Be Creative!: BBC horizon Как повысить креативность / How To Be More Creative (2013) , Lena 🌟 Norway 🇳🇴 on Instagram: “Good exercise in my 5 minutes break 🔥🔥

Be Creative!

“trying to be #Creative 😑 @yonipai @stevejungnow @stevejandyonip 💛”
“I wish I had slow mo when I was growing up. Would have saved us a lot of pain, but maybe it helped us be more creative, and not a machine w the golf…”
Толкаем волгу 😂
“Being creative on a Friday! 💃🏼🎶 #Company #JustinBieber #choreographybyme”
“IMAGINE-NATION IS IN THE AIR Be inspired. Venture with us to a windswept destination and see how currents of creativity and ingenuity take flight this…”
“If you're gonna hate on me please be creative, because I already heard everything..😀😅Saying I'm annoying is nothing because I know I am ..”
“THIS SUNDAY I WILL BE HOSTING AT @SECRETSUNDAYZLA Out now the first and official #twerksumthursday ! Shot by @denobrownfilms creative director:…”
“With all the triples and doubles going down these days, let's not forget how awesome low impact snowboarding can be. Our creative director #PatBridges is…”
“Dope. 🚘📷 @driftteamanimalstyle Partners: @vorgedsociety @capturestance1 @hondasnation @mustang.posts #nissan #silvia #s13 #s14 #180sx #200sx #240sx…”
💕🌼🍼🍦🌈🌷 thank you @altpress For my first cover, and for allowing me to creative direct/style/and be the makeup artist for this shoot. Thank you annie zaleski for the really in depth chat, and the kind words. So much love to my two favorite angels @williamscottblair who slayed my hair and @emilysoto for taking the loveliest photos !!! 💕🌼
by Kristian Larsen.

"Разработчики утверждают, что связались с некой компанией, которая может пустить The Flip, таково название концепта, в производство уже в скором времени."
Рекламный ролик концепта складного мобильного телефона из трех сенсорных экранов, соединённых с помощью подвижных шарниров.
Монтаж by gboxprod.

Заказать подобную работу:
Name: Zab Judah
Type: Boxer
Director: Lexx
Editor: Lexx
DP: Lexx
Pro Co: Lexx Films​DirectorLexxingtonLenard

Created by Just Be Nice ( Read about it here: Music: Nosaj Thing — 1685/Bach (Alpha Pup Records)

Be creative! Even on the toilette :-)
Be creative! :-) Even on the toilette :-)
by Alisa Bloch
* Shuffle and Wonder Girls - Be My Baby Cover Dance By Kids and girls (Creative Dance Academy of Korea)

this is some tricks i work really hard to do it i hope u like it guys .
Вместе мы способны создать качественный продукт и показать обществу, что в Украине много талантливых команд. Оставайтесь верными своим мечтам, не теряйте своей индивидуальности и вы обязательно победите!!!
#becreative #music #nepopsi #live #life #stage #будькреативным #будьсмелым —-— Свежие вайны от лучших вайнеров мира! ;D
01.09.10 ! entstand aus puuurer Langeweile ;D
btw. den Regenbogen hab ich schon ein paar Tage zuvor drauf gezeichnet ! :D

"За що я люблю каву..."

music: Fyrsta
camera: Katya Maslovska
editor: Tanya Petsera
"Disembodied language can allow you to understand the world in dazzling new ways. Knowing a second language is similar in effect. ….You develop new experience, new thought, new vision, and new solutions.” - Joseph Cardilo

Join Jason Silva every week as he freestyles his way into the complex systems of society, technology and human existence and discusses the truth and beauty of science in a form of existential jazz. New episodes every Tuesday.

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A fictional commercial for the Sidewinder MKI in Elite Dangerous.
European Car advert style. Check out the commercials for the other ships here:

Music: Gemini Robot

"Be Creative" was created using assets and imagery from Elite Dangerous, with the permission of Frontier Developments plc, for non-commercial purposes. It is not endorsed by nor reflects the views or opinions of Frontier Developments and no employee of Frontier Developmen
This is what happens when I try and be creative...
Interesting ways to use a Jellyish slug!<br/><br/>
All rights belongs to EBU/NTU.

