Attack Attack! - Stick Stickly: Attack Attack! - Stick Sticky (Official Music Video), Attack Attack! — Stick Stickly, Классика Крабкора - Attack Attack! -

Attack Attack! - Stick Stickly

Post-Hardcore ❖ Deathcore ❖ Metalcore ❖ Hardcore
"старые" Аттаки рулят!!)
Играем крабкор
Совершенно дикая смесь крабкора (да, да, оказывается есть и такое...) и электронщины. На 2:46 мозг разрывается в клочья.
Attack Attack - Stick Stickly
исполнено Катей (16 лет)
в рамках занятий D'DRIVE
Post-Hardcore ❖ Deathcore ❖ Metalcore ❖ Hardcore
This was the version that was going to be made into the real music video.Though they went with another idea, this is the version you were not meant to see. In my opinion, this is much better than the one that is currently the video.
traduccion de Stick Stickly, pero del video no official, ya que el official no es muy de mi agrado y también por que no lo encontre en una optima calidad, bueno quizas luego publique la traducción en el video official pero que pereza no? jaja, aparte creo q a pocos les debe de gustar esa versión XD, pronto la traduccion de Dr. Shavargo, y de una cancion de this romantic tragedy, como tambien la version final y completa de the world outside en cuanto lancen el full.
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attack attack sticl stuckly omg awsome fxckin song
Clip HD
Most Awesome moves ever. Yup.

Band: Attack Attack
Track: Stick Stickly
Album: Someday Came Suddenly
Label: Rise Records
Director: Gareth McGilvray
You never said that this would be easy,
so go on live,
you never said that this would be easy,
so go on live.


This is the best part of the message,
and it only took one.

We live for what He's worth,
and thats more than youll know.
He died for what He loved,
and what he loved was you.

Ill wait for you,
you know ill wait for you,
ill wait for you,
you know ill wait for you.

You never said that this would be easy,
Attack Attack! es una banda de post-hardcore/electronica procedente de Colombus, Ohio.

Attack Attack! firmó con Rise Records en 2008 y produjo su primer album «Someday Came Suddenly», en el mismo año. «Someday Came Suddenly» quedó en el puesto #25 en el ranking de Billboard Independent Albums y en el #193 en el Billboard 200, con más de 3600 ventas en su primera semana.

La banda estuvo de gira a comienzos de 2009 con Escape The Fate, William Control y Burn Halo, y más tarde en el Warped Tour.

En cuanto al estilo de la banda, está fuertemente influenciado por la música electrónica dance, especialmente trance. Una de sus características son los grandes contrastes entre los screams y el techno.

Nick Barham - Screaming Vocals
Johnny Franck - Rhythm Guitar,Clean Vocals
Andrew Whiting - Lead Guitar
John Holgado - Bass Guitar
Caleb Shomo - Synth,Keys
Andrew Wetzel- Drums

Someday Came добавляйтесь в группу ,рельно хорошая группа.
Обнаружил, что мой кавер уже достали из ютуба и залили вконтакт)) что ж)) тогда и себе добавлю ..))


Мои группы: - Dense Red Drops (metal/posthardcore/electronica) - Cat!Cow!MilkyWay! (powerpop/electronica)
#EpicMusicFail#9 Attack Attack - Stick Stickly
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Awsome band :) Awsome song. Not easy to play but it rocks !!
Hope you like it and I hop you will suscribe me :-*
I have no rights of this song.

All Copyrightclaim to AttackAttack! for creating the song Stick Stickly
Guitar: Gibson LPJ 2013
Tuning: Db Ab Db Gb Bb Eb
Recorded with Line 6 POD HD500 X.
If you dont like Attack Attack! then just gtfo.

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This video we did with my friend, enjoy.
Stick stickly by attack attack with full guitar tab.
happy with this.
sorry i've been slacking

Понравилось? Подпишись! :-) - Все классные AMV в одном месте! ^_^
Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
сори за качество..вэбка тупит..руки кривые...
для первого кавера сойдет думаю.
кому не сложно - себе в видео,
приятного просмотра ;)
Hellscream Academy.

School of Rock
Vocal, Gutiar, Bass, Keyboard, Drum, Music Theory Lessons at the studio and online!
Посвящается группе Attack Attack и Ульяне :D
Guitar And Cleans - Me

Screams - Matt Donovan

Bass - James Naylor

Drums - Ft. David Grossfeld -

My band is called I'm Alive. Our drummer couldn't make it to play in this cover so my friend david played with us.

heres our band Facebook page.
fun song! sorry for the mess ups

теги Attack Attack! stick stickly crabcore russian post-hardcore emo ushanka green hills breakdown crazy acoustic

угар, движения копия Attack Attack! :D
1.50 крабкор ;))
Крабкор например))) =Р
Our first gig at a school concert. A lot of mistakes, but all give a fuck. We have a fucking fun and this is important)

Haha, this song is win, awesome to play. CRABCURR

Things used:

Jackson JS30RR
Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky 9-46 strings
Jim Dunlop Jazz III plectrum
Line 6 Tonerport UX1 (soundcard)
GearBox (for tone)
Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 (editing)

Gearbox settings for the Toneport UX1:
Удалил случайно по дороге домой половину всех видеозаписей...пришлось слепить из того, что было))) ни звука нормального...ни вида спереди и сзади...тестовый вариант песни, можно сказать...зато появился вид на кардан))) давно хотел использовать этот ракурс...раньше не позволяло освещение в студии
Так то ничо вроде
но в конце лажа 3 струна немного расстроилась моим поведением:)

Attack Attack! - Hot Grills & High Tops/Stick Stickly (Live at the Vans Warped Tour) Kansas City, Missouri. August 4, 2009. High Quality.
Set List
1. Hot Grills & High Tops
2. Stick Stickly
3. Shred, White & Blue
4. Bro, Ashley's Here
5. Dr. Sharvargo Pt. 3
6. Catfish Soup
7. The People's Elbow - CORECLUB | Metalcore | Deathcore | Post-Hardcore | Hardcore | Mathcore | Screamo | Experimental - самый большой архив CORE музыки в контакте и интересные турниры между группами! Вступаем!
Вот решил первый раз попробовать записать
Извиняйте за качество ))
All rights go to attack attack
Смотрим в 720p! / Watch 720p!

