Beyonce - Still In Love ( Kissing You ): BEYONCE-STILL IN LOVE (KISSING YOU) супер клип, BEYONCE-STILL IN LOVE (KISSING YOU)________супер клип, Beyonce - Still

Beyonce - Still In Love ( Kissing You ) - ФИЛЬМЫ - ЮМОР - МУЗЫКА - МУЛЬТФИЛЬМЫ - СЕРИАЛЫ
Видеоклип Beyonce - Still In Love (Kissing You) 2007
Одна из самых красивых песен..
Группа Бейонсе
блииин,очень классно.*
И вот эта песня тоже очень и очень красивая :)
I'm so in love
I'm still in love

I've never been in love quite before
until I saw your face
and watching stars without you
my soul cries
my hething heart
is full of pain
when we're apart
the aching

I'm kissing you
I'm kissing you

You're my father
you're my soldier
you protect me, boy you save me
you're my best friend
you're my husband
you are my doctor, counselor,
provider, professor, my everything

And I love you