы вытаскивать клешни из задницы....И снимать SCP CB или учиться играть на моно ниндзя.

Boredom can do strange, strange things...

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aaaaand this is why I shouldn't mix when I'm drunk. Oh well...

This one took me literally all day, glad I've finally got it done. The tapping part still doesn't sound right but It'll have to do!
This is a cover of WoodenToaster's Beyond Her Garden.

Original - Beyond Her Garden (WoodenToaster) -

No tabs,
I couldn't find any eurobeat remixes of BHG so i thought i'd do my own...and I love how this came out! Definitely my best work so far ^_^
~Big Dave

Artwork by the fantastic Episkopi, go check him out!: