Beats Antique 2: Beats Antiques 2, Beats Antique Wonder Ballroom Portland Or 4/2/11, ITS part || Zoe Jakes & COVEN @ Beats Antique ShadowBox 1yr

Beats Antique 2

Beats Antique
Sea of Dreams
San Francisco, CA
New Years Eve 2012

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Part 2 of a three part conversation with Beats Antique and The Joseph Cambell Foundation.
Part 3:
Part 1:

In this video, Beats Antique, Ivan Landau, and the Joseph Cambell Foundation explore their personal journey in making the new live show, the A Thousand Faces Tour.

Beats Antique's new album, "A Thousand Faces - Act 1," is part 1 of a two album series sonically mapping Joseph Cambell's "Hero's Journey." The band is currently
Beats Antique at Red Rocks on Saturday, 6/18/11. They opened for Bassnectar!
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Beats Antique members:
David Satori
Zoe Jakes
Tommy "Sidecar" Cappel

A video of the Beats Antique Mayhem Marching Band at Electric Forest Festival 2013.<br/><br/>
Beats Antique, with Zoe Jakes bellydancing at the Belly Up Tavern.
Beats Antique can put on a show!

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Beats Antique live at the lucent lamour fest in LA california 2010

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Beats Antique is a world fusion electronica dance trio from Oakland, CA.

Beats Antique. Moscow. 2013<br/><br/>
Beauty 'n the Beats... Zoe time-jams in Oakland..
Beats Antique live in concert 2010, at the Arcata Theatre in Humboldt California. Professionally filmed Live
April 2010 in Humboldt California at Arcata Theatre

Originally filmed by Tom Rowles for HumbyTV
Beats Antique presents ShadowBox 1-Year Anniversary ZEROdB Silent Disco 2/7/2017
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live at the TLA 09/21/12

˜”*°•..•°*”˜Tribal Bellydance˜”*°•..•°*”
Beats Antique 4/2/14
Sactown @ Ace of Spades
HD Video by Beats Antique Live at Symbiosis Gathering May 19, 2012 (Part 2 of 3). More Videos, Pics and full review at:

The official music video for "Puzzle" by Beats Antique from the new album, 'A Thousand Faces - Act 2.' Director: Ivan Landau 3D Animator: James F. Ellis The video was created for Beats Antiques now touring spectacle - A Thousand Faces. Tour Dates: Download 'A Thousand Faces - Act 2' for Free along with bonus content on BitTorrent Bundle:!/bundles/a-thousand-faces
Beats Antique performs at the Theatre of Living Arts in Philadelphia on 9/21/2012. *If anyone knows the name of the song please let me know.
Beats Antique presents ShadowBox 1-Year Anniversary ZEROdB Silent Disco 2/7/2017