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Alice DeeJay Feat. DJ Jurgen ➜ Better Off Alone (Official Music Video). Directed by Olaf Van Gerwen. © 1999 Violent Music B.V. / The Netherlands / Hot Tracks / EMI Records Ltd. Licensed From Violent Records / Violent Music B.V. (The Netherlands). Exclusive licensees for Scandinavia: Zomba Records Scandinavia. Licensed exclusively to Universal Records, A Division Of UMG Recordings Inc. Distributed in France by Hot Tracks (Sony Music)

Written by Alice DeeJay and Pronti & Kalmani
Published by Molun Publishi
Здесь Вы найдете радость и хорошее настроение от прослушивания и просмотра любимых фильмов и клипов 90-х
Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone (1999 HD)
Музыкальное телевидение 90-х - Музыка , радио , телевидение - #MusicTV90's
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Das ist ein Lied von Faydee "Better Off Alone".
This is a song by Faydee "Better Off Alone ".
Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone (Extended Version) [DD2.0-NTSC]
Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone (UK Edit 1999 HD)
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Alice DJ - Better Off Alone

Классика начала 90-х
The Black Angels - "Better Off Alone" Live at the GQ Artist House 2016 in Austin, TX with Jam in the Van.
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Голландка Анук поет соул не хуже негритянских певиц.
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Directed by Diamond Li
Written & Produced by Fady "Faydee" Fatrouni
Hair: Adam Fatrouni
Makeup: Iman Dior
Clothes: Modestie Bankstown

Special Thanks:
Sharon Hanna
Rachelle Louise
Michael Beydoun from Mick Management
Madelaine Mooney
Hassan Zahr

"Better Off Alone" out now on Itunes!
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How 'bout some eurodance classics from the 90's? :3

If you missed our live stream a while back, Saywecanfly dropped by AP for an acoustic set and Q&A. Check out the performance of “Better Off Alone” from his new Darling EP.


Segment Producer: Cassie Whitt
Videography: Bobby Makar
Audio: Rob Ortenzi
Filmed, edited co-produced by Mike Turner.
Recorded on Koh Chang, Thailand.
Recording locations: Siam Hut Lonely Beach, WE bar, Grand Laguna resort.
Actors: Lindo Martinez, Jane Shkatova, Chris Gjesing, Junjira Kaewmongkol (Jojo).
Extras: Robert Bodde, Bertram Blomberg, Jacomijne Loomans DJ Chimeister.
Special thanks to Siam Hut fire jugglers, Patrick @ BB Divers DJ Chimeister
Facebook: Lindo Martinez.
© Lindo Martinez
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upcoming sewage tapes / AVNL
The Black Angels performing "Better off Alone" on Fox Rox 218, 11-16-06

For a nearly complete archive of the past five year's worth of performances, check out and subscribe to the Fox Rox Youtube Channel. WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/FOXROXVIDEOS

©2006 BCTV
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Performance somewhere in England. It probably took place on a hot day when everyone was feeling sexy... lol
This song is pretty much the Sandstorm of DC3. It's techno, it has really basic moves, and it's the perfect warmup song, much like Sandstorm. Kerith was the default for that song, and because this song reminds me so much of Sandstorm, I decided to use him for this song. I honestly don't know how it ended up as a Warmup song, because of sections like 1:16 to 1:30 make me doubt its rating. YAY FOR FLAWLESS

Skill Level: Warmup (1/7)
Choreographer: Marcos Aguirre
Venue: DCI Headquarters
Char - группа, где собранны лучшие вайны с Джастином Бибером.

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Hello !
This is the video promo of my reboot for this classic 90's dance track ! I really had much fun producing this remix.
Hope you'll enjoy it !! Stay tuned for official release date ! ;-)
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I look like crap.. i really don't care.. i just found this song and wanted to sing okay? okay
Dubstep Remix by Lymph Project


DubStep Music ВКонтакте -

music video for the Black Angels' "Better Off Alone". Filmed many years ago in a mortuary and condemned house. Directed by Richard Whymark
better off alone ... till the world ends ... same same, but different ...
Alice Deejay - Better off Alone, back in my life, will i ever ( live TMF Awards 2000 )



Artist: Neilio
Track Title: Better Off Alone (2012 Edit)
Track Quality: 320kbps (44,100Hz)
Quality: High Quality High Definition / Original Quality (1080p+)
Label: Free Release
Release Date: 20.11.2012
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The best remix of better off alone in EU WEST
Alice Deejay - Better off Alone

