Avenged Sevenfold - Beast And The Harlot: Avenged Sevenfold-Beast and the Harlot, Avenged Sevenfold. Beast And The Harlot, Avenged Sevenfold - 2006 Beast And

Avenged Sevenfold - Beast And The Harlot

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From 2005 "City of Evil". 480p.
Peak: #14 on 2006 UK Rock;
#19 on 2006 US Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks;
#40 on 2006 US Alternative Songs.
Песня про проклятие, темные силы и демонов....
Прикольная песня....=)))
Avenged Sevenfold-Beast and the Harlot
люблю этот клип =)
Превосходная команда - Превосходный клип !!!
I don't believe in fairytales and no one wants to go to hell.
We've made the wrong decision and it's easy to see.
Now if you wanna serve above or be a king below with us.
You're welcome to the city where your future is set foreeeeveer.

И снова злооо
"Beast and The Harlot" by Avenged Sevenfold from "City of Evil", available now.

Download on iTunes: http://bit.ly/Xc2jMr

Connect With Avenged Sevenfold:
Website: http://www.avengedsevenfold.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AvengedSevenfold
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheOfficialA7X
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/avengedsevenfold

"Beast and The Harlot" Lyrics:

This shining city built of gold, a far cry from innocence,
There's more than meets the eye round here, look to the waters of the dee
любимая группа, любимая песня.
Hi I'm Betto! As most of you know, Avenged Sevenfold have parted ways with their drummer. There is no official audition going on or anything but this is my try. I love this band since I first heard 'City Of Evil' and if I'm doing an A7X audition video, the song has to be from this album once this one means so much to me! Anyway, I hope you guys don't mind I changed a few parts, including the drum solo, but I always put my personality to the videos and for this particular situation, I think it's really impo
Video taken from A7X's first DVD "All Excess". Ripped by me. Enjoy!

Hi everybody!!!
Lately, I have dabbled to listen the Avenged Sevenfold.
and now i really like them!!! the guitar is fantastic and so powerful!! so i decides to buy it and try to make a cover of the a7x songs!...maybe ,at future, i'll try to do a cover band here in Italy if i have lucky!! ;) hope you like this cover!!
Good listen!!!

Tuning: Dropped D
Recording device: Line 6 toneport ux2
Recordinc software: Steinberg cubase 5
Studio Monitor: Genelec 6010A
Drum: Toontrac
My Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mattyyym/436339726475007

Full guitar cover of Avenged Sevenfolds Beast and the harlot off their city of evil.
Disclaimer: Music belongs to avenged sevenfold and roadrunner records.

Beast And The Harlot Avenged Sevenfold Guitar Cover By Adam
Beast and the Harlot Cover by Avenged Sevenfold. Some stupid mistakes but do comment and enjoy!!

Gear Used:
Ibanez S470DXQM With EMG 81 85
NO AMPLIFIER USED, Instead computer speaker was used.
Plz rate and Comment*
im covering beast and the harlot by avenged sevenfold, enjoy! (:
Avenged Sevenfold - Beast and the Harlot Live @ The Nokia Theatre In Los Angeles [4-16-2009]

Revisado, melhor interpretado e em 720p XD
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Canción Avenged Sevenfold, Beast And The Harlot Live in the LBC, Concierto en Long Beach,California

GReat video of the Avenged Sevenfold Live<br/><br/>
Recorded w/ The Rev's Drum Track
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Heiwa.P.Revenant

My Tuning - Drop D down Half Step


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Джеймса он конечно не переиграл .... но получилось тоже довольно не плохо
Beast And The Harlot - Avenged Sevenfold [Guitar Play]

- Learn To Play Avenged Sevenfold -
Lessons by Andy James

Hi everyone! This is my guitar cover on Avenged Sevenfold.
Subscribe to my channel, please :D

The media fragments included in this movie clip are in property of WMG Records Company.

WMG Records. I'm NOT the author of this song.
Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan RIP
This is our cover, we recorded all the guitar tracks on the back track with Logic Pro, enjoy it! Visit our channel for more covers and live videos!

вообще просто шикарно))
хочу это в живую услышать
second part of the san diego show
enjoy it

Really all over the place with this one, was getting crazy down front, sorry
Grey Hound Park Post Falls ID.

Audrey (10 years old) plays Guitar - Beast And The Harlot - Avenged Sevenfold- 94%(HARD) on ROCKSMITH2014. I played this song on RS1 about a year ago (http://youtu.be/LTC2DoT_WLo.) This time around, I was really happy to (barely) get a GOLD PICK!
Solo parts are still really tough but it was SUPER FUN!!! Thanks so much for watching!!

(ロックスミス) オードリー(10歳)の Beast And The Harlot - Avenged Sevenfoldの演奏。一年くらい前にこの曲をロックスミス1で弾きました(http://youtu.be/LTC2DoT_WLo) 今回はなんとかゴールドピックがとれました! まだまだソロが私
Download: http://goo.gl/jtIrU

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Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/colerolland

Hey guys, so my original song is going to be out soon be sure to check out the preview at the end of this video!
Avenged Sevenfold has been a huge request ever since the Afterlife cover so here's my version of one my favourites.

