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Axel Coon

Забойный клипец от Куна!
ABSOLUTE FULL HD SOUND, NO TRICKS!!!!! A hard trance shuffling song that can also make a mad rave song, as seen in the hsk practice video
Section 1 - Hard Stuff (Single)

01. Hard Stuff (Radio Edit)
02. Hard Stuff (Trancestral Remix)
03. Hard Stuff (Trancestral Euphoric Mix)
04. Hard Stuff (Sasha Starry Remix)
05. Hard Stuff (Axel Coon Remix)

Label: Turbotraxx Tunes
Cat. #: TT010
Format: Digital (MP3, WAV)
Country: RU / CZ
Release Date: 21.11.2013
Genre: Electronic
Style: Hardstyle / Hard Trance / Uplifting Trance / Dubstep / Glitch Hop
Section 1 - Hard Stuff (Special Edition)

01. Hard Stuff (Aimoon pres. Trancestral Remix)
02. Hard Stuff (Axel Coon Club Mix)

Label: Quadrocore Recordings
Cat. #: QC011
Format: Digital (MP3, Wav)
Country: RU / CZ / DE
Release Date: 28.11.2013
Genre: Electronic
Style: Uplifting Trance / Hard Trance

Quadrocore Recordings is back with new release from Section 1.

At this time Dennis Dee, Sergej Metelkin and Vladimir Volkov have prepared something spe
Начало dj-сета
Этот гений и тащил на себе "Scooter"!
A Really nice hardstyle track, Takes a while to get into it but its worth it


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Axel Coon (aka Axel Broszeit) is a ...
I made this video only for the music
Спасибо автору видео, я себя видел!
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Axel Coon - Lamenting City
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Posse (I need You on the Floor)
One of the best hardtrance tracks evahh :)

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d(^_--)b ---[Track: DJ Klubbingman Feat Beatrix Delgado - Another Day Another Night (Axel Coon Remix Edit) ]

Trance, techno, dance,, vocal trance, Deam Trance, eurodance, hands up music, Hard Trance Hardstyle
Axel Coon - Lamenting City (Club Mix)

Axel Coon - Live At Pulsedriver Birthday Party
Вы его не забыли??? А он ЖЖОТ!!!
30.03.13, Mona club
30.03.13, Mona club
Выступление Акселя Куна, бывшего участника группы Scooter, в Московском клубе "МонаКлаб".
Были отыграны такие треки, как:
Fish, Ramp, Space CowBoy, Posse, Aiii Shot The DJ, Dusty Vinyl, Watch Out, The Pusher и другие бомбы.

/ <<<< EuroDance Live >>>> \
\ /
Axel Coon rocks the decks \o/
The title track from their debut EP!
Available now!
Axel Coon plays Section 1 - Russia! (Where R U?) Live @ Mona Club (Moscow) 30.03.2013
Может кто то еще не в курсе?

Silverstation - Sunshine after the Rain (Axel Coon Remix) macie tu link do samej piosenki:

I proszę o komentarze i oceny :P
Репортаж о приезде немецкого хард транс музыканта в Москву.

SkyWalker Video

Организаторы :

Денис Сангинов
Александр Кузнецов

Денис Сангинов
Руслан Мусин
Максим Королев
Axel Coon - Mayday (Club Mix)
Dance Planet Seven 23.04.2005

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