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Beatles - Get Back

The Beatles 1 + 2015 Disc 1
From "Let It Be" (Stereo Remastered) from The Beatles Stereo Remastered Box Set.
Performed at a tribute concert to The Beatles at Malmö Concert Hall. 8 April 2011.

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get back performed by the beatles 1969 at the rooftop concert

Импровизированный концерт, который группа устроила 30 января 1969 на крыше здания студии звукозаписи. Но выступление было прекращено полицией, вызванной жителями соседних домов. Этот мини-концерт, как в итоге оказалось, стал последним выступлением группы.. Группа "Лицей" на "Сорокалетии Андрея Макаревича" исполняют вместе с "Машиной времени" песню The Beatles «Get Back» 1993 год. Лицей: Елена Перова, Анастасия Макаревич, Изольда Ишханишвили.
СПАСИБО ЗА РЕДКОЕ ВИДЕО КАНАЛУ Let It Be 40th Anniversary Concert, Moscow, Russia, Jimi Club. 27.05.2010
Yes, they're back.
Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner
But he knew it wouldn't last
Jojo left his home in Tucson, Arizona
For some California grass

Get back, get back
Get back to where you once belonged
Get back, get back
Get back to where you once belonged
Get back Jojo
Go home

Get back, get back
Get back to where you once belonged
Get back, get back
Get back to where you once belonged
Get back Jo
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are you thanked, M.E. ? ;)This clip was assembled in 2003 to support the release of the album Let It Be…Naked & utilises studio footage from the famous Get Back/Let It Be sessions.
Never-before-heard version of The Beatles' "Get Back". Original studio sessions recorded in 1969 at Abbey Road Studios.

El famoso Rooftop.
La gente realmente no entendia nada.
Comentar ayuda a crecer.
Let It Be. 1970 (Apple Rooftop Concert, London, 1969 /Последний концерт группы на крыше корп.Эпл/)
Последний концерт Beatles, крыша студии Apple, London on January 30, 1969.
Awesome song in hd and hq

A tribute to Get Back - The Beatles (Let It Be, 1969)
written by Lennon/McCartney
performed by Tre Quarti

Tre Quarti are:
Francesco Bellucci - gui...
Tom Odell played Somerset House in London on July 17 2013. Four days earlier, he had been in the throes of a virulent chest infection, and had had to pull out of opening for The Rolling Stones at Hyde Park, and he was still a little worse for wear. But sometimes the best gigs are triumphs over adversity, and so it proved at Somerset House. Here, Tom Odell and his band perform "Get Back," a Beatles Cover. :) Find Tom Odell here:
Um filme inédito - Get Back

Não sei se sabem a história: dizem que a letra dessa música, que manda alguém voltar para o lugar de onde veio, foi escrita pelo Paul Mc Cartney em "homenagem" à Yoko Ono.
O vídeo mostra a gravação em estúdio e as trocas de olhares entre as personagens são muito interessantes. Esse vídeo foi achado nos escombros da antiga gravadora dos Beatles (Abbey Road Studios) e mostra uma sessão de gravação já no crepúsculo do grupo.

Mais histórico, vêem-se dois artistas na
Vale la pena... disfrútenlo....
Beatles - un film inédito - GET BACK
No sé si saben la historia. Dicen que la letra de esa canción, que manda a alguien volver al lugar de donde vino, fué escrita por Paul Mc Cartney en "homenaje" a Yoko Ono. El vídeo muestra la grabación en el estudio y se aprecian cambios de miradas entre los personajes, que son muy interesantes.
Para el que quiera un poco de historia: Este vídeo fue encontrado entre los escombros de la antigua compañía de grabación de los Beatles (Abbey Road Studios) y muestra una sesión de grabación de la famosa canción de los Beatles (Get Back), ya en el crepúsculo del grupo.
Más historia: Se ven dos artistas, hoy consagrados, en la grabación:
- Participando al teclado, el gran pianista afro-americano Billy Preston, que posteriormente haría una carrera muy brillante en solitario.
- Asistiendo a la grabación, ¡pásme

The Beatles - Get Back (Live) [1970]

Get Back
Recorded in 1969 at Abbey Road Studios (with Billy Preston on eletric piano).
See also Mick Jagger.

