Beck "Bit Variations in B Flat": Beck - Bit Rate Variations in B-Flat (Girl) [Remix by Paza], Beck - Girl Remix (Bit Rate Variations in B-Flat)

Beck "Bit Variations in B Flat"

The official video for Beck's "Bit Variations in B Flat" (Interscope 2005) which is an 8bit remix of "Girl" from the Guerro album. Directed by Wyld File.

We were going for a little more melancholy feel on this video (the third in the trilogy we did for Beck); a drifting astronaut hallucinates in sensory depravation, dreaming of his love back on his planet.

Start: We are flying through outer space, just above a space craft. The view is just above the head of the pilot, so you see his back and out the front window of the spaceship alternating with a close up of his helmet and you see objects in space flying by in the reflection of his helmet bubble. The space itself looks like early PC screen saver graphics emulating the Star Trek warp speed effect. The pilot of the craft is an anthropomorphized cat.

The verses of the song feature animations floating at high speeds past the cat's spacecraft and slowly fading fragments of memo

восьми битная психоделика!!!
Another very cool video from Beck's Gameboy Variations EP, this time for the remix of "Girl".