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Bay Ridge

Super 8 skitch from the Bike Cult archive of Dave Perry. Rough footage, sound of projector, no titles. Thomas was game for a day-in-life film of an aspiring Brooklyn cyclist on a wet training ride.

A short video taken in the northwestern part of Bay Ridge section of the Brooklyn.
On a soundtrack there is a song Лето это маленькая жизнь (О.Митяев) (Summer is a small life) by Oleg Mitjaev.

I made this film just to convey my thought of visiting that part of Brooklyn.

Super Bowl 2012 Celebration in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn (February 5th, 2012)
Produced by motvitskiy (
Бей Ридж - округ,где проживают американцы европейского происхождения - норвежцы,датчане,итальянцы,выходцы из бывшей Югославии и др. Маленькая Англия.Округ,где построен мост Верразано.
Bay Ridge Band
The Things That I See (Maniscalco/Veras)
From the album "Spirituals & Songs From The Stoop"

The things that I see, got me laughin' like a baby.
The things that I see, got me cryin' like a man.
The things that I see, I can look at what He gave me,
And He's gonna show me even more than I see.

Just the other day I heard a new voice in the darkness
Sendin' me away with mud on my face
I heard the people say, 'He's a sinner and he's hopeless'
till a splash washed the darkness away.

Brooklyn cinematographer Michael King and his creative ARTLOOK team, ready to create films that are memorable, charming, and unexpected. Their work tends to look softer, more nuanced, and more intimate than HD.
soundtrack: Тынис Мяги - Секундомер

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