Avenged Sevenfold - Beast and the Harlot Cover
В моем исполнении.
Beast and the Harlot Live at Taste Of Chaos 2008 Long Beach California 04-10-2008

Here's a guitar lesson on how to play The Beast And The Harlot by Avenged Sevefold. I'm playing a Charvel SK3-ST, and a Line 6 Spider 75 amp.
Ibanez GRG170DXL + BOSS ML-2 Metal Core + BOSS NS-2 Noise Suppressor + BOSS CS-3 Compression Sustainer + Crate FW15.
Strings: Ernie Ball 2215 Skinny Top Heavy Bottom.

Soft: Sony Vegas PRO 10

Camera: Sony DCR-SX20.
Beast and the Harlot instrumental track.

Download this track here: https://goo.gl/2f6ey0
If you like some heavy metalcore, visit my band's page! https://www.facebook.com/DiscordianBand?fref=ts

I plan on making backing tracks for every Avenged Sevenfold album song going backwards from Hail To The King to Waking The Fallen. So if you want to hear/use some of your favourite Avenged songs as backing tracks and can't find them anywhere else, subscribe!
Rock Band 3
Beast and the Harlot by Avenged Sevenfold
Song from Rock Band 3
Expert Pro Drums
*NOT made by me
vocal track of Beast And The Harlot
Captured live at Soundwave, Brisbane Australia 22 February 2014
Avenged Sevenfold's official music video for the song Beast And The Harlot off the City Of Evil album. I do not own this video, its in A7X's and WMG's ownership. This video is used only for entertaiment purposes, non-profit.So i hope you wont remove it.

Lyrics here:

This shining city built of gold, a far cry from innocence, There's more than meets the eye round here, look to the waters of the deep. A city of evil. There sat a seven-headed beast, ten horns raised from his head. Symbolic wo
Avenged Sevenfold - Beast And The Harlot Live San Diego 2005

NOW ON ITUNES http://itunes.apple.com/uk/artist/charlie-parra-del-riego/id430364999
Charlie Parra del Riego playing Avenged Sevenfold's Beast and the Harlot guitar solo in his own style. Criticism and suggestions are always welcome! Please rate and comment!
For any questions, please go to my website or my facebook page, I'll answer as soon as possible. Greetings!

Cualquier pregunta o sugerencia, en mi website o mi facebook y responderé lo antes posible. Saludos!!!

music vid by one of my fave bands Avenged Sevenfold
This is a LIVE drum take of Jordan Cannata covering Avenged Sevenfold's Beast And The Harlot. There was no editing, or comping done to this drum t...

Avenged Sevenfold live at the Soaring Eagle Casino, Mt. Pleasant Michigan.
Second song in a set list of 12.
I do get shaky at times.
Only got a little bit of this song because my battery was almost dead and they were suppose to play Save Me after so I was saving it for that. They ended up not playing it though. :/

Here is my cover of Avenged Sevenfold - Beast And The Harlot! But here's the catch... I play it FAST!!!

Produced by CARMEN SORGE!
Visit our myspace and listen to our own songs! http://www.myspace.com/theprofoundsound

Profound sound performing the Avenged Sevenfold song Beast and the Harlot

Drums and Bass - David Åkerlund
Lead Vocals and Guitar - Eric Eldensjö
Lead Guitar and Background Vocals - Johan Östergård

We recorded the song first, one instrument a time and then we recorded the video afterwards.


Just want to tell everybody that this is no longer the official channel of the band (Profound Sound) that i'm playing in. Our new channel is: http://www.youtube.com/user/profoundsoundswe . There is not alot of vids there yet but i hope there will be... This channel will be my channel (David Åkerlund, the drummer of Profound Sound) and I will try to post more videos, both covers and original songs, if i get the time and motivation for it. And as for Profound Sound there's not gonna be more covers, or atleast very few as we are trying to wri

Avenged Sevenfold - Making of beast and the harlot music video
Enjoy it

Game - Phase Shift!
Theme - Guitar Hero Warriors of ROCK!
Artist: Avenged Sevenfold
Song: Beast and the Harlot
Album: City of Evil
Year: 2005
Genre: Heavy Metal
Drum diff: 6
Pack: Custom song by City of Evil
Avenged Sevenfold's Beast and the harlot Down One Step (Drop C)
☜☠☞foREVer ☜☠☞
R.I.P Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan

Avenged Sevenfold - Beast and the Harlot
Performed by Tim D'Onofrio - a.k.a. Timmy Wrath

Head over to Facebook and shoot me a friend request if you would like to see more A7X covers and originals.

If you don't like The Rev, Avenged Sevenfold, me, or my drumming I don't give a shit and neither does anyone else so don't watch it or fuck off.

All A7X covers were recorded in one day with whole takes. no editing
another song of A7X...the copyright are property of it's owners..
hhhheyyyyyy, short video for BEAST AND THE HARLOT because the song is not very interesting to play with a piano,

sanktesankt: "DO BEAST AND THE HARLOT", so, i play :D
My Facebook page:

Act of Anguish have parted ways.
Links to the demos we currently have up:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsT9xUbnwfA (as heard in the end of the video)

Hope you like us;)

So been as this was requested quite a lot in my cover of this song I decided to upload it!
synyster gates, just to appease all you whining little fuck heads i decided to correct my typo.
and remember, chatting big on youtube probably makes you more of a cock than you first thought.<br/><br/>