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Attack Attack! - The Motivation

i've lost control again
and the night is closing in.
i've gotta be whole within
so my life is mine again.

how do i keep my feet on the floor,
when i'm in over my head?
how can i fight a war?
'cause i have you, to come home to.
('cause i have you, to come home to.)
('cause i have you, to come home to.)

i'm never gonna give up hope.
i'm never gonna give up hope.
i'm never gonna give up hope.
i'm never gonna give up
until i'm dead.

and if you wan't me to you'll have to take my life.

i'll fight this war alone - информация об исполнителе
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текст песни -

Страна: США
Жанр: Metalcore, Post-hardcore, Electronica
Состав: Andrew Wetzel (Dr.), Andrew Whiting (Gu.), John Holgado (Ba./в группе с 2007 г.), Caleb Shomo (Vo./c 2009 г./Programming, Synthesizers, Keyboards/c 2007 г.)
Бывшие участники: Johnny Franck (Gu./Clean Vo./c 2007–2010 гг.), Nick Barham (Vo./c 2008–2009 гг.), Austin Carlile (Vo./ушел в 2008 г.), Ricky Lortz (Gu./Clean Vo./ушел в 2007 г.), Nick White (Ba./ушел в 2007 г.)
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Attack Attack! performing their song "The Motivation" live at Irving Plaza, NYC. The LAST stop in the "This World Is Ours" tour.

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Me Covering Attack Attack's song 'The Motivation'.
No, dont ask for tabs, as I dont have any. If people were clever enough, they could just watch me play and learn from that...
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Artist: Attack Attack
Song: The Motivation
Album: This Means War

Performed by:
Scott Cardimen (Screams)
Evan Lowen (Cleans)

Members of:
A Storm At Sea
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Главный паблик об Attack Attack! В контакте!

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The cleans were very low for me to sing, so I had to use a light autotune to stabilize my pitch. Ugh. This took a few takes...but I had to learn it fast! :)

JC Meynet driving the
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Modified Class Subaru STI
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2nd Place AWD and Overall Modified

2009 Redline Time Attack
September 27th, 2009
Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch

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