Autumn Skies: Autumn sky, Letters From The Sky-Autumn's Concerto MV 5, maxwell therapy - autumn city morning sky, Fallen Sky - Такая Как Ты (My Autumn cover),

Autumn Skies

17.08.2012, Севастополь, "Звездный берег"
“#air #airplane #sky #облака #небо #самолет #Крым #Севастополь #Симферополь #autumn #autum #moscow #russia #осень #прогулкавоблаках”
косякнул малость, переворачивайте!)
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ITG Championship, category Single 5-9.
J-Play Cafe, 8.11.2015
Alexsandr Kamenev - Autumn Sky / Sky Angel / Love Atmosphere (B4J009)
Genre: Trance,House,Prog-House,Electronica,
Release Date: Oct 04 2013
Label: BOX4JOY

01 Alexsandr Kamenev - Autumn Sky (Original Mix)
02 Alexsandr Kamenev - Sky Angel (Original Mix)
03 Alexsandr Kamenev - Love Atmosphere (Original Mix)

Release Info:
We at BOX4JOY proudly bring you all this next release which comes from up and coming pro
Видеоклип: Autumn Sky - Lake Sammamish
Релакс музыка | Релакс видео | Relax video | Природа видео
Autumn Sky - Lake Sammamish

Релакс, Relax, релакс видео, природа, природа видео, релакс музыка, relax video
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Music Video for "Calling Out" by Musical Charis and Autumn Sky. Directed by Jim Bailey.

-- Song Production Credits:
Lyrics by: Autumn Sky
Lead Vocals by: Autumn Sky
Harmonies/Back up Vocals by: Jessie Brune, Blake Abbey, Barry Crider
Piano/Synth: Jessie Brune
Electric Guitar-Barry Crider
Acoustic Guitar/Bass/Drums-B
The promotional teaser for the upcoming Blackmore's Night album "Autumn Sky".

In addition to some acoustic presentations explain Candice and Ritchie, as they were inspired to write the album.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of this!!!
I just wanted tp post this because I luuv Starry Sky XD (especially Aries)

#26 - Top Favourited (Today) - Film Animation - Australia
#59 - Top Rated (Today) - Film Animation - Australia



『 Lies, Truth, and Our Destiny 』
歌 : 岸尾だいすけ

抱きしめて僕の弱さを ごまかしていた Kiss の後
降りそそぐ星のかけらも 指の隙間をすり抜ける

触れるものすべて a-no-hi-ka-ra
壊れゆくのなら ki-mi-ni
心を閉じて hi-ka-re-te-i-ta でも君がいるなら


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Seven Sky - Autumn Sun (Max Skarsezes remix)
Official Music Video for Sky High Adventure performing Who I Am Hates Who I've Been 2013

One of my favorite songs from my favorite band so I chose to cover it with some friends. Thanks to everyone for the support over the years. I know I've made mistakes in the past but I promise that I have a conscience and am constantly working to better myself. "Who I am hat
"Follow The Clouds" out now on:
FULL TUNE!! Please support my friend Sky Motion, SoundLift and Blue Soho Recordings, Buy Link, Below Video! Beatport:
Release Date

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..::★ Official Group U-Kiss Eli/Kim Kyoung Jae ★::..
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Blackmore's Night performing "Highland" from the new album "Autumn Sky"
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..::★ Official Group U-Kiss Eli/Kim Kyoung Jae ★
Here is a little vid with my 20" Koxx Sky!
If you want to surf, know this - there are no barriers! And it is with us always: mountains, nature, friends. This state of mind, that's life and t...
Конец сезона 2016 подходить к концу
К сожалению сезон вышел не очень удачный )
Много чего не заснял что хотел ну а теперь ждем зимы )
Подходит к концу первый месяц осени, но... →

Качаем отсюда=)
Hey guys, Autumn Mix #3 is here
If you are a true fan of Deep House, Tropical House, chill out music or club music. This mix will definitely satis...
안드레아 보첼리 사막의 하늘 아래에서

