Barred Owl: OWL - Sex Кавер 24.02.15 Bar Zis, OWL - Взлетай 24.02.15 Bar Zis, OWL - Камбоджа Кавер 24.02.15 Bar Zis, Обед пестрой неясыти (Barred Owl), Филин

Barred Owl

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I love owls. This bird was a joy to watch. Majestic. Tryon Creek is located in SE Portland. I found the owl in the early evening. The bird must have been waking up and starting it's day(or night). There was plenty of foot traffic in the area and even a horse came by. Everyone knew about the Barred Owls in the area and gave me tips on where to look.
Many owls, especially young ones, move their heads around to help them see objects and judge how far away they are. This young Barred Owl has juvenile cataracts and will not be able to released back into the wild, so he is being raised up by staff to eventually be an educational bird. He can see shapes and objects, even though his vision is cloudy, so he will fly to different perches in the rehab area.

Rorschach and Nite Owl Bar Scene | Watchmen (2009) Ultimate Cut

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Mother Barred Owl preening baby Barred Owl in tree Dallas, Texas April 2016 at White Rock Lake.
A Barred Owl feeds her fledgling a Gizzard Shad in northwest Georgia

One of several Barred Owls on our Nocturnal Owl Survey route
Incredible barred owl hooting, spring courtship vocalizations "Who-cooks-for-you" calls. Filmed in the boreal forest, northern Alberta, Canada. Barred owl hooting. Owl hoots and vocals calls; Florida, Georgia, Louisiana Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, South Carolina, Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Pine Trees. Backyard owls hoot in the trees. Cinematographer: Andrew Manske. Barred Owl Video: "Calling For Love - Courtship Calls". Barred Owl Sounds.
A Barred Owl Hooting Away

i found this guy in the middle of the road in Acton Ma.
cars were missing him by mere inches, so i pulled over and was able to bring him to safety.
as of now, he is recovering in Tufts vet. hospital.
expected to be released in the future. i hope to capture that on video

Live at Owl Bar,Sundance,Utah. June 2011<br/><br/>
アメリカン・フクロウを撮影 【2013年3月8日 Amherst MA, USA】


Видео снято в лесах северной провинции Альберта, Канада. Андрей Манске кинематографист.
There are few sounds in nature as raucous as the calls of Barred Owls. Listen as The Cornell Lab's Laura Erickson sets the scene.

Audio recordings and photographs by Gerrit Vyn.

To explore more audio recordings visit the Macaulay Library:

Harry Lee and The Back Alley Blues Band at Owl Bar,Sundance,Utah<br/><br/>
Barred Owl

Video by: Dawn La Follette
Photography by: Robert La Follette


Time lapse / speed painting videos; Portraits and surreal paintings in oil, acrylic, graphite, carbon pencil and colored pencil by Lachri
New painting videos almost every Wednesday at 3pm CST

In this video I show you how to paint a barred owl. This painting was completed June 2013.
It was painted in Oil paint (Winsor & Newton) over acrylic (l
Barred Owls lack ear tufts and have dark eyes. This helps separate them from Great Horned Owl, which has yellow eyes and ear tufts.

ML Video #442789; video recorded by Timothy Barksdale; audio recorded by Gerrit Vyn.

For more bird videos and sounds, explore the Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
Northeast Florida Eagle Cam (© American Eagle Foundation)
Audio of a pair of barred owls "laughing" calls to each other with a couple of still pictures. Recorded near Suwannee River State Park, FL.
A female barred owl leaves the nest for ten minutes to vocalize to her mate.
Filmed in Ottawa, Ontario - Canada.
May 1, 2014
(watch in 1080p HD for best quality)
Watercolor demonstration of painting a Barred Owl by award winning artist Sharon Farber. Background music by Ed Smith.
A baby Barred Owl exhibiting "branching" behavior the first stage of leaving the nest for owls. Watch as the baby is fascinated with the sights and sounds of the world around it as the bird sees things for the first time. The young owl passes a pellet in the video and also climbs around along the branch of a Texas Red Oak.

The adult Barred Owls in the video do two different sets of calls. The territorial warning calls, aimed at another pair of Barred Owls nearby. The second set towards sunset is easy
A pair of barred owls calling in the Sax-Zim Bog.
The Double barred Finch is a common bird in Woodland and freshwater habitat. They have a local name of 'Owl Finches'. They are mostly seen in pairs or small flocks and can be observed drinking with other species of Finch at Waterholes. There are two subspecies in Australia, the White- Rumped form ( Video ) and the Black- Rumped form which has a more tropical distribution. I filmed these birds locally in South East Queeensland.
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This is my new minecraft parody of Shooting Star by Owl City. It's about a player who's always died in the Ultra Hardcore gamemode and finally he finds the key to success! I had a lot of fun making this one and I really hope you enjoyed it :D
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Two Barred Owls appear kissing and grooming in Dallas, Texas. The Barred Owl, Strix varia is a large typical owl native to North America. Best known as the Hoot Owl for its distinctive call, it goes by many other names.

As the nesting season approaches, males chase after females giving a variety of hooting and screeching calls. Males display by swaying back and forth, and raising their wings, while sidling along a branch. Courtship feeding and mutual preening also occur. Barred Owls nest in cavities
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Live concert OWL DEUCE
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This Barred Owl nested in a wooded park where joggers and dog walkers passed by daily. The birds paid little attention to them. On my fourth trip to see them the young birds fledged before capable of flight which is typical for owls. By morning they were back up 30 plus feet and doing fine. ©JimZipp 2012
A short video showing that Owl finches meow like kittens. Adorable to say the least!