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Bacardi & Cola

by misha kotov

Pooling around - Commercial is perfect

Хахахахах :D
I do not own this song, all credit goes to Irie Maffia and their respective label. Only uploaded this because no one else did, for promotial reasons/fair use.
from What's My Name, their 2nd Album
Agency: Fitzroy
Production: 100% Halal
Director: Sam De Jong
DOP: Menno Mans
Audio: Morgan Avenue
Студия BRIDESTAR: фотографы Дарья Левченко и Александр Рогулин
(812) 932-73-57

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г. Мурманск, РК Сфера, 16 ноября 2007г..
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Затусуй Колу вместо Пепси )
We are thrilled to present "Bacardi & Cola", the result of our collaboration with belgian pop artist Piepke.
Starring Madonna, Karl Lagerfeld, Grace Jones, Leigh Bowery, Andy Warhol, Klaus Nomi, Boy George, Amanda Lepore, David Bowie, Lady Miss Kier, and many more!
Sorry, but Lady Gaga was too busy.
We'd love to thanx Ernesto Mandara for his knowledge and his patience.

Bacardi Cola (unreleased track)