Junior Eurovision 2013
Kiev, Ukraine.
30th of November

01 - Sweden - Eliias - Det är dit vi ska
02 - Azerbaijan - Rustam Karimov - Me and my guitar
03 - Armenia - Monika - Choco Factory
04 - San Marino - Michele Perniola - O-o-O Sole intorno a me
05 - F.Y.R. Macedonia - Barbara Popović - Ohrid i muzika
06 - Ukraine - Sofia Tarasova - We Are One
07 - Belarus - Ilya Volkov - Poy so Mnoy
08 - Moldova - Rafael Bobeica - Cum să fim
09 - G
[ FREE USE ] - Wanna Be Happy - NamSky [ Creative Commons, Dance & EDM ]
soundcloud: http...
This movie was a teaser for the "Cristal Festival" 2009
прототип телефона
Образец презентационного видео для компаний.
Только зашёл и -3!
Main titles for the creative Brighton, UK Festival Reasons to be Creative.
The titles presents all the speakers from the event.
Creative director : Julien Vallée
Art director : Eve Duhamel
Assistant art director : Olivier Charland
Post-production : The Workshop
Flame artist : Mathieu Arvisais
D.P. : Julien Boivin-Coutu
D.P. on piano and lamp scenes : Simon Duhamel
Additional composition : Pierre-Olivier Nantel
Music : Like Elliot Did
Sound design : Andy Pobleto
Intern : Loïse Desjardins-Petrone
Thanks to : John Davey, Robocut studio, Monastiraki, Atelier B
Main titles for the creative Brighton, UK Festival Reasons to be Creative. The titles presents all the speakers from the event. CREDITS Creative director : Julien Vallée Art director : Eve Duhamel Assistant art director : Olivier Charland Post-production : The Workshop Flame artist : Mathieu Arvisais D.P. : Julien Boivin-Coutu D.P. on piano and lamp scenes : Simon Duhamel Additional composition : Pierre-Olivier Nantel Music : Like Elliot Did Sound design : Andy Pobleto Intern : Loïse Desja
Лучшая группа о Евровидении: у нас вы сможете найти всё, что связано с конкурсом песни «Евровидение»!
Автор: графический дизайнер Sei Ohmori (Япония)
Лида Молчанова и Creative Dance - Chuck Berry (Johnny Be Good cover) - День города Чухлома 2014
Оператор: Смирнов Алексей
Make up - Iuliana Sandu
Model - Tanya Tsarenko
Photo - Sofia Sofia Golovinscaia SophieDream
Audio - Nicu Caraman
Hair Stylist - Bacioi Sergiu
Dir. Ilya Cre.
Creative Fusion / распределение. Baton-в профи. Беларусь, Брест!!!
A reflection on What it means to be creative. Featuring a phone design-concept.
This video is made by Kristian Ulrich Larsen.
A whiteboard animation illustrating the vision behind the Flow Machines project: relating the notion of creativity to the notion of "style", to turn it into a computational object. Style is what makes an author (composer, writer, painter, etc.) recognizable, "different". The assumption we make is that the key to being different is to invent a singular "style", a unique way to do things. <...>

see also:
Be creative
Be positive
Be creative
Be positive
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German Song

(Hänsel und Gretel)

It is time to be creative with VST instruments - one of the most awesome inventions of all time, now that you can edit your way into MIDI virtuosit...
In this video I share w. you a very simple methodology you can start using immediately to become more intelligent. This is something I have been using for the past 5 years with great results. If you are looking to have more fun, creativity, and enjoyment in your life then this is for you.

What is intelligence
-the ability to comprehend; to understand and profit from experience
-Intelligence is the dynamic capacity for learning and adapting to one's evironment.

Given these definitions, learning, knowledge,
Друзья,вот решил и я поучавствовать в неофициальном конкурсе от Art Creative! Всем...
Download creative image:

#Creativity #Easy #Free #Eng
#Нестандартное мышление
Будьте креативнее!!! Если делаете граффити, пусть это будет не банальное ваше имя или псевдоним, а что то на что будет приятно посмотреть! Творите искусство, а не вандализм!
English: The video has other subtitles hardcoded but you can activate Spanish subtitles clicking on "CC"

Español: El vídeo tiene otros subtítulo a fuego en la imagen, para activar los subtítulos en español haz click en el botón "Captions".

Toazted talk to Bear's Den at Dcode festival 2016 about their new sound, home away from home, pandora's box and being creatively happy! Subscribe ...

