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Bandit Queen

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Эта действительная история, основанная на дневниках, написанных в тюрьме Фулан Деви —
a Decemberists cover
I need a bandit queen
independent enough so she can handle me
I said a bandit queen
a real woman that can bring out the man in me
Ey yo a bandit queen
She looks good but she's not in the vanity
I need a bandit queen
she the mother of humanity
Сакральная музыка
Начинает читаться после некоторой паузы:)
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A short overview of Phoolan Devi's life.

25 Man Blood-Queen Lana'thel presented by TtW/Fireball Mage. This is with the 10% buff. Thanks to the Ignite changes Fire is actually a viable subsitute for Arcane, if you are sick of Arcane like me.

Granted I was bit first, but the damage spread between 1st and 2nd was 1.5 million - ending @ 19.2k DPS.