Battle Of The Brands: Yes смотреть онлайн

Battle Of The Brands: Yes

In order to watch Romain De Marchi and DCP snowboard on the silver screen, you’d usually have to pay $19.99, and it would come in DVD form, but not anymore, thanks to the Yes team’s attendance at Superpark 16. Speaking of 1999, that is probably the last time that both Romain and DCP attended Superpark. The alpine icons packed up an RV and road-tripped it to Bachelor with the rest of the Yes Snowboards team, including French Canadian crusher Frank April, jumping juggernaut Madison Ellsworth, Colorado killer Colin Spencer, and Scandinavian psycho Marius Otterstad. After their Superpark exploits are over, they skate, surf, and live the prototypical RV life, all edited to the memorable medleys of Fleetwood Mac and Motörhead. Starring: DCP, Romain De Marchi, Madison Ellsworth, Frank April, Colin Spencer, Marius Otterstad Filmers: Pascal Gallent, Jim Langer Soundtrack: Fleetwood Mac, “Never Going Back Again”; Motörhead, “Overkill”