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Baby Squirrel

Tintin the Squirrel fell from a building when he was a baby. His mother rejected him after the accident, but a thoughtful guy saw that Tintin was in need and helped out. Now they are inseparable friends who love to share food and snuggle.

Video by: Mary Beth Dickerson

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Just another day in the office<br/><br/>
“Found two baby squirrels in our backyard last night.”
Уже и забыла про дикі танці від Сіми))) ахахахха #талантнепропить #звездаолимпа #подруги #учитесь #первое_занятие_бесплатно

Милейший бурундук Bikke, живущий в одной из квартир Японии, начинает свой долгий трудный день. А чтобы день начался хорошо, нужно душевно потянуться и назеваться :3

Однажды в саду датчанина по имени Decan Andersen оказался бельчонок красной белки. Малыш упал с 4-ого этажа здания и получил травмы. Мужик подобрал малявку и отвёз к ветеринару. С тех пор и началась дружба человек и Тинтин.

Бельчонок потерял страх к людям ещё у ветеринара, с тех пор он полностью доверяют не хозяину, но другу - спасшему его датчанину. Более того, бельчонок подрос, окреп и нашёл общий язык с кошкой.

Белке уже не вернуться в дикую природу, ибо слишком зависима и "не обучена" родителями, так что мужик посвящает ей 3 часа в день, чтобы животина оставалась счастливой.

В Дании запрещено держать диких животных, но мужику дали исключительное персональное разрешение, когда он рассказал историю и показал, как он относится к этому животному - ему позволили оставить Тинтина.

Я думаю, это к лучшему и для бельчонка,и для мужика :)
In possibly the cutest thing you'll see all Squirrel Week, a mother cat nurses an orphaned squirrel.

I am a wildlife rehabilitator. Two 5 week old baby squirrels (Tosca and Shakespeare) faithfully (but ineffectively) chew on their first solid food - a cheerio - in synchronization. (Their names are Shakespeare and Tosca, with 4 week old Luna asleep to the side.) Note: These squirrels have all been successfully released at this point.
Best I could do with only four pictures.

sum mad baby squirrel jamin in da park

Tras caerse de su nido, la gata Kit Kat, adopta a unos bebés de ardilla. Las imágenes sin duda son espectaculares!
Take some orphaned squirrels, add a motherly cat, and you've got one unusual family.

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Baby Born. Играем на улице. Кормим белочку, лазим по деревьям, катаемся на качелях
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Squirrel Nut Zippers - I've Found A New Baby

"I've found a new baby
I've found a new girl
My fashion plate baby
Got me in a whirl, whirl, whirl

New kind of lovin'
Done made me her slave
Sweet turtle dovin'
Is all that I crave
детеныш белки / Baby Squirrel
Two rescued baby squirrels found unlikely shelter and love from Belka, a Ukrainian cat, who adopted the squirrels into her new litter after they were found abandoned. Don't forget to get your DNews Daily Bite weekdays at 12/11c on Animal Planet!

Belka, whose name means 'squirrel' in Ukrainian, took to feeding, cuddling and licking the two squirrels along with her own newly born kittens. The baby red squirrels are to be placed in a petting zoo's outdoor enclosure once they are strong enough.

Source: h
We all know that various police agencies are trying to prevent the
videotaping of encounters between their officers and citizens.

Here's a case where a Mesquite, Texas cop who is clearly a serious jerk -- sorry, I don't have a more polite term available in this case -- was videotaped torturing a baby squirrel with pepper spray in front of screaming middle school children and teachers.

Outside of what he did to a harmless squirrel (from which he kept backing up as if in fear), he apparently exposed everyone present to pepper spray fumes (hear the teachers warn the children not to breathe them).

If this guy would treat a baby squirrel this way, imagine how he might treat people. Studies show over and over again that animal mistreatment is one of the key predictors of human mistreatment.

Let's see if the police agency in this case tries to suppress *this* video. Oops. Too late.
June 2004. I filmed these cute spotted baby deer fawn at our friend's house in Upstate New York. I see Bambi. Bambi everywhere. They were frolicking and eating and hopping around and playing with the squirrels. It looked like one of the baby deer had an injured leg. He was limping a little bit. It's a good thing the injured baby deer didn't take a dip in the pool. He probably would have gotten trapped and I would have had to rescue him.

If you like nature and love to watch baby deer then this three minute
When a client told us they had found baby orphaned squirrels we took them in to give them a second chance.

