Beyond Decay: Stench of Decay - Vision Beyond Death, Mütiilation - Beyond The Decay Of Time And Flies, Decaying Theory - Sylph Beyond Horizon, [Beyond Black

Beyond Decay

New song Vision Beyond Death from the 7" EP Visions Beyond Death, out in early 2011 on Detest Records.


Rise forth from darkness
The shadows of the dead
Come claim my immortal soul
To the nether I am led
Through the veil of eternal night
Gaze to the abyss deep within
As life turns to nothingness
An eternity of darkness begins
дабовые крекеры) оч хороши
From Split with Deathspell Omega (2002).
French Black Metal.
This is a brand new song from Decaying Theory and delivered to me by the artist itself ^_^ Another great one piece of art..I hope you enjoy it \m/
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