Aviators - The Adventure: Adventures With Aviator - EPIC Wingsuit Skydiving Through The Clouds -- An Aviator Adventure, GoPro Hero aviation cameras -- Record

Aviators - The Adventure

With "Friendship", I brought you a depressing song. Now, I give you its counterpart, "The Adventure"; A happy melody about how awesome life is with friends by your side. "The Adventure" is the title track to my BRAND NEW album, which you can get right here:

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Album artwork by PhantomBadger:

Lost inside
The thought of a journey
I can't hide
From the danger around me
But I know
That it will be alright
I'm not alone
My friends are by my side

When I look around
I see the world falling apart slowly
But with another glance I see
My friends always ready to be there for me
Sometimes life gets hard
And I know people get hurt
But with my friends at my side
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Once upon a time, I made a bunch of videos like this... Sharing my friend's beautiful adventures. And I'm thrilled to bring this one to you... My friend Katie Hansen's stunning "Star Search" footage.

Follow Katie here: http://www.facebook.com/katiehansenskydiver/
Music by Blackmill Music: http://youtube.com/blackmillmusic