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AHHH..After ages of stress and shits..I finally came back and I'm now with a new video.I don't know where to start tough. ok firsltly this anime is...
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72Op (Dedicate this vid for xNightimeFantasy because she love the trailer of rio 2 like me XD )
ok this video es horrible I'm not satisfied with the outcome but well ...
OMG i want to see rio 2 Blu and jewel i love these lovebirds ♥
Well , i wanted to do a longer version but i´m lazy
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Miku Hatsune - Goodbye April Doppel by Nekobolo
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music: tove lo - talking body
fandom: gossip girl. new generation
Song : Lauv - Adrenaline
feat. Dixie Chicks* at the CMA 50th Awards 2016 // African-Americans in the rural south helped create the genre,
but the industry has failed to recognize their contributions (c)
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Ладно,я решил всё таки снять какой-нибудь мув только не определился в какой игре Жанр: Шутер Игра: CSS CS:GO Warface что-нибудь из этого можно ещё какие-нибудь игры
kim jaejoong 김재중 ジェジュン (dalhee-triangle) triangle korean drama
new MV dalhee bts cute collection
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KUBANA 2013 - System Of A Down S.O.A.D - B.Y.O.B. And Deep Dance

I don't even know why i made this ahahaha
this song was just soooo inspiring ahahah
plus i missed vidding my Nina, it's been a while lol
So, what can i say?! simple editing but i enjoyed vidding it! SOO MUCH FUN
OPPA GANGNAM STYLE LOL ahaha :'D ok, i'm officially a weird-o

ENRI' so che lo stai leggendo...perchè?! perchè io so tuttto ahaha
questo è per te compagna di gangnam! ahahaah

Coloring: SilverxBeautyVideos
Басс-Антон железняков,Вокал1-Ятлов Влад,Барабаны-Курячий Евгений,Вокал2,Гитара-Утукин В.
"W"a"l"k" o"f"f the Ea"r"th (G"ot"ye - Co"ver)

Some parts couldve been better, I know. I just had too many troubles with finding the demos I want.

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My take on a cover that's been done by hundreds of others. Enjoy!

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РОК СИМФОНИЯ. 14.02.2015. Киев

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GgGg))) URAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COOL STUFF!!!!!!
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автор: horsejumper1212
песня: Rob Thomas - Someday

Doujnishis Used:
- Over Heat
- Echo
- Senyu MasuMasu Goseiei
- Wedding Anthology
- Suki no Hantai wa Kisu
- Anki
потрясающая дорама
HD is your oppa

Fun Fact: Jung Hoseok is not only an angel sent from heaven, yes we are talking a higher power sending the world a spiritual being...

Фрагмент фильма "О чём говорят мужчины"
💖Любимой Соне 💖С Днем Рождения! ✨
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S A D B O Y S (Yung Lean - Kyoto) mod for RTZ.

HD ♥

It's been a while since I edit with my babies from Haikuu c: So I started to this song and yeah... so I made this.
The inspiration to make such a game-thing with this song is from a MEP I saw ^^'. It looked so amazing and I wanted to try such a thing c:
Okay and I'm so sorry, that I focus on Kagehina again xD Really I wanted to focus on more ships... and more characters, but my inspiration was only for Kagehina. :/ Next time I'll try to focus on more characters. :D (btw... I don't hate Tsuki... it jus
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Five days of snowboarding in the south of Russia.
This is my first speedpaint ever so I hope you like it! I love Killing Stalking and well Sangwoo is really hot ok let me thirst. Full pics o...
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jules hense and wessel van lierop in: D O W N R A I L B O Y S song: sirens by iguana death cult
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Anime; Bungou stray dogs Amv
Song:Blue Stahli - Metamorphosis (Life Theory Remix)
Автор - karinkamikakirari6
Исполнитель - Red
Песня - Breathe Into Me
это видео знаете ли не похоже на другие amv этой темы! нет там всяких сердечек....цветочков...розового...короче посмотрите и Сами всё поймёте!
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Special for S-A-D-B-O-Y by aLeix. oJ
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