If you are interested in helping with animals in the future, please visit to learn more about what we do and to donate if you would like. Dr. Matt Carriker, a veterinarian licensed in Texas founded Vet Ranch Inc., a 501(c)(3), tax exempt non-profit organization. There is no shortage of pets in need, so ev
Pilz-E babysits in order to raise money for his medication.

Poltava, Ukraine: a mother cat adopted 2 abandoned baby squirrels, licking and feeding them along with her kittens. The little animals were found by the police and brought to a private zoo. One of the managers took the cute squirrels home to be nursed by the feline. Video 0:39. Eastern Europe news.

Poltava, Ucrania: una madre-gato ha adoptado 2 ardillas bebé abandonado, lamiendo y la alimentación de ellos, junto con sus gatitos. Los animales pequeños fueron encontrados por la policía y llevados a un zoológ
Baby Squirrel (Cuteness Overload !)

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This is a series of videos we took in our backyard of a mama squirrel rescuing her 3 babies and moving them to a new nest in another tree. The landscapers knocked down their nest while trimming some of the trees. Disclaimer: We do not own the music in this video.

Эти малыши, бельчата пяти недель отроду, были выброшены из своего убежища в результате удара урагана Катя (Кейт) по районам Великобритании. Но их спасли и передали в специализированный центр Морпет на севере Англии. Волонтерам, которые заботятся о них, приходится их кормить их из бутылочки каждые три часа, как младенцев.

A vid for any of you interested in the 4-Tec 2.5...
i think im annoying it a little too much
Gray squirrels breed twice a year, December to February and May to June, though this is slightly delayed in more northern latitudes. The first litter is born in February to March, the second in June to July. There are normally two to six young in each litter, but this number can be as high as 8. The gestation period is about 44 days. The young are weaned at 7 weeks and leave the nest after 10 weeks. The eastern gray squirrels can start breeding as early as 5 and a half months old, but usually breed for the first time at the age one year old. These squirrels can live to be 20 years old in captivity, but in the wild usually only live up to 12 years. Squirrel Baby Feeding filmed by Heiko Kiera aka Ojatro 2010.

#Stop #Motion #Animation - #KinderSurpriseEggs - #Tinybaby, #Donald, two #squirrels, #Dragons
Stop Motion Animation - Kinder Surprise Eggs - Tiny baby, Donald, two squirrels, Dragons
This very young squirrel accidently walked into the compound of our group of flats at Kozhikode, Kerala, India a little while ago. It ended up in a small room used by our security staff as their office. We were able to move it to relative safety of a mango grove close to our flats where it was reunited with its mother. I was able to video this adorable little thing as it took it's first few steps with it's eyes still closed. Hope you enjoy this:
Peanut, the lil' orphan ground squirreL rescued, now at approx. 2 wks old.
By the looks of it, this adorable baby squirrel has no fear at all! Watch as the little guy walks up and befriends two family cats, named Da Hu' and Wrinkles.

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mommy cat treats baby squirells
just like they would be her's!!!
there is a good lesson behind this.

Funniest and Cutest Baby Squirrels is not an exaggeration (or"kittens" as squirrel young are called) - perhaps gentle, innocent, and curious. All sorts of words will come to your mind as you watch this video. A mother Red Squirrel high in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina has her hands full raising these precocious youngsters in an Eastern Screech Owl nest box. Try and count how many little squirrels there are as you watch the video! They are still totally dependent on nursing and this is their fi

Day 1<br/><br/>
На некоторое время наше беличье семейство пополнилось замечательным ребенком - грудным бельчонком Барсиком. Вместе с этим славным малышом мы записали видео для тех, кто нашел в лесу или парке беспомощного бельчонка и не знает как его выхаживать. Все советы по уходу за грудными бельчатами и консультации опытных белководов можно найти на форуме "Белочки. ру" -
Ручной, 9-ти месячный бельчонок Нобель уже 8 месяцев замечательно живет в городской квартире.
I made this just for fun, but now it got over 8000 views.. its crazy :b

• Instagram: Bajancanadians_Wife
• Twitter: Bajans_Wife

Бельчонку Ноби, найденому год назад в лесу ослабленным и раненым воронами, исполнился один год. За этот год он стал абсолютно ручным, очень умным и ласковым домашним питомцем. В ролике использовано видео, снятое до 3-х месячного возраста Ноби. Как выглядел и рос бельчонок позже можно увидеть во второй части видео "День рождения Нобеля. 2 часть" -
С полным жизнеописанием бельчонка можно ознакомиться здесь -
A Russian cat has adopted a baby squirrel monkey after he was abandoned by his mother at a zoo, comforting the little primate by letting him cling to her back for warmth.

