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Attack Attack! - Last Breath

Is this my last breath? [x4]

I can't breathe,
I'm choking on my own condesending words.
Answer me
Will you ever answer me?

Aren't you gonna answer me?
When I am crying out your name and I'm lost in shame.
Lead me on my way, &
Give me words to say.
(words to say)

And I can't see
That I've lost my dreams,
Carry me, cause my heart is weak

Is this my last breath? [x2]

I can't sleep
This world inside my head is run by my anxious thoughts
Give me peace
Will you bring me off my knees?

Aren't you gonna answer
Attack Attack! - Last Breath (LIVE VIDEO)

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Attack Attack! - Last Breath (LIVE VIDEO)

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Last Breath by Attack Attack<br>Drum cover by Dillon Raley<br><br>Follow me @dillonraley<br><br>**Copyright Notice** I do not claim ownership of this song. All material is the copyrighted property of its respected owner(s).
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Attack Attack's new song Last Breath<br/><br/>
Song: Last Breath
Artist: Attack Attack!
Album: Attack Attack! (Deluxe Edition)
Bass: Zombie JB-1
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Sony Vegas Pro 9.0<br/><br/>
I do not own this music.

I don't care, I like the new Attack Attack!

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Hi, I'm Nikita
I am 15 years old
I listen to this song over five years, it's great)
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I filmed this video over the summer while on the Vans Warped tour with the band Attack Attack!
FULL VERSION. "Last Breath" (Synth cover with Drum track) - Attack attack! by me.
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Извените за качество, видео снято на вебку через 30 мин после того как услышал песню. Побыстрее хотел записать)

Приятного просмотра)
Это потрясающе!!!

New cover!
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Me singing the cleans for this, with a few low growls just for fun.
I never really try to growl, but thought I might just cause I wanted to.
Don't be hatin' !

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My cover on Attack Attack! - Last Breath.
Tuning - Drop A.
Guitar - Schecter C-1 Blackjack EX.

Записывал на телефон, во многих местах сорвался даже)
Прошу оценить моё гавнецо :D
Attack Attack! performing "Last Breath" live for Vans Warped Tour 2011 at the ATT Center in San Antonio, Texas. 6-26/11

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't made a cover in awhile. I've been super busy with my band and practicing drums and school just started. But here ya go! Haha probably not my best but, hope you like it ^_^


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Disclaimer- I in no way own the music used in this video. It's here for enterainment purposes only!
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Is this my last breath? [x4]

I can't breathe,
I'm choking on my own condescending words.
Answer me
Will you ever answer me?
drums: Anton Solodukhin

video: Kirill Osminin
mitch singing last breathe - took alot hes shy about his singing but we got it out of em

we do not own this song, all rights to the music go to Rise records and other respected owners
Attack Attack performing one of their new songs off the Re-Issue of their self titled album - Last Breath at vans warped tour 2011 in Long Island
My first gitar cover.
Ibanez RGA7 + Audio Interface Pod studio Line 6 UX1

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Here is a cover of Attack Attack song called "Last Breath"
By Kirill K. and Nathan S.
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Warped Tour Charlotte NC 2011