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Back to Water

Music: Zbigniew Preisner - Offertorium (Ben Boysen Remix)
Sound: Aaron Reynolds at WAVE
A commercial i shot for Tribord in Bali a couple of years ago. Cameras used on this shoot: Red Epic Phantom HD Gold Arri Ultra Prime lenses Chris Bryan Films custom underwater housings.
рок-фестиваль в Японии
by The man who fell to earth
“Our buddy @bulletslinger failed attempt to empty the swimming pool water with one back flip jump #heavyweight #whaleflip”
“kind of messed up at the end but throw back to my water bending at megacon #megacon #megacon2015 #korracosplay #legendofkorra #bending #waterbending…”
Two guys looking for good waves on Reunion Island where surf is prohibited (too sharky)... Finally having fun with strapless kitesurfing !
Credits Agency : Fred & Farid Paris Client : Tribord (Oxylane Group) Title : Back to Water Creative Directors : Fred & Farid Copywriters : Rayhaan Khodabux, Pierre Jouffray Art Directors : Rayhaan Khodabux, Pierre Jouffray Client supervisors : Arnaud Gauquelin, David Martinelly Agency supervisors : Bérengère Mangin, Alice Lombard TV producer (agency) : Karim Naceur Post producer (agency) : Sacha Adamon Director : Christopher Hewitt Production company : Moonwalk Producer : Gaspard Chevance Mu
Filmography: Alexandra Borog (2014)
A film by Christopher Hewitt
• • • Indiana Evans ♦ Индиана Эванс • • •
Picture Colage with 'Get Back To Radio' music in the background.
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Эндингтрек к фильму "Зной" США 2014
I never thinked that someone in 21nd century could create a greatest song like Get back to water of Tree Adams as the 60's, 70's and 80's singers do. I just cut this marvel song in the geniric end of Swelter, a movie of Jean Claude Van Dame without knowing if I really have this right or not. I beg pardon to JCVD and Tree Adams who was by this marvel song as big as it was Percy Sledg and other singers in the golden age of occidental music.
Please don't delete it from Youtube.
Thanks to Tree Adams and J
Celine Dion - Water and a flame [Loved me back to life] - FULL SONG!!!!

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FIU Walk on Water Architecture Alex Quinonez Wins a second time betting his old record of 1:13
H2O: just add water | Просто добавь воды - Waters - September 2011 - Violitionist Sessions from Denton, Texas

In this video i show you how i turned a water pit into an all natural pond without pond liner. This pond requires very low maintenance but some local conditions have to be met for it to function. Thank you for watching, feel free to subscribe or comment if you have questions.

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J'ai voulu essayer l'Hoverboard de Marty en 2015...

The Future Is Now! - 10/21/15 - A Special Message From Doc Brown

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Il bagnetto di Chiara a 20 giorni... il secondo!
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water,Beach attack at the local park swim beach.The locals stood dropped jaw in disbelief as the attack occurred.

by Illyans Wolf
by Alex K.

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Excellent cover.

Billy Sheehan: Guitar & Voice
Eric Martin : Guiatr & Bass Guitar
Pat Torpey: Bass Guitar & Voice
Paul Gilber: Drums
It is back to school time and I wanted to share with you 2 Cute and Easy Nail Designs for school. It is cute Newspaper Nails & Spotted Nail Art with Water Decals.
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Never Back Down AMV
Animes: Bleach & Naruto Shippuden
Music: Never Back Down
Artist: Nine Lashes

Maui​ Feeling !!! Sunday February 22nd, a day I will remember back to the water at Ho'okipa Beach Park​ trying new gear (Fanatic Tri 76L, North Hero 4.5) sunset beach party by Pio Marasco
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Back to Budokan is a live album CD and DVD by the hard rock band Mr. Big. The performance was recorded at Budokan in Tokyo, Japan Jun 20, 2009.

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