Я Вконтакте:

Guitar/Гитара: Schecter Demon 7
Bass/Бас: Washburn XB125
Drums/Барабаны: Ezx Metal Machine, Ezx Electronic
Record/Запись: Line 6 TonePort UX1+Pod Farm 2+Camera
Mixing/Сведение: Cubase 5
Strings/Струны: D'Addario 68,56,44,26,18,14,11
Tuning/Строй: Drop C#
Cut/Монтаж: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
This is Attack Attack! Stick Stickly Cover. Full Vocals using auto tune and screaming. Instrumental made by Hax0rQueen! and Vocals done by Circuit Crush. This is a full cover from the ground up. Thank you for listening.

Vocals done by Circuit crush

Instrumental made by Hax0rQueen!

Don't take me seriously, cos i sure don't. But if you are gonna compare me to the original song.. just keep in mind that i'm not in a studio or auto-tuned, like the original band. I'm just in my bedroom, no microphone, just a video camera :D
Кирилл Стороженко - Attack Attack! - Stick Stickly (cover) (кавер)
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This is my full instrumental of great post-hardcore song "Stick Stickly"!!!
I worked a lot, so, please, check it out end leave good comments and likes)))
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Ели вам понравилось мое видео добавляйте к себе на страницу буду вам благодарен!

welcome to my band -
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Video Credit to Grandma Roe
Attack Attack! - Stick Stickly (Live Onstage Drums). Courtesy of Andrew Wetzel. Live at the Vans Warped Tour. July 12, 2009. Hartford, Connecticut. High Quality

Behind the scenes moments, bloopers, extras, and more awesomeness from our "THIS VIDEO IS OFFENSIVE" video!

Shot & Edited by: Phil Mohr
Post Supervision by: Anthony Padilla & Ian Hecox

Hey it's our very own website:
Oh and our Facebook page:
Want to know when we're filming and/or pooping? Now you can: http
Attack Attack! Stick Stickly @ Phoenix Warped Tour 09
Sorry for the shakiness. I got carried away haha

Check out pics of this show from here they are really good!:

EVERYONE GO CHECK OUT MY BAND! called Secret Tunnel Storyline.

We are nothing like Attack Attack! but we are pretty good :)

The tree that killed their parents is going to pay... eventually...
12/18/10 - The Starland Ballroom - Sayreville, NJ
This Is A Family Tour 2010 w/ Emmure, Pierce The Veil, In Fear and Faith, and Of Mice & Men

Hey so, this is kind of a "bonus" episode too keep you bros a bit preoccupied until the games release. Enjoy!
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I do not own the rights to the song. All rights reserved to the Attack Attack!

Attack Attack! performing their encore, Hot Grills and High Tops followed by Stick Stickly at Blender Theater in NYC on October 26, 2009

Watch Attack Attack! perform their hit "Stick Stickly" live on their headlining "Shred Til' You're Dead Tour" at The Boardwalk in Orangevale, CA!

Check them out at:

лажовое качество видео((музыка опаздывает
Crabcore is a new age genre of post-hardcore music that is now in the mainstream thanks to Attack Attack!, it entails playing music by playing over 9000 breakdowns, screaming, and wailing your guitar up and down like a kid on Ritalin attempting to air guitar and crouching like a crab at the same time.

Attack Attack performing Stick Stickly at the 2012 Scream Like It Like You Mean It tour in Pomona, California 7/24/12
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Attack Attack - Stick Stickly FL Studio Cover By The Toys
soundclud :
follow me :

AA! playing Stick Stickly live in Columbus, Ohio at The Basement w/ Of Machines, Watch Out There's Ghosts, The Hi-Fi Horizon, and My Ticket Home

(p.s. lets try to keep some of the flaming arguing and trolling to a minimum. you can say what you want about the band whether good or bad; everyone has a right to their own opinion just respect one another's opinion whether you agree with them or not =] )
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Attack Attack! - "Stick Stickly": with original vocalist Austin Carlile at The 7 Venue - Douglasville, GA (09/28/08).

*I own ALL RIGHTS to this original filmed video. Others on the web are not mine. Also please still support both bands, as they try hard to make it out to your city-states each tour. Below are AA! and OM&M's Facebook links.*

- Attack Attack! ( ).

Stick Stickly by Attack Attack is hilarious!

Watch their Crab Stance vs. Ours! They don't even know about the Crab Dance which involves the Crab Step on your heels!

I never thought Crabcore Screamo would be so hardcore funny!

J.P. (Vocals/Cinematographer/Guitarist)
Tim (Vocals/Guitarist)
Mike (Drummer)
Tom (Keyboard)
Ian (Copper)
My vocal cover of Stick Stickly with wtsfguitar4evr! Thanks! Comment and subscribe! sorry that i got a little off time on the introoo

***I do not own the music in this video!
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Only a few months before Rise Records, Attack Attack Recorded their final song as an unsigned band at Paper Tiger Studios.
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