Written by Aleksandr Chernishev

from the "Architecture" album, 2004.<br/><br/>
Sky 1, Sky Living, Sky Atlantic, Sky Arts - Autumn / Fall Advert hd 1080p 2012 BskyB

Мой ежегодный микс который я записываю уже на протяжении 7 лет AUTUMN SKY. Самые свежие,лиричные треки только в стиле trance.
Ежегодный микс Autumn Sky в стиле транс!
надежд моих,что позволяли жить
что я любил,мне не забыть
боль в груди
остатки слов в моей душе
не вернуть
мне тебя
я все сломал,давно уже

не забыть
цвет голубых твоих глаз
я смогу
те трудности,что есть сейчас
чувства те
не убить
они сильнее моих слез
в венах кровь
лишь кипит
сейчас скажу тебе всерьез

сердце мое разорвано в клочья,
и уже не помочь мне
больше грустных глаз не увидишь ты
я прошу уходи, прошу уходи
те чудесные дни навсегда забудь
ведь улыбки те мы не сможем вернуть
столько времени было потрачено зря
но сейчас я уже жить могу без тебя
From DVD titled "V show"(2004)
Troy Donockley (Iona) plays pipes for Mostly Autumn

Autumn Skies leads the way on this delightful E.P. from Ukrainian producer


Neat percussion is perfectly complimented with vocal chops, a rolling bassline and

crisp melodies which combine beautifully to mark his maiden voyage on Perceptive!

Ora is an emotional track with deep undertones, which slowly but surely bursts

into life and shows he is more than just a one trick pony!

Out NOW!!!

Dj exsperto Track 08 - The autumn sky Original MIX

видео как я сделал трек !
DJ SERGEY SKY-CRAZY AUTUMN COMPILATION [September 2013] ========================... с каникул. Новый сезон!

Atmospheric / Depressive / Experimental / Post Black Metal from Netherlands

From "The Long Goodbye" album released in 2015


Band: An Autumn For Crippled Children
Album: The Long Goodbye
Genre: Atmospheric / Depressive / Experimental / Post Black Metal
Country: Netherlands
Year: 2015

Weightlessly you leave the ground
Hanging gently in the breeze,
You lift your head to face the stars
and catch the wind above the trees,
You know you're safe, you know you're there
The night sky rushing through your hair
The shadow cast across the fields
By silver moon that lights the night
Over the mountains over the hills,
The changing horizons, you drift through the valleys
Reaching for distance, floating alone,
Like an eagle at midnight, under the stars.

Through frozen eyes you see the hills
22 лучших трансовых трека осени! 2 часа наслаждения самой красивой музыкой!
Ambient/Atmospheric Black Metal
Mostly Autumn - The Night Sky - HD 720р
New Club Music of Trance
MAIIA live jam at 14.04.2012 ☄ SPACE TRAVEL
Music writtenproduced by Alla Vagner
Cello - Galina Schetinina

Video by Stepius
MAIIA live jam at 14.04.2012 ☄ SPACE TRAVEL
Music writtenproduced by Alla Vagner
Cello - Galina Schetinina

Video by Stepius
Autumn sky


Video by Alex Vasilenko


MAIIA live jam at 14.04.2012 ☄ SPACE TRAVEL
Music writtenproduced by Alla Vagner
Cello - Galina Schetinina

Video by Stepius
The single 'A Different Sky', taken from Mostly Autumn's 2008 album 'Glass Shadows', is available for download as of 15 July 2008 from iTunes on

For more information on Mostly Autumn please visit us on

23.09.11. в крокус сити холл
Band/Artist: Mostly Autumn
Album: Glass Shadows
Year: 2008
Genre: Progressive Rock/Prog Folk
Country: United Kingdom
Вот мой осенний видосик...СМОТРИМ!
Та самая частичка неба, что греет меня.
Она красива, она безумно добра и стеснительна,
Она не такая как половина бездушных гламурных обёрток,
Да я называю её своей частичкой неба, она прекрасна.