BE CRETIVE IN PHOTOSHOP WITH ME :) In this Tutorial I'm Gonna Turn Normal photo to Awesome photo By : K1 production ...
Creidt photo :
Creidt Photo(SKY) : http://lady-symphonia-stock.deviantar...
Leaf overlay :
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A stupire per bellezza, eleganza e altissima qualità nel design è sicuramente il ROC, uno stand di tendenza realizzato nelle colorazioni del bianco o del nero, che oltre ad "accogliere" MacBook Air e MacBook Pro -- con un comodo dispositivo per mantenerlo stabile proteggendolo da graffi - è perfetto per tutti gli iPad, sia in modalità "Portrait" che in quella "Landscape"!

This was my first assignment for the VFX III Paper in the Digital Design degree at AUT University.

The task was to produce a 10 second shot that integrates CG into live action footage.

Heavily inspired by the vfx short Jonah, I decided to attempt to recreate some of the shots that saw the construction of signs rapidly animating.

Breakdown done in After Effects.

Software used:
Autodesk Maya
The Foundry's Nuke
Adobe After Effects
Vicon Boujou

Equipment used:
Canon 600D
Sigma 17-50mm 2.8

Music Credit:
Конкурс миксов от :
Спасибо за возможность участия)
Cymbal stacks can be so much fun! Here's how to experiment with them. Get my drum lesson course "Ultimate Beginner Drum Lessons" HERE:

Playing with different combinations of cymbal stacks is one of my favorite ways to breed creativity behind the drum set. It's so easy to stumble upon some really awesome sounds! In this lesson I show you my set-up of stacks in the hopes that it will give you some great ideas for your set up!

For more drum lessons stop by: http://ww
This video is basically a little tutorial on how to do bonebreak illusions...
Группа - Онлайн обучение танцам
I was asked to guest lecture at the University of Missouri School of Journalism on November 20th. I addressed the Principles of Strategic Communication class on the subject of creativity, most specifically HOW to do creative work. As you'd guess, I could hardly scratch the surface of that subject in one hour. In some ways, I think that you could teach a semester-long class just on the discipline of creativity. Nevertheless, I gave it my best shot. And, of course, I couldn't talk about the method of doing
People tend to think procrastination is bad, but psychologists say it can be good for creativity. Letting your mind wander, they argue, increases your chances of stumbling across something completely new. So it might be worth letting yourself get distracted
Learn from the pro's how to advertise and market your product with outstanding creativity. Just
check out these brilliant examples of visual

In this video essay we explore what it is to be creative, and how to do it. Where does...
Креативный ролик от MyKaz Society(Malaysia - Kazakhstan students society) с интересным посылом для Казахстанских студентов кто учиться за рубежом и в Казахстане. Страница Вконтакте . Если есть интересные идеи пишите...
ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО ПОДПИШИТЕСЬ НА | Rory Sutherland, former IPA President and Vice-Chairman Ogilvy Group UK, elaborates on what we can expect from the new best practice guide he has written with Nick Southgate Behavioural ...
Find out how to use our new Creativity Journal to spark your creativity. Get yours here
What's this? Two meals in one week?

Hey guys!

Played a few matches. Sadly not the best series but I'm gonna upload em anyway because I'd like to start uploading a bit more consistently again :D Hahaha. I changed my recording set up around now so it's going to be a little easier for me to record.

Anyhoo off to work.


Создано с помощью приложения "Запись видео с веб камеры"
Be creative, my friend... ¿te gusta crear?

Una adaptación del Be water, my friend.

Dinámicas para empresas
Talleres de hibridación
Paquetes creativos para empresas
Brainstormings para productos y servicios
Técnicas de creatividad adaptadas
Mapas de ideas / Metaplan
Sesiones a particulares
Mini-cursos de creatividad para particulares<br/><br/>
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The Bachelor of Product Design links creativity and innovation through the transformation of ideas into marketable products.

It's time to fix those drumming weaknesses!

In the April 2015 edition of Rhythm Magazine we look at common areas where all drummers fall down at some point in their playing lives. Whether it's suffering from a weaker hand, a lack of dynamics and creativity or difficulty developing independence between the limbs. In our Troubleshoot Your Drumming issue our tutors and guest drummers provide quick and easy fixes for 17 key playing areas to help transform your playing.

In this lesson Rhythm tutor Pete Riley p

A small look inside our workshop on how we created the opening titles for Reasons to be Creative 2014. Music: Minco Eggersman - Predictions in Yellow Buy here:
"Show me your creativity!" That's Professor Andy Aylesworth's demand to his students each semester. Aylesworth teaches creativity to both undergrads and grads at Bentley; in this clip he discusses the reasons that MBA students need to learn to be creative. Learn more at his blog:
Being an 'artistic type' has its downsides. Most significantly, creator's block...
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I edit and film all my videos indepe
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Former President of Slovenia Danilo Türk discusses the importance of cultivating creativity in the schoolroom.

