Austra - Identity: Austra - Identity (CBC Music' Studio), Austra - "Identity" (Live at WFUV), Austra ''Identity'' B-Side (+ Lyrics)

Austra - Identity
Austra, the Toronto Electronic band stopped in at CBC Music's Studio 211 to perform songs from their explosive debut album 'Feel It Break'. This is their song 'Identity'. Austra performs "Identity" live in Studio A. Recorded 10/6/11.

Host: Kara Manning
Engineer: Daniel Hodd
Cameras: Andrew Arne and Claire Donovan
Editor: Claire Donovan
Enter the flood gates and breathe
I want to be true, there's no need
The pressure you built on my head and my shoulders
It threatens to be what I'm seeing
In you

Capture my breath, don't mislead
Sink to my head, it's the need
You are my headache, my seed in the middle
And I won't be ready to live
For you

Mother won't battle the name
Other gets stable that way,
Mother won't battle the name
And other gets stable that way

Creature don't keep me from dreami