Немного о ней.
Разговор с ней всегда греет, у неё большие глаза,
Шикарные длинные ноги, и настоящая улыбка.
Она заставляет улыбаться когда грустно,
Она боится холода, но одевается легко,
Красива, нежна, обаятельна, умна,
Да о такой частички можно помечтать
The song "Across the Sky" by the wonderful and talented Emilie Autumn. :) I put the song to some timed lyrics to go along with it.

This song can be found on the "Enchant" album.

Go to her site at:
Стили: Progressive House, Tech House
Продолжительность: 66:26
Размер файла: 152 Мб
Формат: MP3, 320 Кбит
Дата записи: 19 октября 2009
Timelapse footage of Nysa, a small and beautiful city in Poland. Edit: NIENASERIO MEDIA Camera: Canon EOS 500D + Sigma 10-20 mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM, Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 II, Canon EF 80-200 mm f/4.5-5.6 II
Video by Stepius
16.03.2013 SPRINGCHILL | Art Garbage
Author - Alla Vagner
Guitar - Mikhail Finogenov
Flutes, percussion - Yury Kaplya
Djembe - John Budjah

Tribal-fusion improvization - Kristabel
Orange sky is een soundtrack uit de film Rockin' on Heaven's Door en is een zelf geschreven en gecomponeerd lied van Hongki. Anders dan in de originele audio. Minhwan, de drummer van FTISLAND zingt samen met Hongki mee.

Autumn Scene Landscape Painting - Each week we will start out with a drawing and add to our artwork little by little until we have completed it! Watch Kevin show you the basics of oil painting in a way you can interact with! The trick to creating nice art is to start with a sketch! This painting can also be done in acrylic. To vote for how you would like to see this painting continue, visit:
Video by TriumphRainbow Samsung NX1
Music: The Monarchs by Emmett Cooke
Самый первый и самый красивый выпуск серии Autumn Sky записанный ещё в 2007 году!
Осенняя река голубое небо и красивый пейзаж
В ролях: - Bryan Josh / lead guitar, vocals
- Heather Findlay / vocals, Bodhran, tambourine and recorder
- Iain Jennings / keyboards
- Liam Davison / guitar
- Angela Goldthorpe / flute, recorders, vocals
- Andy Smith / bass guitar
- Jonathan Blackmore / drums
- Rachel Jones / backing vocals
- Mark Atkinson / backing vocals
- Gina Dootson / backing vocals
DJ.DENIS - Autumn sky
A collection of time lapse videos captured in northern Minnesota in late September, 2012 by Mark Ellis ( The music is "RayJoyce!" composed and performed by Minnesota-based musician Dan Schwartz from the CD "American Finger-Style Guitar" ( "RayJoyce!" can be heard in its entirety here: Dan's website is All daytime scenes were captured on September 29 and 30 with the Minnesota a
I paid a visit to the Masikryong Ski Resort in autumn of 2014 so there isn't any snow. Obviously, there wasn't the option to ski in autumn but I still wanted to see it anyway. Follow me at
Back to the bases. Rediscover classic trance music from Blue Soho Recordings back catalogue.
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Insane ski chase through the woods on leaves !

Course poursuite en ski dans les bois sur des feuilles mortes.

►Description (English version be...

Northern sky. Autumn. Time lapse. Shoot by Ipad. Audio The big guns.
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Первый эксперимент в формате timelaps
Live@Tonight club | Moscow | 14.06.2013

Alla Vagner - electronica
Mike Finigenov - guitars
Yury Kaplya - flutes, percussion
Daria Bastrikina - vocal
Nataly Leonova - djembe
Vladimir Belov - darbuka

Maiia - Stirring autumn sky (form album "Shakti"
30 November 2015 | Sŵn Festival
Новый микс от Alex Sky, резидента The Moscow Family Music!