My Remix of it. I tried to spice it up as much as possible. =)

JBS - Better Off Being Alone (Official Lyric Video)
Still breathing - Much more to come
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~Ichigos Better Off Alone~
I think this amv came out well for trance,no? I had a phew problems with this amv towards the end but i got through it. So now you can just enjoy. PLZ COMMENT!!!!
just so you don't get the wrong idea I'm all the way with Ichirukia I'm not trying to say that Ichigo shouldn't be with Rukia.
@ soda bar san diego 3/28/11

Alice Deejay - Do You Think You're Better Off Alone Mix (Techno Remix)
New extended version with philthy bassline:

Dubstep remix of Alice Deejay's "Better Off Alone" made by Australian DJ Slim[step] (Formerly Psyndrom3). Subscribe for more Dubstep plus heaps of other music.
Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone

thank you everyone you has watched this video
'EDIT' yay 4k views thanks to everyone who has watched this vid
Alice Deejay-Better Off Alone
Keyboard: Yamaha DGX-220
For this song I had to dig deep into the sounds on my keyboard ( voice # 339)
But I think the main melody's voice is pretty close to the original ( for an inexpensive keyboard)
Please excuse the "fat finger syndrome" I had a few times,but this was already take five or so and it's a pain
to restart the camera and the computer recording every time I make a mistake.
Hope you enjoy!
I mainly used these settings:
Main voice #339 Saw Ld 2

Split or Bass #048 HiQ Bass

Style: #034 HouseMsk
Nigga Stole My Bike Better Off Alone Remix looped perfectly.... Enjoy.

Для группы "Из СССР в Россию"
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Alice DeeJay - Better Off Alone

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By request I made this basic tutorial.
From now on all my videos will have a little "logo" of
my user name on the screen because someone
was stealing them and posting the videos
as his own!!! And who knows who else will be doing it.
Pretty sad!
Voice: Sawtooth lead 2
Split voice: Hi-Q Bass
Keyboard: Yamaha MM6
Drums : Metronome ( just kidding)
If you still have trouble playing it,try learning only
one hand at a time and when comfortable doing that,
За основу трека была взята MIDI мелодии известного трека Alice DJ -...
Okay, nach drei schmusigen Mvids, nun eins, dass eine Geschichte erzählt. Ich hoffe, man kann an den Lyrics erkennen, welche Geschichte. Gretchen's POV ...

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Amanda reflects on her past Valentine's Day date and realizes a very important lesson about her dating life, sometimes it's better to be alone than to be with the wrong person. Her best friend Lyric supports her in coming to this conclusion. Amanda's boss Kathy gives Amanda some encouraging career advice.

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Alice DeeJay was a Dutch electronic music group, who achieved success from 1999 to 2002.

The group consisted of record producers Pronti (born Sebastiaan Molijn), Kalmani (born Eelke Kalberg) and DJ Jurgen with Marc Lee-Smith remixing and the DJ's From Mars lead singer Judith Anna Pronk. They also had background dancers: Mila Levesque and Angelique Versnel.

After the successful years of Alice Dee
by Woodie Chokopie

Style: Trap
Track: Better Off Alone (K Theory Remix)
1) ???????
2) C3 - cube x cursed x curious
3) Guilty Crown
4) Tamako Market
5) ME!ME!ME!
6) Bakemonogatari
7) Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
8) Code Geass
9) Hyouka
I do not own the rights to this movie or any of Alice DeeJay's songs (neither does Liam McCormack).

Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone (Live Dancestar UK)
"The Jesters Tale" Czech film from 1964
My take on the popular dance song better off alone :)

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Highly Nrgetik (aka Eryk) remix of Alice Deejay's club killer Better Off Alone

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Backstage with Tiësto dropping "Better Off Alone" at Hakkasan. MGM Grand. Las Vegas NV. April 1, 2015.

Video I was messing around with late at night and decided to make a music video out of it.
Музыкальное телевидение 90-х -
Музыка , радио , телевидение -
K.C.'s resistance to moving back with his mother has him crashing and burning, and the person who helps pick up the pieces is the last person he expects. Clare's parents' marriage is on the rocks, just as her own love life is heating up. And Alli considers Drew to be her boyfriend, but that might be news to him.
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