This spring I posted a video of a Pileated Woodpecker creating a cavity: The Pileated didn't nest in it, but there was fierce competition among Wood Ducks for the cavity, and I even videoed two hens go into the cavity at the same time (how big IS that cavity?), and when one flew out, the other one removed the egg she had just laid! Two days ago I looked out the window to see three baby squirrels playing around and in the cavity, and I finally realized that they were
Baby squirrels in a makeshift birdhouse
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Four baby squirrels have been found a new home at a Wildlife Rescue Center after being thrown out of their treetop home. The squirrels lost their cozy nest after Hurricane Katia struck the UK last week.

A litter of five-week old red squirrels were made homeless last week after Hurricane Katia, in Northumberland U.K., hurled them
Ставший волею судьбы городским жителем, бельчонок Нобель уже пять месяцев прекрасно живет в городской квартире и отлично ладит с привычными всем домашними животными. 11 октября ему будет уже полгода. Сейчас он активно отращивает кисточки. переодевается в зимнюю шубку и усиленно питается, набирая вес перед зимой, на всякий случай. ;))
Все видео с участием Ноби смотрите на моем канале -
Jax and Briggs watch over their baby squirrel Wally. Briggs gets a little jealous that Wally is closer to Jax!!!

Ручной бельчонок Нобель. В 6.5 месяцев начал исполнять ритуальные танцы. Видимо, решил, что пора жениться. :))))
бельчонок, мальчик,6-7 недель. Найден раненым в лесу в середине мая. Выкормлен из пипетки козьим молоком.
Все видео с участием Ноби смотрите на моем канале -
Just a cute baby squirrel that kept running into our privates.
massage for my baby "pet" squirrel
Бельчонку Ноби, найденому год назад в лесу ослабленным и раненым воронами, исполнился один год. За этот год он стал абсолютно ручным, очень умным и ласковым домашним питомцем. В ролике использовано видео, снятое с 3-х месячного возраста Ноби и по настоящее время. Как выглядел и рос бельчонок до 3-х месяцев, можно увидеть в первой части видео "День рождения Нобеля." -
While I was working in my back yard in the wood pile I heard a noise, looked over and this baby red squirrel was watching me from about 2 feet away. I said 'hello' and he ran right over to me and would not leave me alone.

When I set him down and walked away quickly he chased me and ran up my leg. Still trying to figure out what to feed him (her?). I hope he has not imprinted on me. I have another video I took of him chasing me around the back yard and in the house.

Food attempts so far:
Video und Musik (Kalimba): Michael Hagleitner. Ein Eichhörnchen hat sich vor meinem Fenster ein Nest gebaut und 2 Junge groß gezogen. Das Video zeigt die Mutter und die Babies im Alter von 3-4 Wochen, bis unmittelbar vor dem ersten Öffnen der Augen. Zu sehen sind auch Futtern und Säugen.
The little monkey, born recently in Tyumen zoo, was rejected by its parents, and the zoo director decided to carry out an experiment and find another mother for the primate.



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Ukrainian cat called 'Belka' which translates as Squirrel, adopts two rescued actual baby squirrels, feeding them among her newly born litter.
I was working on a traffic light pole in Denver Colorado 8-28-2013 when these two baby squirrels nest got destroyed in the pole and they fell out at the bottom. I brought them home to try and save them. At the time, I thought they were a few weeks old. I found out the next day that they were only a few days old. In the following days I found a ton of information and websites to help figure out what to do next. Our goal is to give them a fighting chance. Not to keep them as pets. Hopefully this video do

We were just in the Timbavati Picnic Site in the Kruger National Park in South Africa when Elize Olivier heard an unusual bird call. While looking for the bird she realized it was a baby squirrel hanging from a tree as he was caught in a thorn.

We managed to get it down to safety.
Thorn (The baby squirrel) is now doing well in the Hands of Elize and Anton Olivier in Letaba.

To keep up to date with Thorn, follow:
I was working on a traffic light pole in Denver Colorado 8-28-2013 when these two baby squirrels nest got destroyed in the pole and they fell out at the bottom. I brought them home to try and save them. At the time, I thought they were a few weeks old. I found out the next day that they were only a few days old. In the following days I found a ton of information and websites to help figure out what to do next. Our goal is to give them a fighting chance. Not to keep them as pets. Hopefully this video do