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Armin van Buuren at Marquee Las Vegas
International Dutch superstar DJ Armin van Buuren plays Las Vegas club Marquee, the best nightclub on the Strip.
Renowned for electro and trance, van Buuren essentially started his career as a 10-year-old, engineering mixes with basic programs on his home computer. According to Armin, "I loved dance music immediately -- this great rebellious sound that was so different to the 'beautiful' songs of the years before." It is just this questioning of beauty that has led to van Buuren's beautiful and unique mix of trance beats.
Recognizing his singular talent for electronic dance music, DJ Magazine has named Armin number one DJ in the world an unprecedented four times in a row. In a DJ'ing and producing career spanning over fourteen years, he has won the Buma Cultuur Pop Award, Best Trance Artist by Beatport Music Awards, Best European DJ at the 2009 IDMA Awards, Best Global DJ in 2010 also by IDMA, and the 2010 Gouden Harp, which is the highest honor a Dutch artist can receive. Th