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The Beatles - Get Back Live Rooftop Concert 1969 OFFICIAL VIDEO

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El 30 de enero de 1969 "The Beatles" subieron a la azotea de los estudios Apple Records, en Abbey Road (Londres,Inglaterra) y dieron un pequeño concierto improvisado para todos los que pasaban por la calle.<br/><br/>
Drum cover of Get Back by The Beatles Released as a single on 11 April 1969, with Billy Preston on keys.

My second cover of this song, the first one was of the live version or a different mix of the song of the closing track of Let It Be (1970). This track is the radio release version and I employ Ringo's sticking: LRR, which is such a clever and economical way to play this groove instead of alternating strokes which I used on my earlier cover of the song.

Triggering Addictive Drums.<br/>
The Beatles Apple Rooftop Concert,
January 30, 1969
два любимейших вокалиста :)
Современная Западная Музыка -
23 Февраля 2010
Концерт В Арт-Кафе "Терра". Архангельск

The Beatles-Get Back
Guitar: Epiphone Inspired by John Lennon Revolution Casino Outfit
Guitar Strings: D'addario EXL120 Super Light .009-.042
Bass: Hofner CT 500/1
Bass Strings: ROTOSOUND RS 88M (Black Nylon)
Audio Interface: ZOOM G3, ZOOM G2Nu
Camera: SONY HDR-TG1, Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910, SONY DSC-TX9
Video Editing: Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10
Audio Editing: ACID Music Studio 8

Простите за мой ужасный английский, не смогла удержаться, уж очень люблю эту песню! Я за творческий порыв! ;)
The Beatles - Get Back - Drum Cover.

Triggered Addictive Drums "Ludwig Black Oyster Pearl kit".

NOTE to all hypercritical armchair drummers who find satisfaction seeing others "fail": Another take of this video could have easily been recorded where a stick wasn't dropped, but instead I decided to use this take to illustrate that when a stick is dropped, or broken for that matter, you just keep playing without calling attention to it while not missing a beat or loosing the groove or the tempo.
Эксперимент Get Back (Cover на The Beatles в баре Пивная библиотека Волгоград 28 июня 2013)
The Beatles - Get Back

The Beatles Get Back (Apple promo Video Let it Be Naked) HD -Teti - Castro Urdiales
This is really good band & song!

01 Ноября 2009
Вечер Танцев В ГКЦ "Заря" г.Няндома
The Beatles Get Back (Live)
(Apple Rooftop 1969)

The Beatles Playing Get Back At A Rooftop Concert In 1969 Live

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Why 2 capos?

Sometimes a bent string stays "bent" with a capo - i.e. you bend it, it moves under the capo and never returns to the normal position. It's then out of tune for the whole song.

This was an experiment to clamp more of the string down, so it would be less likely to move under the 5th fret capo.

Here's "Get Back" from the Beatles "Let it Be" album, and also in their "Rooftop Concert."

Safeco Field - Seattle, Washington, July 19, 2013
Эксперимент Get Back (Cover на The Beatles бар Стальная крыса 23.03.2014. Волгоград)
The Beatles playing Get Back live at the Rooftop Concert. From the 1970 film Let It Be
Julie 10 Jessie 12 Joey 14 Get Back Beatles cover Castillo Kids March 20 2010
The Castillo Kids will be performing at The Worlds Largest Beatles Festival Abbey Road On The River May 27-31 2010 Louisville,KY
Check out The Castillo Kids at,
17.04.2013 Bilingua<br/><br/>
Paul McCartney tries to sing "Get Back" in German!

