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Balam Acab - Apart

Unofficial, non-profit video. Footage from "Inspiration" (Karel Zeman, 1949)​balamacab​thebalamacab

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Unofficial, non-profit video. Footage from "Inspiration" (Karel Zeman, 1949)

Побалуй себя визуальным волшебством, подпишись на эмоции —

Balam Acab

August 29, 2011
A music video I made for Balam Acab's Apart.

Footage was shot and edited by Yuta Kanai.
An unofficial video of Balam Acab's "Apart" taken from the album "Wander/Wonder" released on TRI▼ANGLE records.
The song was slowed down (around 30%) and the video is made of various surf footages I took on Vimeo.

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My favourite by Balam Acab :)

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