Transcript -- I am not sure whether we really have a strong need for hard data in soft aspects of human improvement. We need hard data in terms of measuring skills of course, especially in math, reading, mastering of computers, digital technologies more generally and so on. So these are the kind of
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This Cinema 4D tutorial is showing the different ways of controlling the look and movements of MoSplines and using the default controls and dynamics effectors.

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People have been grappling with the question of artificial creativity -- alongside the question of artificial intelligence -- for over 170 years. For instance, could we program machines to create high quality original music? And if we do, is it the machine or the programmer that exhibits creativity? Gil Weinberg investigates this creative conundrum.

Lesson by Gil Weinberg, animation by TOGETHER.

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Calvin Harris & Example vs Max Creative, Andrew Rai, Buy One Get One Free - We'll Be One Time Lover (Marty Fame Bootleg)
From Be Creative, this is an instructional film on how to put the Nail Art Pen together, how to use it, how to clean it and most importantly how not to ruin it. This is a film for anyone who has bought a nail art pen and do not understand how to fit the nib or how to get the pen working. I hope this helps you.
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Hey guys! This was just a random piece of type I threw up on Instagram a few weeks ago; it was just sitting on my laptop and I figured I could maybe do something cool with it and make it into a wallpaper for you guys
In this Tutorial I'm going to show you Some of great Adjesment technique in Photoshop cc , Learn How to Add amazing Vintage to the corner also Get free Sun flare created by me &
Photo By : Regina Moneypenny Photography :)
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Can Machines Be Creative? A Look into Machine Intelligence

BE CRETIVE IN PHOTOSHOP WITH ME :) In this Tutorial I'm Gonna Turn Normal photo to Awesome photo & you will learn How to Create Light Rays also :)
Used filter : Nik Software / Color effex Pro 3
Creidt photo :
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Now that we have deconstructed the default Unity solution settings to get it ready for Creative Coders, we start exploring lighting, ambient, shadows and materials.

Visit for more.

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Source via: Channel9 - MVA
We're on the edge of a new frontier in art and creativity — and it's not human. Blaise Agüera y Arcas, principal scientist at Google, works with deep neural networks for machine perception and distributed learning. In this captivating demo, he shows how neural nets trained to recognize images can be run in reverse, to generate them. The results: spectacular, hallucinatory collages (and poems!) that defy categorization. "Perception and creativity are very intimately connected," Agüera y Arcas says. "Any crea
A video I did with Alpahchimp Studio for my pal Dave Owens promoting his new book. It was drawn on the iPad.

Now let's all agree to never be creative again.
Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Gary Chaffee, воспитавший многих барабанщиков, которые сейчас являются эталонами в барабанном мире, делится своими наработками за более чем 30 летний практический опыт. В этом видео, Гэри даст очень много полезных советов, которые пригодятся всем. А в конце Стив Смит, ученик Гэри, исполнит неподражаемое драм-соло.

Первые компактные портативные комплекты акустических и электронных бескорпусных барабанов.
Traps drums в России. Присоединяйтесь.
Steiff Commercial - Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
Відео з відкриття магазину Be Creative!!!)))))
Урочисте перерізання червоної стрічки в горошок, промови та привітання моїх любимих друзів у віртуальний мікрофон у виді бірюзових ножиць, що є дуже символічним)))

BE CRETIVE IN PHOTOSHOP WITH ME :) In this Tutorial I'm Gonna Turn Normal photo to amazing photo :) By adding sky overlay, Change color ( Green to Purple ) & also adding more size to the image
Creidt photo :
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#vine от JEROME JARRE: "Show the world how much you #lovelifelikecrazy - I will pick one of you for a quite surprising reward.. Be creative and tag me in :)" [Все ролики JEROME JARRE:|[club52604856|Подпишись на лучшее]]
Kelli Berglund, Sophina Dejesus, Scott Thomas, and Davide Schiavone
Buy your ticket, pull a string in hopes of a price punch the ball with all your might. Take a shot in the shooting gallery and let the horses race! Keep your fingers crossed at Plinko, enjoy the sweet smell of candy, glazed apples and popcorn. Try your luck at the wheel of fortune or let your fortune be told. Enter the spinning, whooshing, clattering and sliding funfair of Reasons to be Creative 2014. Take a look at the making of: Credits: Concept, design and productio
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