Atmospheric Ambient Black Metal Part 16 смотреть онлайн

Atmospheric Ambient Black Metal Part 16

Some good recommendations for the atmospheric black metal genre lovers. Submit yourself into this journey and let it drive your mind through the darkest, deepest and coldest atmospheres that music can create. Some of the best atmospheric black metal bands songs and albums. This list is just a personal opinion and it's in no particular order.


0:00 Evilfeast - The Black Heavens Open
1:18 Blut aus Nord - The Plain Of Ida
2:04 Fen - As Buried Spirits Stir
3:36 A Forest of Stars - Chapter Four Thunders Cannonade
5:02 Marblebog - A Tempest Never Calming down
5:58 Woods of Desolation - Within the Crimson Tide
7:06 Isa - Changes
8:06 Brocken Moon - Einsamkeit
9:06 A Solemn Death - An Archaean Rhapsody
10:12 Hisstonend - Journey to the Heart of the Forest