TURN OFF THE LIGHTS; PLAY LOUD! the second segment in a tribute to the incomparable Beatles, our mystic musicians of the 1960s spreading a Universal Message of Love and Spiritual Awakening... once you get back trying to make a dovetail joint while I drive my car..... remix from LOVE by The Beatles.
30 January 1969, London, England

Д.Гайворонский Get back+ joke+Can`t baby love( Beatles) Dmitri Guyvoronski

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Cubus plays 'Get Back' by The Beatles, arranged in jazz-style for piano solo.

Playlist with all musical pieces by THE BEATLES posted by cubusdk:

* *

998.) Get Back at Apple Corps Rooftop from The Beatles Rock Band. Check out my channel and other videos. Follow me on Twitter:!/Scsigs
Rare recording of The Beatles during the recording of the aborted Get Back project in January 1969.
"In January, 1969, virtually every moment of The Beatles' rehearsals and recording sessions were captured on audio tape as part of the project that ultimately became the film "Let It Be." For the first part of the month, at Twickenham Film Studios in London, The Beatles' performances were only preserved on small 16 minute long mono tapes (known as"Nagra" reels) that were recorded for use as the film soundtra

Фестиваль 'Because Of The Beatles', "Бирюзовая Катунь", 15/08/2015

Группа "Джаз-Арт Бэнд" Виктора Манакова исполняет песню "Get Back".

180-Gram LPs Available September 8, Individually and in a
Limited 14-LP Boxed Edition with Hardbound Book

London -- June 16, 2014 -- The Beatles in mono: This is how most listeners first heard the group in the 1960s, when mono was the predominant audio format. Up until 1968, each Beatles album was given a unique mono and stereo mix, but the group always regarded the mon
My fingerstyle arrangement of 'GET BACK' a song by the Beatles.
Please watch the video and enjoy it!
Facebook fan page :
Rolling Stones - Satisfaction (Discotech Remix) vs The Beatles - Get Back vs Benny Benassi by Loo & Placido
Live at the Green Scene festival, 08.07.2016.
07 Января 2010
Рождественский Концерт В ДК "Заря" Няндома
The Beatles, with Billy Preston, gave their final live performance atop the Apple building at 3 Savile Row, London, in what became the climax of their Let It Be film.

We went on the roof in order to resolve the live concert idea, because it was much simpler than going anywhere else; also nobody had ever done that, so it would be interesting to see what happened when we started playing up there. It was a nice little social study.
We set up a camera in the Apple reception area, behind a window so nobody coul
Эксперимент Get Back (Соver The Beatles Волгоград 2016)
This is a funny version of Get back by the Beatles performed by themselves in Jan 27 1969.Its a 'rendition' from English to German.
Paul(with John in the beginning) sings Get Raus.
And as 'raus' means out, I think Paul sings 'Get out of your own house'.
*The Beatles learnt a little German when they were in Hamburg.
**Sorry for the typo in the end (whatching) -

Found this video while cruising the internetz - Thought it was pretty funny and entertaining. Didn't see it on youtube when I looked real quick, so thought I would share it with you guys. This was made by - Go check it out!

Get Back - The Beatles
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Sticky Fingers live at Tribute Band Show. LA3 TV.
The Beatles - Get Back
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Tom Odell performing Get Back live at Irving Plaza in New York on 21 September 2013

1. Grow Old With Me -
2. Can't Pretend - ht
Live at the Green Scene festival, 07.08.2016.
Это произошло неожиданно, никто не готовился, мы просто сделали это с удовольствием, и вот что у нас получилось. Но вы бы не смотрели этот видеоролик, если бы не замечательный парень по имени Евгений Колесников, СПАСИБО огромное за радость подаренную нам и во время записи, и во время просмотра!=))))
Исп.квартет "Venezia" Группа "Лицей" на "Сорокалетии Андрея Макаревича" исполняют вместе с "Машиной времени" песню The Beatles «Get Back» 1993 год. Лицей: Елена Перова, Анастасия Макаревич, Изольда Ишханишвили.
10 Октября 2009
Арт-Кафе "Терра"