Atmospheric Ambient Black Metal Part 2: Some Atmospheric / Ambient / Black Metal songs (Part 2)

Atmospheric Ambient Black Metal Part 2

Портал Black/Death Metal

Some good recommendations for the Atmospheric Black Metal genre listeners. Submit yourself into this journey and let it drive your mind through the darkest, deepest and coldest atmospheres that music can create. Some of the best atmospheric black metal bands, songs and albums. This list is just a personal opinion and it's in no particular order.


0:10 Alatyr - Priepast
1:30 Fen - Ashbringer
2:50 Lustre - Of Strength and Solace Part I
3:50 Stella Arja - borni
Atmospheric Ambient Black Metal Part 2


0:00 Burzum - Dunkelheit
1:52 Striborg - Lonely Walk In A Desolate Cold Pine Forest
3:09 Fen - Ashbringer
4:12 Alatyr - Priepast
5:12 Alda - Fimbulwinter
6:09 Blut aus Nord - Epitome II
7:12 Alienation Cold - Forest of the Dead
8:10 Wolves In The Throne Room - Face In A Night Time Mirror (Part 1)
9:20 Forn Valdyrheim - Across The Icy Fogs And Mists
10:22 Streben - Painfully Seduced (by a Truthful Reverie)

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