Atmospheric Ambient Black Metal Part 21 смотреть онлайн

Atmospheric Ambient Black Metal Part 21

Welcome to my realms..

Some good recommendations for the atmospheric black metal genre lovers. Submit yourself into this journey and let it drive your mind through the darkest, deepest and coldest atmospheres that music can create. Some of the best atmospheric black metal bands songs and albums. This list is just a personal opinion and it's in no particular order.


0:00 Midnight Odyssey - Tears of Starfire
1:20 Wedard - Helion
2:58 Panopticon - Patient
4:16 Evilfeast - Summoning the Splendour Once Fallen
5:52 Enslaved - Disintegrator (I know this amazing band isn't exactly inside the Atmospheric / Ambient genre but besides the fact I love this song so much, I think it has this captivating atmosphere that dragged me into including it in the compilation.)
6:58 Ignifer - L'eclat De La Douleur
8:02 Raventale - Anything Is Void
9:12 Draugen - Alone In the Land Of Frost
10:30 Sterbeklang - Rufe aus dem Jenseits Pt.II
11:28 Movimiento d'Avang