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Asking Alexandria - Closure - самый сок из мира core-музыки, подписывайся! - официальное сообщество Asking Alexandria в ВК.

Album: Reckless & Relentless (2011)
Director: Thunder Down Country - парапапапам, я люблю рок!
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Основана группа в 2006 в Дубае гитаристом Беном Брюсом. В августе 2006 они подписали соглашение с лейблом Sonicwave International, а к январю 2007 с лейблом Hangmans Joke. Вскоре после этого группа выпускает полный альбом под названием "The Irony of Your Perfection" который принес им известность в Европе. Однако группа вскоре распалась, так и не отыграв ни одного концерта за пределами Дубая. В 2008 году Бен Брюс вернулся в родную Англию, но это не означало его желание положить гитару на полку. Вскоре он начинает заново, с обновленной командой, но старым именем. Это уже совершенно другая группа, и единственное, что их связывает, это Бен Брюс. С момента основания новой Asking Alexandria в составе произошли некоторые изменения, так в 2007 году её покинул клавишник Райн Биннс (обязанность клавишника на себя частично возложил вокалист Дэнни Уорсноп), а в 2009 басист Джо Ланкастер был заменён на Сэма Беттли. В июне 2009 выпускают свой дебютный альбом под названием «Stand Up and Scream» и
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Asking Alexandria playing their new song Closure, off their new album Reckless and Relentless

@foo chow building23 feb 2011

finally there's a video i took of a whole song

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This is an international music project by three guys from three different countries.

Myungjae, 17, Guitar, Dubai
personal channel:

Timo, 18, Vocals, Germany
personal channel:

Fredrik, 17, Guitar, Sweden

Sorry, I made a mistake at date of this record. When you will see in the end It was made 3 of december 2014!
Its been awhile since I've done a cover so this is one of the three that I did to make up for my absence.

Mirco, 18, Pescara (Italia), twitter - @Mircotimelow
I hope you like this cover, if you want to subscribe or thumps up, comment, or everything you want, well do it :D
I'm not a singer, i don't know how to sing correctly, i just do it for fun.

Copyright claim to Asking Alexandria for creating this song "Closure" this is only a vocal cover

Asking Alexandria - Welcome/Closure (Rock Im Park 2015)
With the new singer Denis!
не бог FGH но сойдет)<br/><br/>
еще одна херь,в куплете грязновато сыграл, но...ВПААААААДЛУУУУУ.
Collab cover with Dan Stribling on lead and Tom Lewis on rhythm guitar
Big shout out to Bob Bowers for editing and filming and Joe Bowman for recording and mixing!
Love this song and love the band, I know this album gets a lot of hate, but although it's cheesy, to me it's so well-written for what it is
Sorry about the timing slips and mistakes, not 100% happy with the take as it's not exactly the hardest song in the world and I sorta messed it up, but enjoy! :)

I decided to share my very first cover, It's one of my favourite song's of Asking Alexandria.
I use Cockos Reaper, Guitar Gig 5 and Ibanez RG321MH
Enjoy!) Слушаем и оцениваем, только объективно)

Check out my guitar cover of Closure by Asking Alexandria!!

Now i've got short Hair :D Enjoy you stupid fucking whores :D




Thank you all for such great feedback on our last cover ! Here is a Vocal Cover of Closure by Asking Alexandria done by David :)
Please spread our videos around ! More covers coming soon!!
Hey everyone :) This is my cover of Closure from Asking Alexandria's new album Reckless and Relentless which comes out on April the 5th, make sure you go out and buy it and support Asking Alexandria. Closure is my favorite out of the 11 tracks on the new record, overall i think the record is pretty average and that AA should make more of an effort to write guitar riffs instead of just chugging along with the drums. I
Asking Alexandria - Closure (Official HD Live Video)
текст песни -
asking alexandria - closure guitar cover
Maxim Posadskiy 2014.
Делать было нечего, дело было к вечеру...
Guitar cover.

Guitar- ltd ec-1000 vb
M-audio fast track
Guitar rig 5
Прыгать и снимать, о да

One last time!

We're back again, you know we're not fucking around
Got a bottle of jack in our hands
You tryna' keep up kid?
Let's see who hits the ground
We've drank the drinks
We've done the drugs
Clearly we don't remember
We've come so far
We've shown them all
Without us you'd fall and fade away

They say it all breaks down to keeping your feet on the ground
My sole intention is keeping my head in the clouds
They say that I can't last a day
Asking Alexandria performing "Closure" at Livewire in Scottsdale, AZ on 12-2-15

Taylor Bryant, vocalist of Beacons


Vocal Cover of "Closure" by Asking Alexandria
Music video by Asking Alexandria performing Closure. Sumerian Records
My Drum Cover for the song Closure by Asking Alexandria.

This one is from the album Reckless & Relentless, 2011.
Copyright property of its owner(s).

