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Bat For Lashes - What's a girl to do?

We walked arm in arm
But I didn't feel his touch
A desire I'd first tried to hide,
That tingling inside was gone
And when he asked me:
'do you still love me?'
I had to look away
I didn't want to tell him
That my heart grows colder with each day

When you love so long
That the thrill is gone
And your kisses at night
Are replaced with tears
And when your dreams are on
A train to train wreck town
Then I ask you now, what's a girl to do?

He said he'd take me away
That we'd work things out
And I didn't want to
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Дубль три. Чуть в улучшеном качестве.
песня "Bat For Lashes" глазами Дугэла Уилсона.
+ снято одним кадром, немного BMX-хореографии.
Режиссер: Дугл Уилсон / Dougal Wilson
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 2007
Музыка: Bat For Lashes

Описание: Затейливое музыкальное видео на песню «What’s a Girl to Do?» группы Bat for Lashes представили FutureShorts Россия на своем недавнем DVD "Короткометражно vol.1". Сам клип был выпущен в 2007-м году в Великобритании и является официальным видео группы.

Режиссер: Доугал Уилсон

Художественный фильм на песню «What's a girl to do?»

Ночью лидер группы «Bat For Lashes», Наташа Хан садится на велосипед и отправляется в лес, чтобы рассказать историю своей угасшей любви. Ее сопровождают заяц, волк, медведь, тигр и две собаки.
просто вырвало мне мозг)
Режиссер: Дугл Уилсон / Dougal Wilson

my heard///плохо без тебя...

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все умеют на велосипеде. кроме меня
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Наслаждаемся очередным гениальным видео.
А зайчишко - неожиданно суров!
очень хорош мотив, а видео!!! мммммммм! Дело Residents живет
Bat For Lashes - What's A Girl To Do
BAT FOR LASHES - What's a girl to do music video..

Official music video for "What's A Girl To Do?" (HD Version) by English alternative/singer-songwriter Bat For Lashes aka Natasha Khan.
Directed by Dougal Wilson. © 2007 WMG On Behalf of: Parlophone Records/EMI Records UK Ltd. From the album "Fur And Gold"
"What's A Girl To Do?" originally recorded and produced by Natasha Khan and David Kosten.
Mash-up and Video editing by Gabriel Gates. Contains musical elements of "All for You" by Janet.
Official Music Video from Bat For Lashes - What's A girl To Do in Full HD 1080p.
All Rights Reserved to their owners.
Music video by Bat For Lashes performing What's A Girl To Do?.
Directed by Dougal Wilson Subscribe -
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Live @ Afisha Picnic Festival, Kolomenskoye, Moscow, 13/07/2013
Artist reserves all rights. No copyright infringement intended<br/><br/>
Bat for Lashes - Live at iTunes Festival (07.09.2012)


Music video by Bat For Lashes performing What's A Girl To Do?. Link Official Vídeo: With no intention to infringe any copyright - Sem intenção de infringir qualquer direito autoral.
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Bat For Lashes performing 'What's A Girl To Do?' live at Field Day 2013, on Festivo.

Natasha Khan, aka Bat For Lashes, dominated the Eat Your Own Ears stage at Field Day, performing 'What's A Girl To Do?' from her album Fur And Gold.

Artist: Bat For Lashes

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