Aston Martin - Love: BRUTAL Aston Martin Vanquish Burnout, Acceleration, Revs - Lovely Sound, In love with Aston Martin, Women love Aston Martin, Aston Martin

Aston Martin - Love

I have filmed these 2 2013 Aston Martin Vanquish's on track at Cholmondeley Pageant of Power 2013. In the video you can see the boths cars Accelerating and the white car doing a burnout and revving! Hope you enjoy the video!

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After shooting for Aston Martin at the trackdays in Monza, we had the chance to shoot for a few days with a brand new virage. We created a spot about the love of women for Aston Martin. It´s the most recognized SuperSportsCar-Brand when it comes to women. Enjoy!
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By heart from France
В принципе для того, чтобы сделать по-настоящему сексуальную рекламу, Aston Martin не нужны женщины. Несложного коллажа из кадров с изображениями Vantage, Rapide и DB9 вполне достаточно для того, чтобы любое мужское сердце забилось чаще.
Самый красивый рекласный ролик Aston Martin'а
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Beautiful sounding Brand new 2015 Aston Martin DB9! Nice ride in he capital of Sweden, Special thank's to the owner and Callisma (Aston martin and Bentley dealer in Stockholm)!
Full HD 1080p Video By NM2255: 2011 Aston Martin Rapide lovely sound! Start up and great full throttle acceleration + tunnel.

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This video shows you 2 Aston Martins at the worlds famoust gas station in the world. The V8 Vantage is modified with a big rear wing and rollbar. And you see the Aston Martin with the lovely V12 engine. Which would you choose for a ride?

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