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Ben Howard - Only Love

Я всегда буду твоим,
Ветром в тени, песней кита в морской пучине....
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Vlasstraat, Groningen, The Netherlands, 2011.

Production: Sensu Films -

Director: Cas de Zeeuw

Creative Director: Jesper Buijvoets

Director of Photography: Walker Pachler

Sound: Bert Noordfolk

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20 июля, 2014 г. | Файли, Великобритания
Hello and welcome to my channel. I have nearly every release of Ben Howard on my player so it was only a matter of time when I would be able to cover one of his bests. That time came today! One of the most powerful tunes of him - "Only Love". Hope you like it!

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Love and peace

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Thanks to the people who suggested i cover a Ben Howard tune! I really enjoyed this one!


Good tutorial for this song
Ben Howard - Only Love - David Letterman 8-16-12
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Thanks, Hope You Enjoyed!
Ben Howard - Only Love - David Letterman 8-16-12....As Seen On ©CBS Weeknights 11:35/10:35pm c, All Rights Reserved.

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Great remix of Only Love by Ben Howard + Band.

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little vid we did for my good friends in return for some fish and chips! a live video shot in evolution, meribel

hobo chic -
Ben Westaway -
venue -
for all your music and comedy needs in the alps -
want a video shot like this? visit our web sight for detail Ben Howard performs "Only Love" live in Studio A. Recorded 4/2/2012.

Host: Alisa Ali
Engineer: Daniel Hodd
Cameras: Claire Donovan and Patrick Moore
Editor: Patrick Moore
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More from Ben Howard at T in the Park 2012 -

Ben Howard performs Only Love on In New Music We Trust at Radio 1's Hackney Weekend. Watch more highlights of Ben Howard at Hackney Weekend website:

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My piano version of Ben Howard - Only Love.


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Ben Howard - Only Love (piano instrumental cover)
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Glastonbury 2013: Ben Howard Only Love
Glastonbury 2013: Ben Howard Only Love
Glastonbury 2013: Ben Howard Only Love
Glastonbury 2013: Ben Howard Only Love

Glastonbury 2013
Glastonbury 2013
Glastonbury 2013
Glastonbury 2013

Ben Howard
Ben Howard
Ben Howard
Ben Howard

Only Love
Only Love
Only Love
Only Love

5 июня, 2014 г. | Фалмаут, Великобритания

4 июля, 2014 г. | Гдыня, Польша
Performance Ben Howard with Only Love @ Lowlands 2012

20 июля, 2014 г. | Файли, Великобритания

10 июля, 2014 г. | Оэйраш, Португалия

10 июля, 2014 г. | Оэйраш, Португалия

6 июня, 2014 г. | Фалмаут, Великобритания
Ben Howard Only Love Live Performance BRIT Awards 2013 [HD]961 Ben Howard performs "Only Love" at the Hotel San Jose in Austin, TX for SXSW

Host: Rita Houston
Audio Engineer: Jim O'Hara
Cameras: Tim Pierson, Tim Teeling, and Josh Briseno
Editors: Tim Teeling and Jim O'Hara

We got together at 5 am to shoot this at East Coast Park in Singapore, it was a lovely morning with the exception of random weirdos who looked like they were gonna steal our stuff (hence the carrying of our bags in the clip). Please excuse the excessive wave ambience, we only had one microphone...

This one features the extremely talented Benjamin Kheng of the Sam Willows. Ladies, you're very welcome

Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

Создано Picrolla

29 июня, 2013 г. | Пилтон, Великобритания
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Ben agreed to shoot an acoustic version of 'Only Love', only to find out during the recordings that a secret flashmob was set up around this recordings and hundreds of people suddenly appeared from the dark to attend the performance.

Official site:
Ben Howard - Only Love (Glastonbury 2013) HD 720p
Ben Howard performs Only Love live in his headline set from King Tuts tent at T in the Park. Head over to for more Ben Howard goodies from T in the Park.
Ben Howard performs Only Love at Glastonbury 2013

For more exclusive videos and photos from Glastonbury 2013, check out

Only Love Ben Howard LIVE
Watch Ben Howard perform Only Love from the Big Top live from Bestival 2012

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Hello you guysss.
I think i have got 1000 subscribers!!! thats weird ha. Not very much really, but i am very grateful to those of you that listen, comment and chat to me, you are all so lovely.
This song is one of my favourites, and Ben Howard is just so impressive. Goosebumps every time i hear him sing.