Thank you for watching! =)
Equipment I am currently using:

палєц ввєрх за дурацку прічу)
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PodFarm 2.5

jamming to closure by AA, video seems to go out of sync towards the end which is strange considering the whole first 3/4 is fine lol oh well, enjoy :D
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AAFamily, AAArmy, AA
Asking Alexandria - Closure - HD (Guitar Cover)
Asking Alexandria,
August Burns Red,
Memphis May Fire &
In Hearts Wake
live@ Postbahnhof Berlin

MXR ZW44 Wylde Overdrive
Asking Alexandria - Closure Live Glasgow 02 ABC 23/10/15
Cover Installing - Riva-Riva (
Camera - Alex (
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Thanx for watching!
Hellscream Academy.

School of Rock
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Asking Alexandria - Closure. Vocal cover by Leos Hellscream
All rights belongs to Asking Alexandria it's just a vocal cover.
Asking Alexandria performing Closure on Jimmy Kimmell Live, enjoy!
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I own none of the video, image, or audio content in this upload.
All rights and ownership goes to it's producers, creators, and record label.<br/><br/>
Asking Alexandria Performs "Closure" on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Filmed by Relive the Moment Concert Recordings:

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March 14, 2011
Asking Alexandria @ The Pageant
St. Louis, MO

**All copyrights and trademarks are property of their respective owners. I assume no ownership or rights to (said) properties**

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No copyright intended, I do not own the content in this video. Asking Alexandria performs in San Antonio Texas on Sunday October 27, 2013 at Backstage Live!<br/><br/>
Asking Alexandria - Welcome / Closure (Live @ Rock am Ring 2013 07.06)

Rock am Ring 2013:

asking alexandria opening their set with welcome and the most common song they play live - closure

Made in After Effects. Song was edited for more dynamics Thumbs up for this "bullet in it's head" moment on 1:37 :3

Special thanks to Elena for motivation and support ;)
PS: my english very bad speak

Welcome to Rockville, Jacksonville, Florida April, 27th, 2012

Загружено специально для
Never Say Never Festival 2012 Mission, TX 13/03/2012 +Info: For more photos video visit:

Welcome / Closure performed by AA!<br/><br/>
Live video of new concerts, everyday! :)
link to my channel
I am not the author of this video, I took this video from other channel!
Cabaret Sauvage, Paris 02/10/2015

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Drum Cover of Asking Alexandria - Closure
from the 2011 release Reckless & Relentless
is the copyrighted property of its owner(s).

An special thanks to Julio César Azevedo, , for filming and editing the video !!

Recorded on :

Murat Diril Renaissance 14" Hit-Hat
Murat Diril Rock 17" Crash
Stagg Myra 16" Crash Rock Brilliant.
Avatar Gigchan 14" Mini-China
Avatar Co
Sold out show!
Live at the Masquerade 02/26/2016
Filmed with a monopod and a Microsoft Lumia 950.
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ден: "никто не стоит на месте"
текст песни -
Asking Alexandria live in Roxy Prague 30.1.2013

The Electric Factory - Philadelphia, PA - 12/7/12

Asking Alexandria Live in San Antonio, Texas on May 26, 2013 at AT&T Center Grounds.The Bud Light River City Rockfest

Лайв видео Аскинов, смотрите, ставьте лайки.
hardcorechernenko's video on Instagram
Sorry a little bit got cut out! My phone is scum.

1/2. Welcome & Closure Live at O2 Academy Brixton HD

Check out Asking Alexandria as they headlined The Regency Ballroom on the Monster Energy Outbreak tour. November 23, 2012

Watch Asking Alexandria's Welcome and Closure from Rock im Park 2015.
Hello everybody, I hope you enjoy this lesson :)
I hope you all have a merry christmas and a happy new year!
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Asking Alexandria – Closure!
Asking Alexandria performing the song "Welcome" live at The Pageant in St. Louis Missouri on March 14, 2011

Live @ The Warfield in San Francisco, CA, USA; February 03, 2016
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Asking Alexandria - Closure, Breathless, To The Stage
live in Minsk, 02-11-15
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Asking Alexandria - Closure
Live in Manila
#projectvibe live!
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AA's First & second encore songs
My memory card ran out of space when the video ended so it cut the video off.
Asking Alexandria's CD Release Show
The Venue at the Hub - Fargo, ND

Asking Alexandria live @ fryshuset stockholm 2012-02-01

Asking Alexandria's Intro as well as Closure from their show at Roseland Ballroom in NYC on 11/11/11

This video was filmed at the European Tour early 2013 with Betraying The Martyrs, Motionless In White and While She Sleeps.
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Dieses Video wurde auf der Europa Tour im Januar 2013 mit Betraying The Martyrs, Motionless In White und While She Sleeps aufgenommen.
Asking Alexandria Merch gibt es unter<br/><br/>
Такой трансик и не замидить, ну как же так-то!)

Typical AA =)

Asking Alexandria - Closure (Official HD Live Video)