Alice tribal-fusion improvization

02.02.2013 MAIIA presents "Shakti" | Art Garbage
Guitar - Mikhail Finogenov
Flutes, percussion - Yury Kaplya
Djembe - John Budjah

Video by Stepius
Сайт -
Группа ВКонтакте -
Читайте нас в твитере -

Производство - Общественное детское телевидение ЦАО г. Москвы (ОДТВ).
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Держи любимую песню под прицелом вместе с [club98048991|FSG S.W.A.T]
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2012 © Copyright: Авторская музыка. Слава Беленький
Вот и прошло больше половины нежданной после жаркого лета осени, продолжаем жить... →

See beyond the moment
Think beyond the day
Hear the word
My voice will not be cast away
Fatalistic fortune
Ever near the end
Love goes on
But Time does not return again

Across the sky
I will come for you
If you ask me to
Your uncommon dreams
Stranger things have come true

Fear no more the midnight
Fear no more the sea
Close your eyes, regret nothing
You're safe with me
Look into the shadows
Step into the mist
Search your land but
My 2nd time jump with Yanis / Candice Night and Ritchie Blackmore Interviews on Blackmore's Night, Autumn Sky album.

Autumn Sky is Blackmore's Night new album and Highland the exceptional video of the Renaisance and Medieval music influenced band. Enjoy Blackmore's Night breathtaking renaissance, medieval, traditional and classical tunes, Candice's enchanting voice and Ritchie Blackmore's guitars.
Blackmore's Night it is a band formed by former Deep Purple guitarist, Ritchie Blackmore, and
fan made

support the artist
Eurotest, Test Technique, Race Camps. This summer & autumn with Emma Carrick-Anderson. 4 x Olympic skier and BASI Trainer in conjunction with Snoworks Ski Courses & Carrick-Anderson Race Camps
Громкий крик
Сердца стук
Этот фильм
Нам не удался

Только след
Твоих рук
В моей груди
Навек остался


Снова этот день,снова этот яркий день
Прожигает изнутри... знаешь
Больше нету сил,ты меня пойми
Разошлись пути... рано
Желтый листопад у меня в душе,
Все мои мечты... топчешь
Только за окном, проливным дождем
Горько слезы льет...осень

Нету сил
Больше ждать
В грязи луж
Меня не видно
Понял я
Всё,что смог
Мне теперь
Не так обидно

Качество не ахти... но да ладно :)
с первых репетиций

звук, конечно, не ахти, но тем не менее
Потрясающая природа и энергетика музыки.. Исполнила бы сама))
Новый клип из нового альбома 2010 Autumn Sky
Аниме: Звездное небо
Изнасилование реакции. Прошел с 4 раза, ну, не то чтобы прошел.. вобщем фирменная фишка в самом конце))

всем спасибо за просмотр ;3
Выступление на фестивале Альтернативный Лас Вегас, 12.06.2015
Киев, свободное пространство "Циферблат", 22.07.2012


Slowly falls the wind,
Echoes my tears, mirrors the pain
Barely rare could last,
She's slipping away, this person inside.
Wild out sky is rolling,
Through the hands of time, I frozen.

Stand, stand, stand.
When you run on your own,
But you wanna go home.
Then you run on your own,
But there's nobody home.
Every season we're knocking,
There's no other soul,
I will channel the dark,
Onto the past.

Come in, come, to the land
Take on my hand, together we'll dance.
All to the morning s
Video Anton Rodionov
- Bryan Josh / lead vocals, lead rhythm electric and acoustic guitars
- Heather Findlay / lead and backing vocals, percussion
- Ian Jennings / keyboards and backing vocals
- Angela Gordon Goldthorpe / recorders, flute and backing vocals
- Andy Smith / bass
- Liam Davidson / slide electric guitars
- Andrew Jennings / drums
Special Guests:
- Troy Donockley - pipes, mandolin, guitar
- The Regent String Quartet - Caryn Cohen, Mary Martin, Sarah Turner, Helen Godbolt